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Sound Medicine

Sound Medicine
  1. Author: School of Medicine
  2. Number of episodes: 270
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Podcast Description:

Host Barbara Lewis interviews experts on a wide range of medical and health topics. Sound Medicine covers controversial ethical topics, breakthrough research studies, and the day-to-day application of recent advances in medicine. Our faculty co-hosts provide practical perspectives on subjects important to Indiana medical students and others. Co-hosts are Steven Bogdewic, PhD, David Crabb, MD, Eric Meslin, PhD, and Kathy Miller, MD.

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Sound Medicine

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.11-04-1200:52:01Sound Medicine11/6/2012Military suicide prevention, compounding pharmacies, and test result anxiety.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
2.10-28-1200:52:01Sound Medicine11/6/2012Pap smear guidelines, cancer cell evolution, and PTSD in heart attack patients.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
3.10-21-1200:52:01Sound Medicine11/6/2012Mental health, the human-pet bond, and treating childhood aggression.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
4.10-14-1200:52:01Sound Medicine10/10/2012Typing breast cancer, caregiver and health care professional communication barriers, and an update on the IUSM Student Outreach Clinic.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
5.10-07-1200:52:01Sound Medicni10/10/2012Work-related asthma, and testing drugs in newly diagnosed cancer patients.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
6.09-30-1200:52:01Sound Medicine10/10/2012Hepatitis C and baby boomers, tropical disease, and the modern-day plague.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
7.09-23-1200:52:01Sound Medicine10/10/2012Eating disorders in older women, and the Women’s Health Initiative.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
8.09-16-1200:52:01Sound Medicine10/10/2012Prescription painkiller abuse, marriage and heart surgery outcomes, and hearing loss-sparing antibiotics.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
9.09-09-1200:52:01Sound Medicine9/10/2012Unintended pregnancies, 'iDisorders,' and obstacles to breast cancer diagnosis.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
10.09-02-1200:52:01Sound Medicine9/10/2012A look back at memorable field pieces from the past two years.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
11.08-26-1200:52:01Sound Medicine8/22/2012Medicare changes, spanking and mental health issues, and medically complex children.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
12.08-19-1200:50:46Sound Medicine8/22/2012Acetaminophen overdoses, transplant recovery, and obesity-related health issues.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
13.08-12-1200:52:01Sound Medicine8/22/2012Dangers of synthetic drugs, and stem cells' potential for cancer treatments.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
14.08-05-1200:52:01Sound Medicine8/22/2012Diet drugs, rapid HIV testing, and heart screenings for high school athletes.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
15.07-29-1200:52:01Sound Medicine7/25/2012What the Amish can teach us about allergies, the rural healthcare epidemic and the author of “The First 20 Minutes.”School of MedicineEnglishDownload
16.07-22-1200:52:01Sound Medicine7/25/2012Pressure to secure medical research funding, and 'The Fault in Our Stars' author.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
17.07-15-1200:52:01Sound Medicine7/11/2012On 'Sound Medicine': Unique back pain relief, the ACA and young adults, and symptoms of psychosisSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
18.07-08-1200:52:01Sound Medicnie7/11/2012Anthrax kits, statins' reliability and corporate wellness programs, this week on ‘Sound Medicine’School of MedicineEnglishDownload
19.07-01-1200:52:01Sound Medicine7/11/2012Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act upheld by the Supreme Court, panel discussion of the historic decision this week on ‘Sound Medicine’School of MedicineEnglishDownload
20.06-17-1200:52:01Sound Medicine6/21/2012Facebook’s role in organ donation, the decline in hospital autopsies, and ER health care, this week on ‘Sound Medicine'School of MedicineEnglishDownload
21.06-10-1200:52:01Sound Medicine6/21/2012Kids and cavities, safe gardening and greening urban 'food deserts,' this week on 'Sound Medicine'School of MedicineEnglishDownload
22.06-24-1200:52:01Sound Medicine6/21/2012Keeping research ALIVE, debunking health myths, and preventive care for seniors, on ‘Sound Medicine’School of MedicineEnglishDownload
23.06-03-1200:00:00Sound Medicine6/1/2012Venture philanthropy's impact on rare illness, and the slow growth in health care spending, this week on ‘Sound Medicine’School of MedicineEnglishDownload
24.05-27-1200:52:08Sound Medicine5/24/2012The authors of the following books comprise some of the most captivating "Sound Medicine" interviews of the past year, compiled for this week’s edition. "The Emperor of All Maladies"; "Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds"; "The Good Doctors"; "The Panic Virus"; "The Country Doctor Revisited"; "Get Me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank."School of MedicineEnglishDownload
25.05-20-1200:52:08Sound Medicine5/17/2012Topics for this week include: Taser Guns and heart attack deaths; Pink Slime and ground beef; Protein and weight loss; Benefits of exercise for breast cancer patients; discussion of the book “Mindfulness for Beginners: Reclaiming the Present Moment; Did you know? Longer Commutes are equivalent to poor health; and Checkup- Displaced Auto Workers for Nursing Program.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
26.05-13-1200:52:38Sound Medicine5/10/2012Topics for this week include: Checkup-Dogs and Work; Did You Know?- Too Little Sleep and Diabetes Risk Spray On Skin; Aging Eyes and Disease; Glaucoma and African Americans; Doc Chat: Daily aspirin use by women; Book: I Always Sit With My Back To The Wall.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
27.05-06-1200:51:30Sound Medicine5/3/2012In celebration of National Nursing Week, this week's Sound Medicine explores how nursing has changed in the past decades, and how the new educational and professional demands placed on nurses has redefined the profession in many ways.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
28.04-29-1200:51:55Sound Medicine4/26/2012This week, antibiotics in livestock; tobacco harms farmworkers; the legal case against big tobacco; the danger of sleeping pills; and how depression affects heart function.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
29.04-22-1200:51:58Sound Medicine4/26/2012.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
30.04-15-1200:51:56Sound Medicine4/26/2012.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
31.04-08-1200:51:57Sound Medicine4/11/2012Legal implications of SCOTUS decision on health care law; doctors who tweet, research shows calorie-intake the primary cause of weight gain; teens underestimate alcohol amounts, and the book, The Happiness Diet.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
32.04-01-1200:51:58Sound Medicine4/11/2012This week, a special show devoted to ethical health care rationing with bioethicists Art Caplan and Eric Meslin, and health care policy expert, Aaron Carroll.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
33.03-25-1200:51:59Sound Medicine4/11/2012This week, Aaron Carroll on the Supreme Court's upcoming hearing about the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act; bioethicist Arthur Caplan on the ACA; vaccine recommendations for adults; safety of the HPV vaccine; alcohol and breast cancer risk; and authors of the book, Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life. Also, toxic shark fins. And the myth that sleeping problems increase with age.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
34.03-18-1200:51:55Sound Medicine4/11/2012This week, statin drug warning; tanning addicts; gene therapy treats hemophilia; a gene for fatty foods; and teaching patients to eat healthy. Plus how "trusting your gut" can help you win the office pool, and how black tea can lower cholesterol.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
35.03-11-1200:58:59Sound Medicine4/11/2012.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
36.03-04-1200:51:19Sound Medicine4/11/2012This week, identifying developmental problems in kids; treating cancer in Kenya; sustainable global health programs; essential tremor; and the ups and downs of emergency medicine.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
37.02-26-1200:51:58Sound Medicine4/10/2012This week, dangerous yoga moves; preventing ski injuries; dealing with chronic pain; and century-old brains offer clues to mental illness. Also, repair "gauged" earlobes. And a way to trick yourself into snacking less.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
38.02-19-1200:51:53Sound Medicine2/25/2012This week on Sound Medicine, guests will get the skinny on whether a physician’s self-perception colors his advice to obese patients, learn about a possible new approach to diagnosing heart disease, learn the pros and cons of patient access to health recoSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
39.02-12-1200:52:00Sound Medicine2/25/2012This week: drug firm disclosure law; daily aspirin not for all; aspirin endangers the elderly; & Adele's throat problems. Plus, nanotechnology targets tumors, common chemicals reduce immune responses, and author Barbara Strauch with inspiration for "middle-aged minds."School of MedicineEnglishDownload
40.02-05-1200:52:00Sound Medicine2/25/2012This week, controversial flu research suspended; predictors for breast cancer updated; new treatments for liver cancer; the Dukan diet; and Book: The Complete Book of Bone Health.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
41.01-29-1200:52:01Sound Medicine2/25/2012This week, a model clinic for the uninsured; economic downturn affects families' mental health; Botox for migraines; parents multitasking; and the myth of multitasking. Also, the brain decline starts at 45, and why pediatricians don't discuss overweight kids with parents.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
42.01-22-1200:51:58Sound Medicine2/25/2012This week, an update on healthcare reform politics from Dr. Aaron Carroll; erroneous findings on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; very low calorie diets and diabetes; 40 years of cancer research; and the book, Saying Goodbye.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
