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IU Recreational Sports

IU Recreational Sports
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Podcast Description: Find out what’s happening at IU Campus Recreational Sports (RS) in the Rec Sports Report, a weekly podcast created in part by IU students. Learn about RS events, fitness/wellness tips, and what other students at IU are doing to maintain active, healthy lifestyles.

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IU Recreational Sports

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Rec Sports Report - Episode 8000:03:09Campus Recreational Sports4/26/2010Semester end stress bustersRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
2.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7900:04:14Campus Recreational Sports4/19/2010Revamp your workoutRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
3.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7800:03:02Campus Recreational Sports4/12/2010Time for RecSports Trivia!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
4.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7700:04:48Campus Recreational Sports4/5/2010Step in to a healthier lifestyleRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
5.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7600:03:53Campus Recreational Sports3/29/2010Andrew goes to S&CRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
6.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7500:05:28Campus Recreational Sports3/25/2010Swim to SummerRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
7.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7400:04:44Campus Recreational Sports3/9/2010The Relaxing Workout with Mind/BodyRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
8.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7300:04:14Campus Recreational Sports3/1/2010How SRSA Works for youRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
9.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7200:03:38Campus Recreational Sports2/23/2010Kick(ball) it in to high gearRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
10.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7100:03:29Campus Recreational Sports2/15/2010Here Comes Zumba!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
11.Rec Sports Report - Episode 7000:04:16Campus Recreational Sports2/8/2010What it's like to work for RSRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
12.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6900:04:12Campus Recreational Sports1/31/2010Pick me up!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
13.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6800:03:41Campus Recreational Sports1/26/2010What's new with Intramural Sports?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
14.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6700:04:53Campus Recreational Sports1/18/2010Andrew does CyclefitRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
15.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6600:04:56Campus Recreational Sports1/10/2010Get Back Into ShapeRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
16.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6500:03:25Campus Recreational Sports12/7/2009Treat yourself with the gift of exerciseRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
17.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6400:04:04Campus Recreational Sports11/30/2009Wiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
18.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6300:05:33Campus Recreational Sports11/16/2009Step up to the challenge with racquetballRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
19.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6200:03:57Campus Recreational Sports11/9/2009Stay safe while working outRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
20.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6100:04:03Campus Recreational Sports11/2/2009Swimming: More than just lapsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
21.Rec Sports Report - Episode 6000:04:22Campus Recreational Sports10/28/2009Join the Club!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
22.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5900:04:48Campus Recreational Sports10/20/2009Andrew Does CircuitStrengthRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
23.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5800:04:20Campus Recreational Sports10/14/2009What Cyclefit Can do for YouRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
24.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5700:04:44Campus Recreational Sports10/6/2009The Jill Behrman StoryRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
25.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5600:05:17Campus Recreational Sports9/29/2009"Up Close and Personal" with Personal TrainingRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
26.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5500:04:34Campus Recreational Sports9/22/2009The Ins and Outs of Group ExerciseRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
27.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5400:04:39Campus Recreational Sports9/17/2009The Intramural WorkoutRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
28.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5300:04:24Campus Recreational Sports9/9/2009Back to School with RSRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
29.Special Episode- Freshmen Edition00:06:30Campus Recreational Sports6/2/2009Get a Sneak Peek of Campus Recreational SportsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
30.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5200:05:00Campus Recreational Sports5/5/2009Stress-Busters for Finals WeekRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
31.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5100:05:14Campus Recreational Sports4/28/2009Healthy Eating Habits to Live ByRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
32.Rec Sports Report - Episode 5000:05:00Campus Recreational Sports4/21/200950th Anniversary Trivia Show: Fast Facts about Recreational SportsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
33.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4900:05:00Campus Recreational Sports4/14/2009Workout Tips from the Pros at RSRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
34.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4800:04:20Campus Recreational Sports4/7/2009You Are Not Alone: Body Image AwarenessRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
35.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4700:05:00Campus Recreational Sports3/31/2009All About the Student Recreational Sports AssociationRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
36.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4600:05:00Campus Recreational Sports3/24/2009Water, Water Everywhere! How to Rule the RS PoolsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
37.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4500:05:00Campus Recreational Sports3/10/2009Stay Active on Spring Break with These Great Workouts!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
38.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4400:05:00Campus Recreational Sports2/27/2009Stressed? Calm Your Nerves with Mind BodyRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
