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The Searchlight Podcast

The Searchlight Podcast
  1. Author: UITS
  2. Number of episodes: 10
  3. Web site:

Podcast Description:

The goal of this podcast is to shed some light on search with a focus on using search at IU.

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The Searchlight Podcast

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Talk Nerdy to Me: Episode 100:40:22IT Communications Office4/2/2013Introductions, tech under $200 and other hot gadgets, UITS Support Center tip on VPN, cell phones in classrooms, special guests - Joel Langston and Jeffrey Gadzala on gaming changing lives, brief history of women in IT, Blackberry Z10UITSEnglishDownload
2.Google Custom Search Episode 100:00:00UITS Web Tech Services8/15/2012Google Custom Search Episode 1 - Introduction to Google CSEUITSEnglishDownload
3.Google Custom Search Episode 200:00:00UITS Web Tech Services8/15/2012Google Custom Search Episode 2 - Look and FeelUITSEnglishDownload
4.Front Ends00:02:48Kevin Trehan2/16/2011Disscussing Front Ends and the various features available to customize search results pages.UITSEnglishDownload
5.Crawl Diagnostics00:01:06Kevin Trehan2/16/2011Basic information about the features available through the Crawl Diagnostics for Google Search Appliance.UITSEnglishDownload
6.Staying Connected with IU Search00:01:44Kevin Trehan1/29/2011This episode talks about various ways to staying connected and up-to-date with IU Search.UITSEnglishDownload
7.Collections & Front-Ends00:03:30Kevin Trehan11/18/2010Discussing collections and front-ends in the Google Search ApplianceUITSEnglishDownload
8.Learning to Crawl00:09:10Manjit Trehan6/17/2010This episode provides a detailed view of the Crawler.UITSEnglishDownload
9.The Big Picture00:05:45Manjit Trehan6/17/2010This episode provides an overview of the search process. It defines the basic components - Crawler, Index, Collections, UI, and Front-Ends.UITSEnglishDownload
10.What is The Searchlight Podcast00:02:18Manjit Trehan6/14/2010This episode provides a brief introduction to the podcast and to IU Search.UITSEnglishDownload