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WFIU: Movie Reviews with Peter Noble Kuchera

WFIU: Movie Reviews with Peter Noble Kuchera
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Podcast Description:

Each week, Peter Noble Kuchera reviews the latest feature films, from Hollywood Blockbusters to low budget independents.

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WFIU: Movie Reviews with Peter Noble Kuchera

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Tell No One00:00:004/20/2009If you're a fan of thrillers in the vein of Hitchcock's specialty - an innocent man wrongly accused - or more recent Swiss watches like the '80s classic "No Way Out" — then I'd like to draw your attention to an essential contribution to the genre. It's a French film called "Tell No One," and if you missed it last summer, and in its recent run at the Ryder Film Festival, it came out last week on DVD. Download
2.Adventureland00:00:004/13/2009Do you remember Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, after they finish their tennis game in "Annie Hall"? Now think, maybe, of Adam Sandler and Emily Watson, after dinner and drinks, heading back to her hotel room in the film "Punch Drunk Love". These couples FLOAT. WFIUEnglishDownload
3.I Love You, Man00:00:004/7/2009Even the title is something so many of us men can't say: "I Love You, Man". Other movies have treated the theme - that American culture provides no avenue for men to express same-sex, heterosexual affection - but none have so successfully mined it for gags. WFIUEnglishDownload
4.If Ignorance Is Bliss, What is "Knowing"?00:00:003/31/2009Movie Critic Peter Noble-Kuchera is leery of the word "masterpiece," though he's guilty of using it on rare occasions. That description implies, what, that a flim is flawless? That it is the quintessence of a great director's career? That it will stand outside of time? "Knowing" is none of those things. Download
5.Should You Be Blu?00:00:003/23/2009A smart consumer will investigate a technological change, evaluate whether it's an iteration or a leap, and whether it's a leap he finds truly meaningful. Then he'll wait for the "sweet spot" when the technology is widespread enough to reach a mass-market price. But if you are a serious movie-lover, and you can scrape together just under $1,000, it's time to jump. <WFIUEnglishDownload
6.Watchmen00:00:003/10/2009The film version of the 1980s graphic novel "Watchmen" could not hope to be definitive; the source is uncommonly dense. Directors such as Terry Gilliam have thrown themselves at a treatment of the material for a decade, breaking, always, like angry surf against a cliff. There's that much going on in the book. Read on... Download
7.Spirit of Monroe County III: Your Back Yard, As You've Never Seen It.00:00:002/28/2009I have to be somewhat careful, because in addition to a local audience, some people read or listen to these reviews on a national level. However, I believe a film critic is under-utilizing his platform - read: not doing his job - if he doesn¿t cover local productions. And I also think that [...] Download
8.The Midnight Meat Train00:00:002/24/2009On Tuesday, at Best Buy, looking through the new Blu-rays, Peter Noble-Kuchera found Gandhi newly-released and even on sale. What better way to open up the discussion than by Sir Dickie's pedantic history lesson? But then he remembered: this was the week that "The Midnight Meat Train" finally arrives. WFIUEnglishDownload
9.Coraline00:00:002/12/2009WFIU Movie Critic Peter Noble-Kuchera reviews the new animated film from Henry Selick, "Coraline." WFIUEnglishDownload