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IUScholarWorks is a set of services from the Indiana University Libraries and Indiana University Digital Library Program to make the work of IU scholars freely available and ensures that these resources are preserved and organized for the future.IUScholarWorks Mission is: to provide the services, infrastructure, and support to strengthen the dissemination and preservation of the scholarly output of the IU community and to publish and preserve the scholarly output of Indiana University.

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  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Discovering and Accessing Open Access Journals with the Open Folklore Portal00:08:10Jason Baird Jackson9/19/2011Jason Baird Jackson, Associate Professor of Folklore, explains how the Open Folklore website ( can be used to discover and access Open Access folklore journals.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
2.Using the Open Folklore Search Tool00:07:29Jason Baird Jackson3/23/2011Jason Baird Jackson, Associate Professor of Folklore, explains how to use the Open Folklore Search tool found on the Open Folklore website LibrariesEnglishDownload