43.01-15-1200:51:58Sound Medicine1/9/2012This week, nursing home scorecards, lymphedema treatment, cancer rehab, and the author of the book, Secrets of the Grown-Up Brain. Also, empathy spurs docs to wash their hands, and why more women are having twins.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
44.01-08-1200:51:58Sound Medicine1/9/2012This week, the problems and ethics of uterus transplants; maintaining weight loss; yogic healing with an Earth Harp. Plus, how exercise aids sleep, and how texting causes neck strain.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
45.01-01-1200:51:59Sound Medicine1/9/2012This week, we reprise the Spirit and Place panel discussion, "From Gross Anatomy to Compassionate Care."School of MedicineEnglishDownload
46.12-25-1100:51:59Sound Medicine1/2/2012This week, why religiouls believers worry less, and reprised interviews with Drs. David Schenck and Larry Churchill, authors of Healers, Extraordinary Clinicians at Work.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
47.12-18-1100:51:57Sound Medicine1/2/2012This week, IU pediatrician Rachel Vreeman on chickenpox parties and flu shots for kids allergic to eggs. Also, robotic surgery for kidney tumors. Plus an interview with bioethicist Jonathan Moreno, author of The Body Politic.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
48.12-11-1100:52:00Sound Medicine1/2/2012This week, Dr. BJ Casey on the "marshmallow study" and delayed gratification; DIEP breast reconstruction; the author of "The Man Who Couldn't Eat; and the authors of "Kidney Steps."School of MedicineEnglishDownload
49.12-04-1100:52:00Sound Medicine1/2/2012This week on Sound Medicine, zinc for colds, no gory photos on cigarette packs, facial reconstruction, baby gender blood test, and author of the book, Get Me Out. Also, UV rays for killing germs and super broccoli.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
50.11-27-1100:51:58Sound Medicine11/26/2011.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
51.11-20-1100:51:01Sound Medicine11/26/2011This week on Sound Medicine, an Indianapolis high school student leads a drive to bring mosquito repelling bed nets to malaria-prone Africa. Also, researchers work to "tame" the malaria parasite. In a Sound Ethics segment, the story of a South African phySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
52.11-13-1100:51:57Sound Medicine11/12/2011This week: Happy Bodies, Happy Souls project; improving odds for kidney transplant patients; new NIH rules for human subjects research; Book: The Definitive Guide to Prostate Cancer; how home ec classes could reduce obesity.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
53.10-23-1100:51:57Sound Medicine11/6/2011This week: a prostate cancer screening controversy and how women make choices about the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine. Also, an Indianapolis heart surgeon fulfills an elderly woman's bucket list. Plus, an interview with Dr. Tony Youn.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
54.11-06-1100:51:57Sound Medicine11/6/2011This week, demise of the Healthcare reform law's CLASS Act; insurance plan changes for low-income patients; a drug that may cure the common cold; and a campaign for hospitals to boost breastfeeding rates. Also, why our brains make new neurons and Denmark'School of MedicineEnglishDownload
55.10-16-1100:51:58Sound Medicine10/22/2011This week, coal-fired power plants and mercury contamination; a physician withe epilepsy treats epileptics; and in the autobiography Critical Care, an English professor becomes a cancer nurse.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
56.10-09-1100:51:57Sound Medicine10/22/2011This week, training rural docs in Colorado and Indiana; nalmefene, a drug for alcoholics; and motivations of a doc that treats the homeless. Also, social mice lose weight more readily, and why we crave fatty foods.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
57.10-02-1100:51:41Sound Medicine10/22/2011This week, drug testing for NFL players; a birth control pill for men; medical myths with Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman; and part for of our series on healers. Also, cancer sniffing dogs and child abuse linked to poor economic times.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
58.09-25-1100:52:03Sound Medicine10/22/2011This week, emergency medical shelters, the dream hospital, excessive newborn screening, and the history of cocaine. Also, good reasons to exercise and another reason not to eat red meat.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
59.09-18-1100:52:06Sound Medicine10/22/2011This week, Dr. Aaron Carroll on the healthcare reform law's individual insurance mandate; computerized prescription writing; massage for chronic back pain, Dr. David Crabb on the science of addiction, and healing versus curing.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
60.09-11-1100:52:04Sound Medicine10/22/2011This week, promising drugs for metastatic melanoma, the traits of great healers, and why social media makes people sad. Also, an expert argues medical school should be free. Plus, chew more, eat less. And why city living is stressful.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
61.09-04-1100:52:04Sound Medicine10/22/2011This week, a reprise of a show devoted to autism. Topics include symptom relief with a dairy- and gluten-free diet, group therapy for autistic children, a model classroom for young children with autismSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
62.08-28-1100:52:14Sound Medicine9/3/2011This week, sleepy residents and medical errors; stem cell research to reverse blindness; the co-author of You Are Not Your Brain; and a food truck in Indy tackles neighborhood "food deserts." Also, truth in health advertising, pet exposure affects allergySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
63.08-21-1100:53:15Sound Medicine9/3/2011This week, depression linked to heart disease, advances in heart valve surgery, effectiveness of gory images on cigarette labels, The Longevity Project, and research examining how stress affects health. Also, the dangers of hot dogs and babyfat.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
64.08-14-1100:52:13Sound Medicine9/3/2011This week, sunglasses protect your eyes, new treatments for glaucoma, heart murmurs can be serious, and coffee protects against breast and prostate cancer. Also, a discussion of the CIA's alleged vaccine ploy to obtain DNA from Osama bin Laden's family.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
65.08-07-1100:52:16Sound Medicine9/3/2011This week, latent tuberculosis; Vermont's single payer healthcare; healthcare lessons from the Clinton era; and two books: Pause Points and Surgeon Stories. Also, why olive oil is so healthful, and why fat-substitutes can make you fatter.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
66.07-31-1100:52:12Sound Medicine9/3/2011This week, a show devoted to AIDS. First, a historical overview with AIDS discoverer Dr. Jay Levy. Other topics covered include living with AIDS; a treatment that prevents AIDS transmission; AIDS complacency; adopting HIV children; and the humor of livingSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
67.07-24-1100:52:14Sound Medicine8/7/2011This week, progress in repairing spinal cord injuries; pediatricians asking about guns; too many warnings on drug labels; and a physician with anorexia discusses "recovery" from eating disorders. Also, what really makes people happy. And a look at the gruesome photos slated for American cigarettes.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
68.07-17-1100:50:46Sound Medicine8/7/2011This week, breakthroughs in cancer research, mood disorders during pregnancy, how to become a "morning person," and the authors of the book, "Don't Cross Your Eyes." Also, why we sleep so well in a hammock. And why teens make bad decisions.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
69.07-10-1100:51:31Sound Medicine8/7/2011This week: hospital noise, new rules for sunscreen labels, binge drinking and the brain, genome editing for hemophilia, and the author of the book Broken Bodies, Shattered Minds.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
70.07-03-1100:52:06Sound Medicine7/2/2011This Fourth of July week: American medical history. Segments include a Civil War nurse's diary, vaccines in colonial America, the development of medical insulin, and the history of osteopathy in the United States.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
71.06-26-1100:52:08Sound Medicine7/2/2011This week: stubborn fat cells, incipient heart disease in middle schoolers, NASA's heart research, teaching empathy to medical students, and an interview with a physician-poet. Also, why exercise is good for your knees, and young adults with high blood pressure.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
72.06-19-1100:52:19Sound Medicine7/2/2011This week, rare conditions: two types of tumors that cause severe health problems and acute pancreatitis. Also, an interview with the author of "The Man in Room 9 Says He's God." Also, why sitting is bad for you. And how MRI might diagnose autism.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
73.06-12-1100:52:09Sound Medicine7/2/2011Shia Levitt reports on young adults with autism and their difficult transition into life outside a classroom.Two stories on young adults with autism; new research on treatment for ischemic heart failure; atrial fibrillation on the riseSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
74.06-05-1100:51:14Sound Medicine7/2/2011This week, how musician-injuries resemble sports injuries; controversy over price-hike of the drug Makena; author of the book, My Beautiful Leukemia; and heart disease in ancient Egyptians.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
75.05-29-1100:52:06Sound Medicine5/28/2011Rebroadcast of Barbara Lewis's special interview with Rebecca Skloot, author of "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." With commentary by IU bioethicist Eric Meslin, PhD.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
76.05-22-1100:51:24Sound Medicine5/28/2011This week: how the environment affects human health. Experts discuss pollution-induced asthma in children and contagious diseases indirectly caused by global warming.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
77.05-15-1100:51:55Sound Medicine5/21/2011Dislocated circadian rhythms affect humans’ sleep and overall health; the direct-pay model for medical care; how cavities can be contagious; and another Grace Notes essay from IU oncologist Larry Cripe. Plus, perceptions of organic food.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
