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Download This!

Download This!
  1. Author: UITS
  2. Number of episodes: 2
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Podcast Description:

Learn all about file sharing at IU, how to download music and movies legally, and about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act from the experts.

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Download This!

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Download This Episode 200:22:15University Information Policy Office4/11/2008Recently, the RIAA began a new strategy of sending pre-litigation notices to universities, such as IU, informing that they may soon be suing individuals who they allege infringe on their copyright. Episode 2 of Download This explains this new strategy, and offers suggestions on what you can do to protect yourself.UITSEnglishDownload
2.Download This Episode 100:08:32University Information Policy Office1/14/2008An interview with IU Associate General Counsel Beth Cate about some of the dangers of P2P file sharing, copyright law, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.UITSEnglishDownload