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Practicing History

Practicing History
  1. Author: School of Liberal Arts (History)
  2. Number of episodes: 5
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Podcast Description:

Practicing History is a podcast devoted to a broad approach to studying history — from research to teaching to methodology to theory. Practicing History is particularly interested in the manifold ways that humans make their history. As such, it is concerned not only with how professionals construct histories but how we all make history anew every day – through retelling and reimagining it and by the very fact that we are ourselves historical actors.

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Practicing History

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Episode 5: Primary Sources13:36:00Jason M. Kelly8/3/2016The Practicing History Podcast is back! This week, we're asking the question, "What is a primary source?" In this episode, I discuss the nature and use of primary sources in historical interpretation. This is a good introduction for those interested in more than just a textbook definition of historical sources.School of Liberal Arts (History)EnglishDownload
2.Episode 4: Correlation00:08:28Jason M. Kelly8/12/2014This episode is the second in a two-part series on Correlation and Causation, but it can be listened to as a standalone episode.School of Liberal Arts (History)EnglishDownload
3.Episode 3: Causation00:09:35Jason M. Kelly7/30/2014An introduction to the idea of cause-and-effect using the eighteenth-century philosopher David Hume to frame the discussion.School of Liberal Arts (History)EnglishDownload
4.Episode 2: Historiography15:35:00Jason M. Kelly7/20/2014This episode defines historiography and explains how it is central to the practice of history.School of Liberal Arts (History)EnglishDownload
5.Episode 1: What is History?11:01:00Jason M. Kelly7/12/2014This is the first episode of Practicing History. It introduces the podcast and asks, "What is History?"School of Liberal Arts (History)EnglishDownload