78.05-08-1100:51:24Sound Medicine5/14/2011A drug for alcohol-abuse may help children with fragile X autism; how drugs for alcoholism work; how anesthesia works in the brain; and two adoptive mothers describe their experiences in our Patient Listening series.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
79.05-01-1100:51:41Sound Medicine5/14/2011This week, HPV vaccine for boys and men; a blood test that detects cancer early; a profile of IU cancer researcher George Sledge; aerobic exercise improves memory; and another Grace Notes essay by IU oncologist Dr. Larry Cripe.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
80.04-24-1100:51:55Sound Medicine5/14/2011This week, gastric bypass surgery helps control diabetes; renowned breast cancer oncologist objects to the new mammography guidelines; how hope affects cancer patients; the book, YOU, Raising Your Child; and a final essay in our "Feeling Good" series.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
81.04-17-1100:51:55Sound Medicine5/14/2011This week, child-safety expert Marilyn Bull, MD, will discuss the new AAP recommendations for kids in car seats. Also, an argument for more Medicare spending; a recall list for medical devices; vaccines in colonial AmericaSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
82.04-10-1100:50:46Sound Medicine5/14/2011This week, low-temperature heart surgery; new resuscitation tools for EMTs; risks for cycling professionals; learn about sports concussion; and an essay with advice for slow eating. Also, an iPhone app for learning anatomy.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
83.04-03-1100:51:54Sound Medicine5/14/2011This week, Dr. Aaron Carroll discusses essential health benefits for the new healthcare law; health effects of radiation in Japan; less sedation for ICU patients; psoriatic arthritis; and the stretch or not-to-stretch debate for runners. Also, essayist AlSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
84.03-27-1100:51:49Sound Medicine4/2/2011This week: new, non-surgical best-practices for breast cancer; antibiotics for ear infections; young weightlifters taking human growth hormone; and the author of The Panic Virus. Also, diagnoses via fingernails.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
85.03-13-1100:52:08Sound Medicine4/2/2011This week on Sound Medicine, the USDA’s proposed new guidelines for healthier school lunches; diagnosing food allergies in kids; alleviating post-partum depression; dealing with infertility; and a classical pianist who has arthritis.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
86.03-06-1100:51:36Sound Medicine2/26/2011This week, acetaminophen toxicity; an experimental drug for melanoma; a national sperm registry; and the book, The Country Doctor Revisited. Also, why it's a bad idea to sleep with your pet. And why it's a good idea to eat more fiber.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
87.02-27-1100:52:14Sound Medicine2/26/2011This week: medical student honor body donors; at-home genetic tests don't scare their users; and how public health may benefit from personal genetic information. Plus, two renowned female physicians and their books: Something to Prove, by Yvonne Thornton,School of MedicineEnglishDownload
88.02-20-1100:52:19Sound Medicine2/26/2011The problems with the shingles vaccine; exploding chromosomes that cause cancer; end-of-life counseling for Medicare patients; and the author of Dying to Live: Embracing the Journey. Also, is 3D bad for your eyes?School of MedicineEnglishDownload
89.02-13-1100:52:19Sound Medicine2/26/2011This week: tracking adverse reactions to vaccines; pediatrician Rachel Vreeman on parents' fever phobia; a primer on stuttering; and mental strength training for athletes. Also, a genetic link between obesity and alcoholism. And the dirty fighting fitnessSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
90.02-06-1100:52:13Sound Medicine2/26/2011A new look at the beta amyloid build-up in Alzheimer's patients; health insurance that doesn't cover pregnancy; social class affects patients' evaluations of doctors; and a Sound Ethics interview with the author of The Good Doctors. Also, teens' high salt intake. And the high cost of smoking cigarettes.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
91.02-13-1100:52:19Sound Medicine2/9/2011This week: tracking adverse reactions to vaccines; pediatrician Rachel Vreeman on parents' fever phobia; a primer on stuttering; and mental strength training for athletes. Also, a genetic link between obesity and alcoholism.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
92.02-06-1100:52:13Sound Medicine2/9/2011A new look at the beta amyloid build-up in Alzheimer's patients; health insurance that doesn't cover pregnancy; social class affects patients' evaluations of doctors; and a Sound Ethics interview with the author of The Good Doctors. Also, teens' high salt intake. And the high cost of smoking cigarettes.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
93.01-30-1100:52:17Sound Medicine2/9/2011The vaccine-autism connection debunked; abandoned prescriptions; Dr. Arnold Levine discusses the primary cause of all cancers; the rise of tuberculosis in Haiti; and the author of the book, Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. Also, why we yawnSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
94.01-23-1100:52:13Sound Medicine1/19/2011New Medicare rules; new tonsillectomy guidelines; pancreas transplantation for severe diabetes; the teen brain on marijuana; and the book: Brain Rules for Babies. Also, why so-called smart-baby videos don't work. And how second-hand smoke affects kids' meSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
95.01-16-1100:52:07Sound Medicine1/19/2011This week: advice for exercising while sick; Dartmouth research on end-of-life care; why self-diagnosis on the Internet is a bad idea; and an interview with the co-author of the book Breakthrough, the history of the discovery of medical insulin.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
96.01-09-1100:52:18Sound Medicine1/5/2011This week, find out how much vitamin D and calcium you really need; how studying pregnancy could help cancer research; acupuncture for shingles pain; and in our Patient Listening series, the healing power of music. Also, a New Year's diet resolutionSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
97.12-19-1000:52:19Sound Medicine12/28/2010Rethinking the PSA prostate screening test; prospective new food-safety regulations; FDA-approved "fat zapper" devices; child-behavior advice from the author of The Self Aware Parent; and another Grace Notes essay from Dr. Larry Cripe.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
98.12-12-1000:54:25Sound Medicine12/10/2010All about autism: one family tells the story of their autistic son, whose symptoms dramatically improved with a dairy-free diet; promising research on autism intervention techniques; a visit to a classroom for autistic studentsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
99.12-05-1000:52:19Sound Medicine12/10/2010Accountable care organizations; raising awareness for spinal muscular atrophy; p53, the guardian angel gene; and violating medical ethics in 1940's Guatemala. Also, beet juice to stave off dementia, and doing CPR without mouth-to-mouth.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
100.11-28-1000:52:23Sound Medicine12/10/2010This week, routine CT scans for early lung cancer detection; unusual way to improve student learning; increase in hearing loss in teens; and authors of the books, The Power of Rest and Healthy Child, Whole Child. Also, the safety of electronic cigarettes.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
101.11-21-1000:51:43Sound Medicine12/10/2010This week, when doctors are paid to endorse drugs; tai chi for fibromyalgia patients; author of Your Creative Brain, Shelley Carson; author of After the Diagnosis, Julian Seifter; and dietitian Susan Burke March on healthy snacking over the holidays.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
102.11-14-1000:52:15Sound Medicine12/10/2010This week, Rehabilitation Through Robotics, Depression in Young Children, Studying and Drinking Abroad, Imaging Chemotherapy's Effects on the Brain, Life Expectancy in the United States, and the book: Knowing JesseSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
103.11-07-1000:53:07Sound Medicine12/10/2010The downside of multitasking; drug chats for teens; alcohol screening for medical residents; author of the book, Clutch; and robotic dogs as companions. Also, feeling wakeful during a sleep study.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
104.10-31-1000:52:07Sound Medicine12/10/2010This week, a new autism drug; concussion treatment; obesity linked to certain cancers; heavy metals in protein drinks; a new type of anatomy text for medical students; and a second-year medical student ponders her relationship to her patients.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
105.10-24-1000:52:17Sound Medicine12/10/2010This week, how a "green" hospital works; an update on the national health care reform lawsuits; inflammatory breast cancer; the drop in cancer mortality; and an interview with the author of Hardwiring Excellence. Also, a junk food diet that proves a pointSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
106.10-17-1000:52:09Sound Medicine12/10/2010This week, two sides of the debate over the FDA's pending decision to approve Avastin for late-stage breast cancer; coaching for tantrum-prone doctors; photos that tell patient stories; and a physician's essay called "When a Doctor Meets the Soul." Also,School of MedicineEnglishDownload
107.10-10-1000:52:17Sound Medicine10/17/2010This week, the benefits of palliative care; slowing the progress of macular degeneration; bogus anti-aging claims; a history of osteopathic medicine; and a positive approach for kicking the tobacco habit.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
108.10-03-1000:52:18Sound Medicine10/17/2010This week, two stories about health outreach taking place in African American barber shops and hair salons; also this season's universal flu shot; the end of the swine flu pandemic; and an installation of the Patient Listening series.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
109.09-26-1000:52:17Sound Medicine10/2/2010This week, multi-organ transplants; an accurate test for Alzheimer's disease; acupuncture for cancer pain; and the second part of our interview with the author of The Youth Pill. Also, Dr. Larry Cripe's latest Grace Notes essay.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