39.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4300:05:00Campus Recreational Sports2/20/2009Think Spring with Intramural Sports!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
40.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4200:05:00Campus Recreational Sports2/13/2009Cool Down and Warm Up with These Quick TipsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
41.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4100:05:00Campus Recreational Sports2/6/2009Battle of the BuildingsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
42.Rec Sports Report - Episode 4000:05:00Campus Recreational Sports1/31/2009Beat the winter blues with racquet sports!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
43.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3900:05:00Campus Recreational Sports1/24/2009Personalize your workout with Personal TrainingRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
44.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3800:04:20Campus Recreational Sports1/14/2009Get a full-body workout in 30 minutes!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
45.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3700:03:40Campus Recreational Sports1/10/2009What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
46.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3600:03:30Campus Recreational Sports12/6/2008Beat Finals Stress with RSRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
47.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3500:05:14Campus Recreational Sports11/29/2008Going Clubbing: Highlights of the Hottest Club SportsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
48.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3400:05:00Campus Recreational Sports11/15/2008What to Eat Turkey Day That Won’t Make You Waddle AwayRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
49.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3300:05:00Campus Recreational Sports11/8/2008Why You Should Be In Boot Camp, and Other Group Exercise SessionsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
50.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3200:05:14Campus Recreational Sports11/2/2008How to Amp Up Your WorkoutRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
51.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3100:05:00Campus Recreational Sports10/30/2008Jump Into the RS Aquatics Program!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
52.Rec Sports Report - Episode 3000:04:20Campus Recreational Sports10/23/2008Start Your Pedals! Everything You Need to Know About CycleFitRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
53.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2900:04:20Campus Recreational Sports10/16/2008Work With The Best at RS!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
54.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2800:05:14Campus Recreational Sports10/9/2008Sign Up Today for the Jill Behrman 5K Run/Walk!Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
55.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2700:05:00Campus Recreational Sports10/2/2008Refuel after your workout.Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
56.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2600:05:14Campus Recreational Sports9/25/2008Sign-up for Intramural SportsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
57.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2500:05:40Campus Recreational Sports9/18/2008CircuitStrength: 30 Minutes to a Healthier YouRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
58.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2400:05:16Campus Recreational Sports9/11/2008Freshman 15: How to Beat It.Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
59.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2200:04:20Campus Recreational Sports5/1/2008How to kick the stress with RSRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
60.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2100:04:00Campus Recreational Sports4/24/2008Figure Skating and Golf Club SportsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
61.Rec Sports Report - Episode 2000:03:40Campus Recreational Sports4/17/2008What is the SRSA?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
62.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1900:04:20Campus Recreational Sports4/10/2008Happy 20th Anniversary Rec Sports ReportRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
63.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1800:04:00Campus Recreational Sports4/3/2008Personal Fitness TrainersRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
64.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1700:04:20Campus Recreational Sports3/27/2008Informal SportsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
65.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1600:04:00Campus Recreational Sports3/20/2008Demo of S&C EquipmentRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
66.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1500:04:00Campus Recreational Sports2/28/2008What to eat over Spring Break?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
67.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1400:04:10Campus Recreational Sports2/21/2008What are a few of the Rec Sports Aquatics programs?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
68.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1300:04:00Campus Recreational Sports2/14/2008What is the Personal Training program?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
69.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1200:04:10Campus Recreational Sports2/7/2008What is the Mind Body program?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
70.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1100:03:35Campus Recreational Sports1/31/2008How do you use the S&C?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
71.Rec Sports Report - Episode 1000:03:35Campus Recreational Sports1/24/2008What is Cycle Fit?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
72.Rec Sports Report - Episode 900:04:35Campus Recreational Sports1/14/2008What Intramural Sports are available?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
73.Rec Sports Report - Episode 800:05:10Campus Recreational Sports1/11/2008What Group Exercise sessions have you done?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
74.Rec Sports Report - Episode 700:04:30Campus Recreational Sports1/3/2008New Year Resolutions?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
75.Rec Sports Report - Episode 600:04:15Campus Recreational Sports12/6/2007Rec Sports Stress Busting TipsRecreational SportsEnglishDownload
76.rec Sports Report - Episode 500:03:45Campus Recreational Sports11/29/2007What is your work out routine?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
77.Rec Sports Report - Episode 400:05:13Campus Recreational Sports11/22/2007What is Club Sports?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
78.Rec Sports Report - Episode 300:05:40Campus Recreational Sports11/8/2007What kind of Aquatics activities are offered by Recreational Sports?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
79.Rec Sports Report - Episode 200:05:30Campus Recreational Sports11/4/2007What is Intramural Sports?Recreational SportsEnglishDownload
80.Rec Sports Report - Episode 100:06:00Campus Recreational Sports11/4/2007How to avoid "Freshman 15".Recreational SportsEnglishDownload