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Exploring Deep-Subsurface Life

Exploring Deep-Subsurface Life
  1. Author: Geological Sciences
  2. Number of episodes: 4
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Podcast Description:

This is a series of videos about scientists exploring for life in deep gold mines in South Africa and Arctic Canada. The DVD was developed to support a workbook with lessons and activities, which can be downloaded from the website or ordered by contacting The episodes are fairly large, so downloads can take some time. Subscribing will bring them into iTunes.

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Exploring Deep-Subsurface Life

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Exploring Deep-Subsurface Life: Lesson 3 Extremophiles00:13:37Lisa M. Pratt, Peter Suchecki, Ruth Droppo3/10/2008Lesson 3, Extreme Microbes and Their Environments, talks about the nutrients necessary for life in the deep-subsurface. Dr. Corien Bakermans at Michigan State University takes the audience through a 'cooking lesson' as she prepares media to grow bacteria from the water she collected at Lupin Mine in Arctic Canada.Geological SciencesEnglishDownload
2.Exploring Deep-Subsurface Life: Lesson 2 Cellular Metabolism00:10:56Lisa M. Pratt, Peter Suchecki, Ruth Droppo3/10/2008Lesson 2, Cell Metabolism, is about how scientists look for 'fingerprints' of life in the deep subsurface. There are interviews with scientists at Princeton who are looking inside rock cores for ancient life forms.Geological SciencesEnglishDownload
3.Exploring Deep-Subsurface Life: Introduction00:10:38Lisa M. Pratt, Peter Suchecki, Ruth Droppo3/10/2008This is the introduction to a series of videos about scientists who look for life in deep gold mines in South Africa and the Canadian Arctic.Geological SciencesEnglishDownload
4.Exploring Deep-Subsurface Life: Lesson 1 Life Domains00:08:01Lisa M. Pratt, Peter Suchecki, Ruth Droppo3/7/2008Lesson 1, Life Domains, introduces the Tree of Life and the three domains: Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya. There are interviews with the scientists on cell wall differences, and electron microscope images of bacteria cultured from Lupin Mine in Arctic CanadaGeological SciencesEnglishDownload