110.09-19-1000:51:56Sound Medicine9/25/2010This week, the return of whooping cough; must-have vaccinations; early onset puberty in girls; treatments for hot flashes in menopausal women; and the author of The Youth Pill.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
111.09-12-1000:52:18Sound Medicine9/18/2010This week, a prediction for the 2010 healthcare bill in the face of midterm elections; physicians in Haiti; measuring radiation exposure from common medical tests; and an interview with a Charlottesville pediatrician who makes housecalls.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
112.09-05-1000:52:18Sound Medicine9/11/2010This week, a new device that prevents stroke during heart surgery. Also, discover how newborns learn; how vigorous exercise improves grades for college students; and how an IU biology professor mentored high school studentsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
113.08-29-1000:52:18Sound Medicine9/4/2010The topic this week is patient safety. Reporter Sandy Roob explores how simulation-training in medical school helps future physicians avoid medical errors. Also, we hear from hospital management experts, including a former airline pilotSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
114.08-22-1000:52:17Sound Medicine8/28/2010Topics include individualized education plans for autistic kids; a nutrition plan for a healthier heart; tips for longevity; and a physician-historian’s glimpse at a time when the stethoscope was cutting-edge technology. Also, find out how scientists measSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
115.08-15-1000:52:17Sound Medicine8/21/2010Keeping young athletes hydrated during hot weather is Sound Medicine’s top story this week. Also, uninsured patients have higher death rates; budget cuts to county health departments; and helping third-world newborns breathe.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
116.08-08-1000:52:17Sound Medicine8/21/2010This week on Sound Medicine, a vaccine for breast cancer; warning labels for foods that choke children; surprisingly unhealthy foods; and the story of the little-know federal agency, the Epidemic Intelligence Service. Also, why pregnant women shouldn’t weSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
117.08-01-1000:52:17Sound Medicine8/3/2010This week, mandates for free preventive health services; improving patient care at cancer centers; depression during pregnancy; medications during pregnancy; and encouraging doctors to report medical errors. Also, the healthiest type of rice.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
118.07-25-1000:52:18Sound Medicine8/3/2010This week, cell phone radiation and cancer; the safety of triclosan, a common antibacterial chemical; how robot avatars help medical ethicists; colds and contagion; SIDS and co-sleeping with babies; and another Grace Notes essay from Dr. Larry Cripe.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
119.07-18-1000:52:18Sound Medicine7/24/2010This week, teaching healthcare costs in medical school; a new way to treat diabetes-induced blindness; a virus that causes prostate cancer; and a book about a doctor who treats chronic drug addicts. Also, where you reside affects how much you exercise.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
120.07-11-1000:52:16Sound Medicine7/16/2010This week, a roundup of recent breakthroughs in cancer research; a study that claims new medical residents are prone to deadly errors; defining value in healthcare delivery; and a biography of the 19th century surgical genius William Stewart.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
121.07-04-1000:52:18Sound Medicine7/16/2010This week we re-broadcast some recent favorite stories: a study that claims computerizing hospitals does not save money; new NFL rules for concussions; exercises to prevent ACL injuries in young athletes; high-impact sports for bone health; and an interviSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
122.06-27-1000:52:19Sound Medicine7/4/2010This week, an idea for retail healthcare; an update on healthcare reform legislation; new treatments for pediatric leukemia; the book, The Other Side of Sadness; and another Grace Notes essay by Dr. Larry Cripe. Also, daycare and IQSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
123.06-20-1000:52:19Sound Medicine6/26/2010This week, at-home care for the elderly; a recent study showing that caregivers are less healthy than their peers; depression may increase incidents of inflammatory disease; and one doctor's experiences in Haiti. Also, why folks over 50 are happier.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
124.06-13-1000:52:18Sound Medicine6/19/2010This week, overworked and underpaid primary care docs, the integrative medicine debate, old dogs provide clues to human longevity, and a new technique for brainwave monitoring.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
125.06-06-1000:52:17Sound Medicine6/19/2010This week, an Indiana cancer doc makes the Time 100; the feds' patient bill of rights; the pros and cons of a double mastectomy; personalized medicine for breast cancer patients; portrait of the Brain Collection brain bankSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
126.05-30-1000:52:16Sound Medicine6/19/2010This week, stories from two Iraqi war veterans -- an amputee-turned-triathlete and a battlefield surgeon. Also, a breast imaging specialist objects to the federal mammogram guidelines; a physician with lupus seeks to raise awareness of the diseaseSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
127.05-23-1000:52:08Sound Medicine5/31/2010This week, a decline in premature births; how to reduce sodium in our diets; peripheral arterial disease (PAD); medicating mentally ill children; also, high-tech band aids, and why triathlons are riskier than marathons.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
128.05-16-1000:52:18Sound Medicine5/31/2010Vaccine refusals and measles outbreaks; the book, Smallpox, the Death of a Disease; a new formal DSM category for autism disorders; a book on hospital management called High Performance Health CareSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
129.05-09-1000:52:19Sound Medicine5/31/2010This week, a newly discovered gene disorder in the Amish community, physicians and social media, and what it's like to grow up with, and grow old with, a disabled sibling. Also, the rising number of births to mothers over 40; and the dangers of third-handSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
130.05-02-1000:52:01Sound Medicine5/31/2010We devote most of the hour to a conversation with author Rebecca Skloot, who tells the story of Henrietta Lacks -- a true tale of medical research that combines science, medical history, with race, politics and bioethics. Also this week, the importance of culturing cells in three dimensions; and the story of the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
131.04-25-1000:52:16Sound Medicine4/27/2010This week on Sound Medicine: lessons learned from the year's confusing flu season; legislation to improve school lunches; how salamanders regrow limbs; women marathoners and air pollution; and a new way to conduct hospital rounds. Also, can Botox inhibitSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
132.04-18-1000:52:15Sound Medicine4/27/2010In Sound Medicine this week: a cure for sickle cell anemia; safe breast enlargement with fat injections; aspirin to prevent breast cancer recurrence; and end-of-life care for terminally ill children. Also, myths about eyes and eyesight. And, do grandparenSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
133.04-11-1000:52:19Sound Medicine4/16/2010The watchword this week: patient safety. Learn methods hospitals use to improve patient safety and ways research advocates protect patients involved in clinical trials; also, indoor tanning beds cause skin cancer.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
134.04-04-1000:51:24Sound Medicine4/9/2010To celebrate Sound Medicine's tenth year on public radio, we invited our faculty hosts for a panel discussion about the past 10 years in medicine. They discuss advances in medical science and disappointments with promised improvements.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
135.03-28-1000:52:18Sound Medicine4/2/2010This week, the future effects of the new health care law; long-term benefits of sports for girls; benefits of moderate exercise; and in our Patient Listening series, medical students start a scholarship for a fellow student. Also, low-birth weight babiesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
136.03-21-1000:51:51Sound Medicine3/26/2010This week, a soda tax for reducing the obesity rate; ways to reduce teen obesity; an Indianapolis teen loses 100 pounds; science of food addition; author of the book Genetic Rounds; and a Grace Notes essay from Dr. Larry Cripe; the hazards of inactivity.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
137.03-14-1000:52:18Sound Medicine3/26/2010This week, why many elderly hospital patients receive poor care; the safety of soy-based foods for breast cancer patients; and the book, Whirlwinds and Small Voices: Sustaining Commitment to Work with Special-Needs Children. Also the universality of basic human emotions, and a link between ambidexterity and ADHD.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
138.03-07-1000:52:16Sound Medicine2/27/2010On Sound Medicine this week: an update on healthcare legislation; confusion over the new mammogram guidelines; bone-strengthening drugs that may reduce breast cancer risk; how taking niacin increases good cholesterolSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
139.02-28-1000:48:58Sound Medicine2/27/2010On Sound Medicine this week, common confusion about when to introduce infants to solid food; the under-diagnosis of celiac disease; chlamydia reinfections in teen girls; and why people have problems with destination memory. Also, the science of beauty. And some musings on blood donation.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
140.02-21-1000:48:54Sound Medicine2/13/2010This week, cold and exercise-induced asthma in Olympic athletes; how hospital checklists reduce medical errors; and a child psychiatrist discusses how her mother's suicide affected her. Also, the effectiveness of hand sanitizers.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
141.02-14-1000:52:18Sound Medicine2/3/2010Topics for this week include: How Biobanks Work; A Low-Acid Diet to Prevent Osteoporosis; Dr. Marie on Hormone Replacement Therapies; Book: Birth Day; Food Cravings; Household chemicals and fertilitySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
