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NU2IT at IU Podcast Series

NU2IT at IU Podcast Series
  1. Author: UITS
  2. Number of episodes: 16
  3. Web site:

Podcast Description:

This series is designed to give you, the new IU student, an in-depth look your technology tools and services.

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NU2IT at IU Podcast Series

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.NU2IT at IU Overview Episode00:00:49UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Overview of the NU2IT Podcast Series.UITSEnglishDownload
2.NU2IT at IU Episode 100:03:49UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Moving in and getting connected to the wired and wireless networks.UITSEnglishDownload
3.NU2IT at IU Episode 200:02:14UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Your computing accounts and what they do.UITSEnglishDownload
4.NU2IT at IU Episode 300:02:50UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Computer labs on campus and printing.UITSEnglishDownload
5.NU2IT at IU Episode 400:02:13UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Sustainable computing at IU.UITSEnglishDownload
6.NU2IT at IU Episode 500:02:40UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Safe, secure and legal computing.UITSEnglishDownload
7.NU2IT at IU Episode 600:02:12UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Deals on Hardware and Cellular Service.UITSEnglishDownload
8.NU2IT at IU Episode 700:02:09UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Downloading software from IUware Online.UITSEnglishDownload
9.NU2IT at IU Episode 800:01:30UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Onestart, your front door to online services at IU.UITSEnglishDownload
10.NU2IT at IU Episode 900:03:11UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Oncourse CL for online collaboration and learning at IU.UITSEnglishDownload
11.NU2IT at IU Episode 1000:02:18UITS Communication Media7/20/2010The UITS Support CenterUITSEnglishDownload
12.NU2IT at IU Episode 1100:02:32UITS Communication Media7/20/2010The IU Knowledge Base and UITS.IU.EDUUITSEnglishDownload
13.NU2IT a t IU Episode 1200:02:21UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Where to find IT news and information.UITSEnglishDownload
14.NU2IT at IU Episode 1300:02:43UITS Communication Media7/20/2010All about IT Training and Education.UITSEnglishDownload
15.NU2IT at IU Episode 1400:02:39UITS Communication Media7/20/2010Try these useful IT tools; Lab Finder or Seat Finder: IU Mobile Web and the IU Printer Finder.UITSEnglishDownload
16.NU2IT at IU Episode 1500:04:43UITS Communication Media7/20/20106 IT things that are good to know.UITSEnglishDownload