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Kinsey Confidential Podcast

Kinsey Confidential Podcast
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Welcome to Kinsey Confidential - Your opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by experts in sexual health and behavior from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. You can visit us online and submit your questions at Updated every Monday.

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Kinsey Confidential Podcast

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Q&A: Genital Itching and Burning After Sex00:00:004/9/2009Women's genitals are quite sensitive; as a result, it's not uncommon for women to occasionally notice genital itching or burning. Depending on the details of this sexual encounter, you may have experienced vaginal burning for any number of reasons. WFIUEnglishDownload
2.Q&A: Pre-ejaculate and Pregnancy00:00:004/6/2009Pre-ejaculate is fluid that comes from a man's Cowper's glands, which are small glands inside a man's body, by his penis. This fluid helps to lubricate a man's urethra. There are no sperm in this fluid, so, unless there were already sperm hanging out in the urethra that were then carried out by the Cowper's glands fluids, it is usually not possible to get pregnant from contact with pre-ejaculate. Download
3.Q&A: Boyfriend Doesn't Ejaculate During Sex00:00:004/2/2009Although it is somewhat difficult for women to find it difficult to orgasm during intercourse, most men find that they are usually able to ejaculate and experience orgasm. That said, some men find it quite difficult to ejaculate. While we don't have very good data on the topic, the best research suggests that fewer than 10% of men experience what we sometimes call delayed or inhibited ejaculation. Download
4.Q&A: My Husband Stopped Sleeping with Me00:00:003/30/2009It can feel confusing and frustrating to want to be sexually intimate with one's partner and for that partner to decline invitations to have sex. People stop having sex for many reasons and it is impossible for us to know why your husband stopped having sex with you. WFIUEnglishDownload
5.Q&A: Gonorrhea or Chlamydia from a Soda Cup?00:00:003/26/2009Chlamydia and gonorrhea are sexually transmissible infections - also called STIs - and they are only passed between people through sexual contact. That means that Chlamydia and gonnorhea may be transmitted through oral sex, vaginal sex or anal sex, but they are not transmitted by sharing drinks, by kissing or by using a public bathroom. Download
6.Q&A: Lambskin Condoms vs. Latex Condoms00:00:003/26/2009Lambskin and other natural skin condoms are certainly one alternative to latex condoms. While it is true that some men experience more sensation during sex when using a natural skin condom, this benefit comes with a cost. Download
7.Q&A: Fatigue The Day After Sex00:00:003/19/2009Although there have been a few case reports of individuals who feel tired or lethargic after sex or masturbation, I'm not aware of any reports of couples feeling so dramatically tired after sex that they find it difficult to go about their daily routine. WFIUEnglishDownload
8.Q&A: Pain From Using a New Vibrator00:00:003/16/2009Vibrators are commonly used by women and men, and they are rarely associated with negative side effects such as discomfort, pain or injury. That said, vaginal sex, anal sex and masturbation - with or without a vibrator - can all result in negative side effects such as genital itching, burning, irritation or tearing. Mostly a person's risk of such side effects depends not only on how they are having sex, but also what their personal health status is like. Download
9.Q&A: Strong Odor During Sex00:00:003/13/2009It can be difficult to talk to a sexual partner about genital odor, particularly since many women and men are sensitive about how their sexual partners perceive their bodies. People generally want to feel attractive, desirable and sexy to their partner - and feeling as though they smell bad can make it hard for them to feel desirable. Download
10.Q&A: Did Masturbation Change the Shape of My Genitals?00:00:003/13/2009Many women have questions about their size and shape of their genital parts - and quite a few women have wondered, like you, if their masturbation has played a part. There is no "standard" size of shape to women's labia and neither masturbation nor partner sex are what shape a woman's genital parts; rather, it's her genetics and health that play the biggest role. WFIUEnglishDownload