142.02-07-1000:48:26Sound Medicine2/3/2010Topics for this week include: Biobanks & Pediatric Research; Antioxidants Reduce Benefits of Exercise; Kids Need Vitamin D; Preventing ACL Injuries in Young Athletes; Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages: Are They Safe?; Loneliness is ContagiousSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
143.01-31-1000:43:36Sound Medicine1/20/2010Topics for this week include: Prenatal Smoking and Lead Exposure Increase ADHD Risk; On the Demise of Comprehensive Healthcare; Junk Food at School; Book: Forensic Pharmacist; Snow Shoveling Safety; Patient ListeningSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
144.01-24-1000:49:05Sound Medicine1/16/2010Topics for this week include: Trauma surgery in Haiti; A Promising Melanoma Vaccine; Treating Dogs with Brain Cancer; What is Morning Sickness?; ICU Infections; Perils of Prayer; Book: Brain: The Complete MindSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
145.01-17-1000:47:25Sound Medicine1/10/2010Computer models predict a large increase in type 2 diabetes cases; dreams as the pre-cursor to human consciousness; a short history of women in medicine; and another Grace Notes essay on the topic of prayer in medicine. Also, needlesticks in medical students and how sleep can be a memory aid.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
146.01-10-1000:51:30Sound Medicine1/10/2010Topics for this week include: Healthcare Legislation Update with Aaron Carroll; Many Cancer-Prone Women Refuse Tamoxifen; Did You Know?:Hearing Through The Skin; Soft Drinks Cause Cavities, Erode Enamel; Gum Health & Mental Health; High Impact Sports Improve Bone Density; Grace Notes: The Purpose of PrayerSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
147.01-03-1000:46:45Sound Medicine12/27/2009Topics for this week include: Sound Ethics: Why Darwin Still Matters; Did You Know?:Computer-Related Injuries; Book: Brain Wider than the Sky; Checkup:Surgery on YouTube; Book: A Short History of Medicine; Book: Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?School of MedicineEnglishDownload
148.12-27-0900:45:58Sound Medicine12/27/2009Topics for this week include: Fat Burning from Exercise, Did You Know?:Too Clean for Your Own Health?; Prescription Drugs in Drinking Water; How Doctors Communicate with Patient Surrogates; Checkup: Yoga for Kids; Patient Listening: A First Experience with a Dying PatientSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
149.12-20-0900:51:53Sound Medicine12/27/2009Topics for this week include: Harvard Study: IT Can't Cut Healthcare Costs; Electronic Medical Records in the Ambulance; Did You Know? Eat Colorful Veggies; Book: The Sugarless Plum; Grace Notes: Walking; Checkup: Holiday Safety Tips; Book: Declarations of a Dinosaur; Light TherapySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
150.12-13-0900:52:19Sound Medicine12/5/2009Topics for this week include: Update on Healthcare Reform; German Model for Medicare; Did You Know? Antioxidants Can Be Harmful; New NFL Rules for Player Concussions; Checkup: Infections from Mouth Guards; Patient Listening: A Cancer Doc's Story; 100 Voices of Hope: Mary Beth GadusSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
151.12-06-0900:52:17Sound Medicine12/5/2009Topics for this week include: Fluoride Fight In Rockville, IN; African American Vets & PTSD; Did You Know? Stuffy Nose and Depression; Few Volunteers for Cancer Trials;Doc Chat: Cancer Cancer Trials; Checkup: Musical Cure for Tinnitus; Sound Ethics: Predictive Testing for Genetic DiseaseSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
152.11-29-0900:52:06Sound Medicine11/22/2009Topics for this week include: Mammography and Pap Tests; Mammography Doc Chat; Did You Know: Eating at Night; Health Care for Immigrants; Malpractice Reform and Health Care Costs; Checkup: Brush Teeth, Save WaterSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
153.11-22-0900:48:46Sound Medicine11/11/2009Topics for this week include: Safety of Smokeless Nicotine Products; Did You Know? Childhood Strokes; Reforming How Physicians Are Paid; Dog Flu; Checkup: How Jokes Lift a Bad Mood; Book: Smallpox--the Death of a DiseaseSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
154.11-15-0900:52:18Sound Medicine11/11/2009Topics for this week include: Antibiotic Resistance from Meat; Did You know? Nutrition and Exercise; Fruit Fly Pheromones; Origins of Malaria; Checkup: Showerhead Germs; Treating Bipolar Disorder; Life Stress InventorySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
155.11-08-0900:48:51Sound Medicine11/11/2009Topics for this week include: Paying Physicians for Successful Outcomes; Did You Know?: The Pilots' Diet; 2009 Flu Season Update; Ensuring a Patient's End-of-Life Wishes; Grace Notes: The Circle of Life; Checkup:How Smart is the Smart Choice Label?; Book: Taming The Beloved Beast: How Medical Technology Costs Are Destroying our Health Care SystemSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
156.10-25-0900:51:21Sound Medicine11/1/2009Topics for this week include: H1N1 Flu Arrives in Indiana; Did You Know? Neuroticism and Premature Death; Patients Reading Physician's Notes; Dr. Marie Savage on Probiotics; Checkup: Acai Berries: Health Food Hype; Living with HIV/AIDS, Part 2; Doc Chat: The Rorschach TestSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
157.11-01-0900:52:06Sound Medicine11/1/2009Topics for this week include: Paying Physicians for Successful Outcomes, The Pilots' Diet, 2009 Flu Season Update, Ensuring a Patient's End-of-Life Wishes, Grace Notes: The Circle of Life; Checkup: How Smart is the Smart Choice Label?; Book: Taming The Beloved Beast: How Medical Technology Costs Are Destroying our Health Care SystemSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
158.10-18-0900:51:52Sound Medicine10/22/2009Topics for this week include: PARP Inhibitors to Treat Breast Cancer; Doc Chat: More Benefits to PARP Inhibitors; Did You Know? Smoking Dulls Tastebuds; Marijuana Linked to Testicular Cancer; Living with HIV/AIDS; Checkup: Sperm Allergy; Nobel Winner Elizabeth Blackburn on Telomeres; How Money Affects the BrainSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
159.10-11-0900:52:08Sound Medicine10/22/2009Topics for this week include: The Human Toxome Project; Doc Chat: Advances in Breast Cancer Research; Did You Know? High Radiation Levels in Imaging Tests; College Athletes at Risk for Novel H1N1; Doc Chat: Similarities in Patients Hospitalized With H1N1; Checkup: Eat Out and Eat Healthy; Burnout in Primary Care Doctors; Eric Metcalf on Home RemediesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
160.10-04-0900:52:19Sound Medicine10/8/2009Topics for this week include: Health Care Reform Debate; Did You Know?: Candle Pollution; Checkup: The Appendix Has a PurposeSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
161.09-27-0900:47:23Sound Medicine10/4/2009Topics for this week include: Health Care Reform Update; Kids' Flu Shots; Did You Know?: Depression in Preschoolers; Common Meds & Cognitive Impairment in the Elderly; Checkup: Sleep Apnea in Action; Cell Phones Illegal for Teen Drivers; Book: The Philosophical BabySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
162.09-20-0900:47:23Sound Medicine9/24/2009Topics for this week include: The Mayo Clinic: Model of Efficiency; Efficiency Strategies at the Mayo Clinic; Did You know?: Divorce & Health; Pediatricians Deal with Bullies; Book: Boy Alone; Checkup: Did Mozart Die from Strep?; Calorie Restriction Lengthens LifespansSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
163.09-13-0900:51:57Sound Medicine9/24/2009Topics for this week include: H1N1 Vaccine Clinical Trials in Children; A Longer Flu Season; Did You know?: Lifting Weights After Mastectomy; Economics of Preventive Care; Checkup: Omega-3 Fatty Acids; Student-Run Medical Clinic; Social Networking for SeniorsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
164.09-06-0900:51:56Sound Medicine9/24/2009Topics for this week include: Federal Stimulus Funding for Health Clinics; Rise in Drug Abuse Among Baby Boomers; Did You Know?: Clean Plates & Overeating; Book: Brain Rules; Checkup: Fear of Dentists; Book: The End of Food; Chef MD on Food as MedicineSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
165.08-30-0900:47:58Sound Medicine9/24/2009Topics for this week include: Athletes & Heat Stroke; Did You know?: Popcorn, an Antioxidant; Drug Companies & Health Reform; Grace Notes: The Shadow of Death; Check Up: Non-Head Hair Transplants; Bryce Mackie on Teen DepressionSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
166.08-23-0900:48:37Sound Medicine9/24/2009Topics for this week include: MRSA From Household Pets; Doc Chat: Acetaminophen; Health Insurance Reform Hypotheticals; Checkup: Pain & Swearing; Book: Don't Swallow Your Gum; Did You Know?: Guidelines for Sleeping BabiesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
167.08-16-0900:52:18Sound Medicine8/26/2009Topics for this week include: Health Reform Update; Did You know?: Lawn Mower Accidents; Doc Chat: Treating Alcoholism with Drugs; Checkup: Dynamic Stretches Before Exercise; Unenployment is a Health Risk; Book: Caring for Our ParentsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
168.08-09-0900:52:17Sound Medicine8/26/2009Topics for this week include: Camp Medical Detective; Medical Service Learning; Did You Know?: Travel & Blood Clots; Treating Eating Disorders; Checkup: Birthing Videos on YouTube; Book: The Vigorous MindSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
169.08-02-0900:50:59Sound Medicine8/26/2009Topics for this week include: Ethics of Using Placebos; Octomom Ethics; The Conscience Rule for Physicians; Exceptions to Informed Consent; Evaluating Medical NewsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
170.07-26-0900:52:19Sound Medicine8/5/2009Topics for this week include: Required Vaccinations for Kids; H1N1 Flu Update for the 2009 Season; Did You Know Healthy Commuting; Roundup of Colonoscopy Research; Checkup Phantom Fat; A Day in the Life of a Sex Ed Teacher; Book The End of OvereatingSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
171.07-19-0900:52:12Sound Medicine8/5/2009Topics for this week include: The New Smoking and Tobacco Laws; Tobacco Control & Public Health; Did You Know?: Less Sleep, Higher Blood Pressure; Heart Tissue Regeneration; Checkup: Young Adults Need More Calcium; Book: Hippocrates' Shadow: Secrets from the House of Medicine; Grace Notes: Sacred SpacesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
172.07-12-0900:51:00Sound Medicine8/5/2009Topics for this week include: Acupuncture with Toothpicks; Did You Know?: Being Sociable Slows Aging; Evidence-Based Medicine in Women's Health; Checkup: Anatomy Lessons Needed; Compassion Fatigue in CaregiversSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
173.07-05-0901:14:51Sound Medicine7/8/2009Topics for this week include: Brown Fat Burns Energy; Did You Know?: More Pounds, Longer Life; Cell Phones Illegal for Teen Drivers; FDA Warns Against Zicam; Checkup: Surgery on YouTube; Sound Ethics on Books: The Future of BioethicsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
174.06-28-0901:05:28Sound Medicine7/2/2009Topics for this week include: Update on Health Care Reform; Did You Know?: Computer-Related Injuries; Whooping Cough Vaccine Refusals; Checkup: Music Helps Patients Recover; CompleteLife Cancer Care; Grace Notes: Sara's PinSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
175.06-21-0900:51:21Sound Medicine6/25/2009Topics for this week include: Tamoxifen & Antidepressants; Did You Know?: Not Enough Sleep; Flu/job security; Brain Rules - Chronotypes; Birth Control Pills and Muscle loss; Checkup: SVT; Positive thinking in tough timesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
176.06-14-0900:51:52Sound Medicine6/25/2009Topics for this week include: Don't Mix Plavix and Heartburn pills; Misused Booster Seats; Book: Early Intervention and Autism; Checkup: Climate Change and Health; Participating in a Clinical Trial; Did You Know?: We Don't KnowSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
177.05-31-0900:52:02Sound Medicine6/4/2009Topics for this week include: Birth Defects Correlate with Pesticide Use; Did You Know?: Talk Therapy for Insomnia; Transplant Counselor; Checkup: New Moms and Internet Addiction; Book: A Brain Wider than the Sky; Essay: The Association of Associated AssociatesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
178.05-24-0900:52:09Sound Medicine6/4/2009Topics for this week include: High-Fructose Corn Syrup, a Villain?; Did You Know?: Mediteranean Diet is Good for the Eyes; Swine Flu and International Law; Training Medical Students to Spot Melanoma; Checkup: The Scrub Club for Clean Hands; Book: Brain RulesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
179.05-17-0900:51:59Sound Medicine6/4/2009Topics for this week include: Bedbugs; Did You Know?: More Education, Better Health; Swine Flu Vaccine; Multivitamins Provide No Benefit; Checkup: Healthy Menu, Unhealthy Choices; Book: Cleveland Clinic Guide to Arthritis; Grace Notes: Sara's PinSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
180.05-10-0900:52:22Sound Medicine5/17/2009Topics for this week include: Swine Flu Update; Watching Swine for H1N1 Infection; Did You Know?: 2009 Air Pollution Report; Irradiating Food for Safety; International Adoptees with Drug-Resistant TB; Checkup: Caffeine in Sports; Book: The Soul of Medicine, Tales from the Bedside; Happy? Experiences vs. Stuff; Sing When You Wash HandsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
181.05-03-0900:51:54Sound Medicine5/10/2009Topics for this week include: Swine Flu and Air Travel; Did You Know?: Blueberries for Reducing Belly Fat; Keeping Drinking Water Safe; New Tools for CPR Professionals; Checkup: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss; Sound Ethics: Informed Consent in Emergency MedicineSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
182.04-26-0900:52:20Sound Medicine5/3/2009Topics for this week include: Rise in Drug Abuse Among Baby Boomers; Why Boomers Abuse Drugs; Did You Know?: Hot Tea & Esophageal Cancer; Fat Cells Are Different in Obese Individuals; Statins Don't Protect Against Alzheimer's; Checkup: Romantic Love Lasts; Thyroid Conditions and the "Oprah-Effect"; An Opera Singer's "Next 100 Pounds"School of MedicineEnglishDownload
183.04-19-0900:52:24Sound Medicine4/26/2009Topics for this week include: Federal Stimulus Funding for Health Clinics; Public Health Insurance: A Good Idea; Did You Know?: Sports Drinks May Harm Teeth; Book: Healthcare: Guaranteed; Temperature Shifts Cause Migraines; Checkup: Recession Healthcare Toolkit; Book: Forgetting: When to Worry, What to Do; Grace Notes: Dying PrettySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
184.04-12-0900:52:20Sound Medicine4/19/2009Topics for this week include: One-Time Flu Vaccine; Did You Know?: Preventing Child Abuse; Maintain Your Own Medical Records; Anesthesia and Learning Disabilities; Doc Chat: Lidocaine Side Effects; Checkup: Reversible Dementia; Global Childhood Diabetes; Book: A Short History of MedicineSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
185.04-05-0900:52:09Sound Medicine4/19/2009Topics this week include: Beach Trips and Kids Skin Cancer; Did You Know?: Questioning Cleansing Diets; Alcohol Dependence and Decision Making; Mindful Eating; Checkup: Warm-ups for Surgeons; Sound Ethics: Medical Conscience Rule; Happier Marriages for Empty NestersSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
186.03-29-0900:52:10Sound Medicine4/5/2009Topics for this week include: The Prostate Screening Conundrum; Did You Know?: Love Handles and Breathing Difficulties; Myelin Breakdown and Brain Decline; The Night Shift and Breast Cancer; Checkup: HIV Vaccine?; Dance for Fitness; Combining Dance & Science -- Ferocious Beauty: GenomeSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
187.03-15-0900:52:22Sound Medicine4/5/2009Topics for this week include: ICU Patients Get Up and Moving; CT Scans; Gut Reaction: Overeating Can Impair Body Function; Checkup: Diet Betting; Self Sabotage: A Psychologist’s View; Exercise and MoodsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
188.3-08-0900:52:18Sound Medicine4/5/2009Topics for this week include: Bariatric Surgery & Brittle Bones; Transfats that Occur Naturally; Book: Adolescents with Cancer; Why Teens Smoke; Not all Seniors Should Cut Calories; Book: The World is Fat; Check up: How Colors Affect Us; Did you know?: Anger & Heart ProblemsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
189.03-01-0900:52:16Sound Medicine2/18/2009Topics for this week include: Brain Study Indicates Why Some Memories Persist; Dean Ornish, The Spectrum; Sound Ethics: Obama's Health-Related Policy Agenda; Did You Know?: Healing With Blood Plasma; Hypothermia for Heart Attack Patients; Pelvic Pain: A Difficult Diagnosis; Checkup: Redheads Require More AnesthesiaSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
190.02-22-0900:52:24Sound Medicine2/11/2009Topics for this week include: New Deadly Virus in Zambia; Sound Ethics: Fertility Ethics & ctuplets; Did You Know?: Paying Smokers to Quit; Insurance for Medical Tourists; Checkup: Gambling During Hard Times; Childhood Obesity & Heart Disease; Book: Diabetic Athlete's HandbookSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
191.02-15-0900:52:23Sound Medicine2/5/2009Topics for this week include: Health IT & the Fed Stimulus Bill; Did You Know?: Eating Red; Pancreatic Cancer Surgery; Contact Lenses and Infections; Checkup: Avoid Winter Sports Injuries; Doc Chat: Light Drinking During Pregnancy; Book: The End of FoodSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
192.02-08-0900:52:22Sound Medicine2/5/2009Topics for this week include: Flu Season Update & Prevention; Did You Know?: Computerized Hospitals Have Fewer Patient Deaths; Awake During Brain Surgery; Sound Ethics: Detecting Bias in Medical Reporting; Checkup: Teen Abstinence Pledges; Myths About Prenatal Genetic Testing; Book: Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?School of MedicineEnglishDownload
193.02-01-0900:53:24Sound Medicine1/22/2009Topics for this week include: Book: Testosterone for Life; Did You Know?: No to Favorite Foods; Electronic Medical Records in Mental Health; Pain; Checkup: Pre-birth Maternity Leave; Sound Ethics: Medical Health ReportingSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
194.01-25-0900:52:23Sound Medicine1/22/2009Topics for this week include: Mind-Body Medicine for PTSD; Did You Know?: Hallucinations on Caffeine; Myths About Flu Shots and other Vaccines; Why Vaccine Fees Vary; Checkup: Web Cyberchondriacs; Book: Don’t PanicSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
195.01-18-0900:53:23Sound Medicine1/11/2009Topics for this week include: Obama Health House Parties; Healthcare Reform: A Policy Analysis; Did You Know?: Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's; Nightime Dialysis; Checkup: Checkup: Fear of Dentists; Psychologist with Schizophrenia; Book: MusicophiliaSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
196.12-28-0800:52:09Sound Medicine1/11/2009Topics for this week include: Boxing & Parkinson's; Distracted Drivers; Did You Know?: Gator Blood & Super Bugs; Personal Medical Records; Stretching Machine; Checkup: Rock Drumming Fitness; Stuttering; WaterbirthSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
197.12-21-0800:51:54Sound Medicine1/11/2009Topics for this week include: Medical Myths Debunked; Did You Know?: Heart Attacks in Women; Immune System Secrets; Checkup: Hand Bacteria; Doc Chat: Cancers that Disappear; Teen Pregnancies & TVSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
198.12-14-0800:52:19Sound Medicine12/5/2008Topics for this week include: Statin Drugs for Everyone?; Repairing Implantable Heart Devices; Did You Know?: Too Much Salt; ADHD & Children's Motor Skills; Checkup: DNA Ancestry Tests; Doc Chat: Financial Psychologists; Helping Kids Cope with StressSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
199.12-07-0800:52:20Sound Medicine11/27/2008Topics for this week include: Medicare Scams Alert; Update on Gulf War Illness; Did You Know?: A Decline in Cancer Diagnoses; Failure of an Anti-Drug Campaign; Acupuncture for Cancer Symptoms;Checkup: Preventing a Flu Epidemic; Sound Ethics: Prescribing PlacebosSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
200.11-30-0800:52:21Sound Medicine11/20/2008Topics for this week include: Kids with Arthritis; Fighting Drug-Resistant TB; Did You Know: Hardy Frozen Embryos; Cold Remedies for Kids; How to Prevent a Sinus Infection; Book: Loneliness; STD E-CardsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
201.11-23-0800:52:20Sound Medicine11/20/2008Topics for this week include: Polio Eradication; Did You Know?: Waist Fat and Early Death; Doc Chat: Deadly Baby Bottles?; Diabetes and Birth Defects; In Defense of the Donut; Checkup: Row Your Way to Health; The Dreaming BrainSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
202.11-16-0800:52:22Sound Medicine11/20/2008Topics for this week include: Too Many Premature Births in Indiana; Did You Know?: Smoking & Food Insecurity; Telling Cancer Stories; Early Screening for Prostate Cancer; Checkup: Stress Test for Astronauts; Book: Early Intervention and Autism; PBS Dreamtime previewSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
203.11-09-0800:52:21Sound Medicine11/2/2008Topics for this week include: Kids Spread Flu; Doc Chat: More Vitamin D for Kids; Acid Reflux in Kids; Checkup: Interpreting Hospital Report Cards; AMA Apologizes to African-American Physicians; Did You Know?: Secrets to Thriving in Old AgeSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
204.10-26-0800:52:19Sound Medicine11/2/2008Topics for this week include: Health Care Proposals in the Presidential Race; Did You Know?: Contaminated Bottled Water; Healthy Breast Tissue Bank; Checkup: Halloween Candy Binging; Book: End of Life HandbookSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
205.11-02-0800:51:20Sound Medicine11/2/2008Topics for this week include: Trends in the Business of Medicine; Did You Know?: Can Sleep Boost Your Grades?; Retail Health Care; Checkup: Hip Hop for Stroke; Sound Ethics: Biobanks for Medical ResearchSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
206.10-19-0800:52:13Sound Medicine10/24/2008Topics for this week include: Wrist-to-Heart Angioplasty; Did You Know?: Exotic Pets, Bad for Kids; Researching Undiagnosed Diseases; Meditation for High Blood Pressure; Checkup: Mozart for Blood Pressure; Book: What Helped Get Me Through: Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and HopeSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
207.10-12-0800:52:12Sound Medicine10/24/2008Topics for this week include: Not If, But When -- Preparing for Pandemic, part 3 of 3; Did You Know?: Caffeine in Energy Drinks; Heart Failure in Children; Checkup: Why Do We Sleep?; New Safety Checklist for Surgery; Ruth Messinger, World Health LeaderSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
208.10-05-0800:52:09Sound Medicine10/10/2008Topics for this week include: IU-Kenya Partnership -- After the Election Violence; U.S. Funding for AIDS Relief; Did You Know?: Surviving Cardiac Arrest; Developing a Bird Flu Vaccine; Not If, But When -- Preparing for Pandemic, part 2 of 3; Checkup: Childhood Obesity & Schoolyard Bullies; High Caffeine Energy Drinks; Book: Happy Accidents: Serendipity in Modern Medical BreakthroughsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
209.09-28-0800:52:19Sound Medicine10/3/2008Topics for this week include: Not If, But When -- Preparing for Pandemic, part 1 of 3; Did You Know?: Influenza Versus the Stomach Flu; Safe Pediatric Imaging; Breakthrough in Brain Mapping; Checkup: Choosing the Right Healthy Foods; Poor Doctor-Patient CommunicationSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
210.09-21-0800:51:23Sound Medicine9/26/2008Topics for this week include: Antidepressants, Too Readily Prescribed?; Lead Contamination in the Soil; Did You Know?: Thin Amish; Book: Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's; Evolutionary Purpose of Facial Expressions; Checkup: Stealth Exercise; Jill Bolte-Taylor on Her LifeSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
211.09-14-0800:52:19Sound Medicine9/19/2008Topics for this week include: Medical Errors in Indiana; Black Box Warning for Cipro; Did You Know?: Lifestyle Choices & Cancer; Polymer Gel Treats Brain Trauma; Checkup: Backpack Danger; Mystery Shoppers in Health CareSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
212.09-07-0800:51:25Sound Medicine9/12/2008Topics for this week include: Lower the Drinking Age?; Did You Know?: Incense Burning & Cancer; Fitness Capitals of the USA; A New President's Fitness Test; Checkup: Pack a Healthy School Lunch; Sound Ethics: Issues in the NewsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
213.08-31-0800:52:19Sound Medicine9/5/2008Topics for this week include: Angie's List Rates Doctors; Did You Know?: A New Type of Athletic Tape; Epilepsy Pacemaker; High Temps on Artificial Turf; Checkup: Texting Accidents; Talking to Patients About Death; Essay: Quit Smoking or Pay UpSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
214.08-24-0800:51:58Sound Medicine8/29/2008Topics for this week include: Sprint Versus Endurance Exercise; Did You Know?: Cheerleading Injuries; Treating Pancreatic Cancer; Cancer Cells Self-Destruct; Checkup: A Problem with Biobanks; Book: Is Your Child Bipolar?; Water BirthsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
215.08-17-0800:51:41Sound Medicine8/25/2008Topics for this week include: Silver Tsunami; Did You Know?: Exercise: An Hour Per Day; 5-in-1 Vaccine; Losing Your Mind; Mitochondrial Disease; Checkup: Drum to Stay FitSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
216.08-03-0800:53:23Sound Medicine8/8/2008Topics for this week include: Book: Healthcare, Guaranteed; Did You Know?: Tobacco Treatment for Cancer; Checkup: Treatment for Vertigo; PBS Show: The ForgettingSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
217.07-27-0800:51:31Sound Medicine8/4/2008Topics for this week include: Genetic Counseling for Cancer; Medical Apologies; Did You Know?: Teenage Couch Potatoes; Statins and Memory Loss; Adult Day Care; Meet a Home-Health Aid; Checkup: Tooth Regeneration; Little League Pitching Injuries; Essay: Metcalf on ModerationSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
218.07-20-0800:51:21Sound Medicine7/28/2008Topics for this week include: Book: Take a Load off Your Heart; Did You Know?: Baby Smiles and Parental Bonding; The DASH Diet Improves Heart Health in Women; Checkup: Walking Intervention; Shingles Vaccine; StutteringSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
219.07-13-0800:52:19Sound Medicine7/21/2008Topics for this week include: Biosurveillance in Public Health; Did You Know?: White Blood Cells Fight Cancer; Doc Chat: Pandemic Influenza Summit in Indianapolis; Checkup: Music as Therapy; Researching the "Hunger Hormone"; Advice from a Former Food AddictSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
220.07-06-0800:52:19Sound Medicine7/10/2008Topics for this week include: Walking for Health; Obese Children and Bone Strength; Did You Know?: Vitamin D and Longer Life; Rebuilding a Heart; Organic Tomatoes: Really Better?; Checkup: Aging and Happiness; How to Dispose of Old Medicines; Essay: Poison IvySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
221.06-29-0800:51:56Sound Medicine7/7/2008Topics for this week include: Physician-Rating Systems; Did You Know?: Carbs for Breakfast; Dentists Treat Sleep Disorders; Orthopaedic Stem Cell Surgery; Book: My Father's Heart: A Son's Journey; Out-of-Body ExperiencesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
222.06-22-0800:52:40Sound Medicine6/30/2008Topics for this week's show include: Electronic Medical Records, Part 1; Electronic Medical Records, Part 2; Medical Mystery: High Lead & High Crime; High Tech Hearing; Checkup: Laughter; How We Learn LanguageSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
223.06-15-0800:00:00Sound Medicine6/19/2008Topics for this week include: New Treatment for Marfan Syndrome; TB in the Developing World; Too Much Noise; Adult Shingles; Fever and Autism; Adopted Teens and ADHD; Teeth Whitening Tips; Defiant Youngsters; A Twist on the Placebo Effect; Doctors Learn Healthy CookingSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
224.06-01-0800:59:01Sound Medicine6/10/2008Longevity Interview with Tom Perls, Boston University; Long life study; Taste Memory and Emotion; Brain Changes in Young Alcoholics; Sound Ethics: History and Ethics of ECT; Health Quiz: Aspirin and Blood Pressure; Checkup: Smiling VoicesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
225.05-25-0800:00:00Sound Medicine6/6/2008Topics for this week include: Boxing Therapy for Parkinson's; Pollution and Blood Clots; When Patient Involvement Doesn't Improve Outcomes; "Treating the Numbers" Doesn't Always Make Sense; Warm Hands and Sleep; Jill Bolte Taylor on Brain Tissue Donation; Slow MedicineSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
226.05-18-0800:00:00Sound Medicine5/27/2008Topics for this week include: Rand Report on Veterans with Mental Trauma; Are Breast Fed Kids Smarter?; Distracted Teen Drivers; Teen GPS Study; Interpreting Non-Verbal Cues; Melanoma and Stem Cells; Physician-Teacher Burnout.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
227.05-11-0800:55:01Sound Medicine5/19/2008Topics this week include: Patient Activism Driving Health Industry Change; Many Ambivalent About the HPV Vaccine; Do Video Games Maker You Smarter?; Electronic Medical Records for the Uninsured; Doctor Visits -- Online; Marriage and Blood Pressure; Book: "Your Symptoms Are Real"School of MedicineEnglishDownload
228.05-04-0800:54:58Sound Medicine5/12/2008Topics for this week include: Healthcare Attitudes Affect Elections; Mother's Diet and Baby Gender; How Anesthesia Works; Short Sleepers; Computer Vision Syndrome; Sound Ethics: Essential Medicines for Low-Income CountriesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
229.04-27-0800:54:38Sound Medicine5/5/200804-27-08: Genetic Counseling for Cancer; Breast Cancer Screening; Big Brains and Dementia; Diabulimia; Book: Hungry - Lessons Learned on the Journey from Fat to Thin; Lung Cancer and Second-Hand Smoke; The Optimistic BrainSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
230.04-20-0800:54:58Sound Medicine4/28/2008New Recommendations for Colonoscopy; Breast Cancer Facts; Alligator Blood for Health; Indiana's Medically Underinsured Children; Young Adults with Special Needs; Wii Games for Physical Therapy; Book: Good Calories, Bad Calories; Benefits of a Family DinnerSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
231.04-13-0800:55:01Sound Medicine4/21/2008Topics this week include: Electroshock Therapy for Depression; Pot Belly Problem; Depression and Pregnancy; Pre-natal Care in Alaska; Video Games for Exercise?; PBS Television: The Truth About Cancer; Statins and Memory Loss; Sound Portrait: Aqua TherapistSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
232.04-06-0800:55:01Sound Medicine4/14/2008Topics for this week include: Next Year's Flu Vaccine; Sound Ethics: Medicines in the Developing World; Another Risk for Premature Babies; Artificial Sweeteners Lead to Weight Gain; The Choking Game; Lifesharers for Organ Donation; Live to be 100School of MedicineEnglishDownload
233.03-30-0800:54:38Sound Medicine4/7/2008Topics for this week include: Performance Enhancing Drugs in Sports; Essay: Extreme Fighting; Health Quiz: Baby Boomers and Alzheimers; Mind Workouts for Early-Stage Alzheimers; IU's Healthy Aging Brain Center; Checkup: Probiotics for Health?; Slowing Vision-Loss for Baby Boomers; Cosmetic Dentistry for a Youthful SmileSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
234.03-23-0800:55:01Sound Medicine3/31/2008Topics for this week include: Teenage Girls & STDs; Hospital Mistakes; Education and Longevity; The Hospitalist, A New Kind of Doctor; Why Men Like Video Games; Spring Allergies -- or a Cold?; Staying Fit Over 40School of MedicineEnglishDownload
235.03-16-0800:54:59Sound Medicine3/24/2008Topics this week include: Celebrity Moms and Fertility; Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy; Skip Breakfast, Gain Weight; Urinary Incontinence; Book: Final Exam: A Physician's Reflections on Mortality; Cold Weather and ColdsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
236.03-09-0800:54:44Sound Medicine3/17/2008Topics for this week include: New Receptor Found for HIV; Turning Medical Research Into Medical Business; The Problem with Flourescent Bulbs? Bone Marrow Matching; Talking to Your Physician; Biological Clocks; Book: The Forgetting; Adult Day ServicesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
237.03-02-0800:54:47Sound Medicine2/16/2008Topics for this week include: Controversial FDA Approval of Avastin; Mitochondria; Resveratrol -- An Anti-Aging Drug?; Regenerating Limbs; The Placebo Effect; Sound Ethics: Who Owns Research Data?School of MedicineEnglishDownload
238.02-24-0800:54:45Sound Medicine2/9/2008Topics for this week include: Low Blood-Sugar Risks for Diabetics; Osteoporosis in Men; A Cure with Mermaid's Hair?; Childhood Arthritis; Diagnosing Alcoholism; Heart Disease: Different for Women; Uterine FibroidsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
239.02-17-0800:54:50Sound Medicine2/2/2008Topics for this week include: Human Guinea Pigs; Do Smokers Sleep Less?; Doctors Don't Report Medical ErrorsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
240.02-10-0800:54:46Sound Medicine1/26/2008Topics for this week include: Lead in Consumer Goods; Lead Testing Kits; Documentary - Baghdad Hospital - Inside the Red Zone; Another Danger from Cold Meds; Pain and Injury in Combat Veterans; Restaurant Portions; Care for Low-Income Seniors; The Exam Table & Disabled PatientsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
241.02-03-0800:54:45Sound Medicine1/19/2008Topics this week include: Statin Drugs: What Now?; Caffeine and Miscarriage; Problem with Donated Blood; Supreme Court Rejects Appeal for Non-Approved Drugs; Morgellons Disease Controversy; Return to Psychedelic Drugs; Medical Errors by Trainee Doctors;School of MedicineEnglishDownload
242.01-27-0800:54:50Sound Medicine1/12/2008Topics for this week include: Multidisciplinary Research & Obesity; Diabetes Conference for Patients; Can Pregnancy Damage the Spine?; Surprising Longevity of Common Vaccines; Obesity and Cancer Risks; The Flu Mist Vaccine; Book: Any Day With Hair is a Good DaySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
243.01-20-0800:54:04Sound Medicine1/6/2008Topics for this week include: Tips for Sinus Sufferers; Pneumonia Shots; Medical Myths Even Doctors Believe; A Sceptical Look at Energy Drinks; How Healthy is Milk?; Compulsive Hoarders; Book: The LobotomistSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
244.01-13-0700:54:45Sound Medicine12/29/2007Topics this week include: IU-Kenya Partnership Update; Fertility Diet; A Naturopath's Health Tips; Salt in Processed Foods; How Salt Harms; Adult Stem Cells; How Much Drinking Water?School of MedicineEnglishDownload
245.01-06-0800:54:45Sound Medicine12/23/2007Topics for this week include: Women's Heart Health; Marketing Cigarettes to Women; Sealing Kids Teeth; Preconception Care; Failure of Nutrition Education; Neuroplasticity of the Brain; Senior Women Who Stay FitSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
246.12-30-0700:54:47Sound Medicine12/19/2007Topics this week include: Adopting Frozen Embryos; New Kidney Donation Guidelines; Experimental Drugs for the Dying; Guilt; Phase IV Clinical TrialsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
247.12-23-0700:54:43Sound Medicine12/10/2007Topics for this week include: Okay to Be Overweight?; Hygiene & Allergies; Christmas Coronaries; Eldest Sibling IQ; Omega-3 Fatty Acids; Consumer Genetic Testing; Medical Myths DebunkedSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
248.12-16-0700:54:56Sound Medicine12/1/2007Topics this week include: The Appendix, Useful After All; Second-Hand Smoke; Behind-the-Counter Drugs; Vaccinations at the Pharmacy; Pedometers and Exercise; Internist-to-Specialist Communications; Essay: Metcalf on ModerationSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
249.12-09-9700:54:53Sound Medicine11/24/2007Topics for this week include: Sex Education in Indiana; Condom-Use Study; Acoustic Trauma; Cross-Protective Effects of the Cervical Cancer Vaccine; Dementia in Indiana; Take Care of Your Eyes; The Hippocratic OathSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
250.12-02-0700:54:47Sound Medicine11/17/2007Topics for this week include: Door-to-Door HIV Treatment; DNA Analysis for Health?; Families With AIDS in Kenya; Healthy Holiday Cooking; Medical Tourism BoomSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
251.11-25-0700:54:49Sound Medicine11/10/2007Topics this week include: Midwifery for Prenatal Care; Sleep and Obesity; Pain Charts Are Ineffective; Nicotine for Pain; Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; Maintaining FriendshipsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
252.11-18-0700:54:45Sound Medicine11/4/2007Topics for this week include: Transplant Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis; Virtual Colonoscopy; TV Watching & Blood Pressure; A New Way to Combat Bacteria; Cleaning Fresh Produce; Checkup: Wash Your Hands; Book: Like I'm SO Fat!School of MedicineEnglishDownload
253.11-11-0700:54:44Sound Medicine11/4/2007Topics for this week include: Gulf War Troops & Sarin Exposure; Genius Grant for Gulf War Psychiatrist; Positive Thinking for Cancer Patients?; Prevent MRSA; How Cancer Spreads; The Grandmother Hypothesis; The Benefits of TeaSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
254.11-04-0700:54:48Sound Medicine11/4/2007A Vegetable Weapon Against Skin Cancer?; Breast Cancer Research; Update on the Cervical Cancer Vaccine; Performance: "Doing Voices"; Addicted to Lip Balm?; Sound Ethics: The Hippocratic OathSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
255.10-28-0700:54:44Sound Medicine11/4/2007Topics this week include: Recalls for Kids' Cold Medicines; Antacids May Raise Dementia Risk; Is Marriage Healthy?; An Artificial, Implantable Lung; Airline Travel: Bad for Health?; Talking to Your Physician; Researching Health Info on the InternetSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
256.10-21-0700:54:45Sound Medicine11/4/2007Swimming for Seniors; Mysterious Human Heart: Cardiac Genetics; What Use is the Appendix?; Fading Stigma of Mental Illness; Mental Health on College Campuses; Learning From Storytelling; Lessons Learned: the 1918 Flu EpidemicSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
257.10-14-0700:54:45Sound Medicine11/4/2007Fall Allergies and Children; The Mysterious Human Heart; Diabetes and Women; Women's Knee Replacements; Cervical Artificial Disc; Asthma and Allergies; Lucid DreamsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
258.10-07-0700:54:56Sound Medicine11/4/2007Topics for this week include: ADHD and Food Additives; Treatments for ADHD; Second-Hand Smoke & Learning; Tobacco-Funded Research; High-Intensity Ultrasound; PBS: Mysterious Human HeartSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
259.09-30-0700:54:53Sound Medicine11/4/2007Topics this week include: Home Remedies for the Common Cold; Eating Disorder Prevention; Chronic-Disease Management; Eight Years a Frozen Embryo; Mold Linked to Depression; When Docs are Too ChattySchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
260.09-23-0700:54:52Sound Medicine11/4/2007Topics this week include: Patient Navigator Services; Pregnant Smokers; Alli, the OTC Diet Pill; Corneal Transplant Research; How We Choose Mates; Ginseng for Fatigue; Hispanic Folk RemediesSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
261.09-16-0700:59:52Sound Medicine11/4/2007Topics for this week include: What S-CHIP Means for Hoosiers; National S-CHIP Prospects; Bad Popcorn; Diagnosing Pancreatic Cancer; Anti-Drinking Cure; Binge Drinking; A Head for Learning Languages?; Sunscreen Ratings; Alzheimer's Research NewsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
262.09-09-0700:54:50Sound Medicine9/19/2007The Mercy Foundation; Obesity, a Virus?; Medical Residents' Work Week; Allergen-Free Peanuts; Impending Rise in Alzheimer's Cases; Meet a Home-Health AidSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
263.07-15-0700:54:47Sound Medicine9/16/2007Antibiotic Resistant Staphylococcus; Medical "Magnet School" in Indy; Shakespeare and Brain Activity; Rural Health Clinics; Poverty and HIV/AIDS in Kenya; Checkup: Too Much Exercise?; Selecting for Genetic DefectsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
264.07-22-0700:54:47Sound Medicine9/16/2007Infant Mortality in Mississippi; Women and Healthcare Access; Organic Foods; Breast Cancer and African Americans; The "Chemo Fog"; What is Obese?School of MedicineEnglishDownload
265.07-29-0700:59:07Sound Medicine9/16/2007Ovarian Cancer Early Warning Signs; Turtles as Pets?; Measles Virus as a Cure; An Essay on Advance Directives; Elevator Injuries; Cattle and Antibiotic Resistance in Humans; Camp CalciumSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
266.08-05-0700:54:53Sound Medicine9/15/2007Ethics in Pediatric Research; Diet Soda or Regular?; Chatty DoctorsSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
267.08-12-0700:54:26Sound Medicine9/15/2007Botulism in Canned Goods; Malpractice Claims and Pediatricians; Goat's Milk; Dieting for Older Adults; Genetics of Alcoholism; Failure of Nutrition Education; Drug Industry Data Mining; Puppy ProzacSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
268.08-19-0700:54:46Sound Medicine9/15/2007Toxic Algae; Over-Exercised Hearts; Exercise in Bursts; Priority Breast Cancer Drug; Auditory Nerve Implants; Air Travel and Blood Clots; Why the Guilt?; Infant Mental HealthSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
269.08-26-0700:54:46Sound Medicine9/15/2007Toxic Algae; Over-Exercised Hearts; Exercise in Bursts; Priority Breast Cancer Drug; Auditory Nerve Implants; Air Travel and Blood Clots; Why the Guilt?; Infant Mental HealthSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
270.09-02-07:00:54:58Sound Medicine9/14/2007Diet Soda Makes You Fat; Breast Cancer & Diet; Health Quiz: Hidden Trans Fats; Sound Ethics: Hot Topics; Defiant Youngsters; Provenge: Vaccine Treatment for Prostate Cancer; Flaxseed & Prostate Tumors; Going Gluten Free.School of MedicineEnglishDownload