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UITS IT Help Podcast

UITS IT Help Podcast
  1. Author: UITS
  2. Number of episodes: 103
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Podcast Description:

The UITS IT Help Podcast features tips on using the technology resources available at Indiana University. Topics include help for common computing difficulties, information about software and hardware, and updates on keeping your computer secure. Students, faculty and staff will learn how to get the most out of the IU computing experience. Read show notes at

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UITS IT Help Podcast

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.IT Help Quickcast 102 - IT Notices00:00:59ITCO9/23/2011IT NoticesUITSEnglishDownload
2.IT Help Quickcast 101 - IU Secure00:02:12ITCO8/26/2011KB Doc IU SecureUITSEnglishDownload
3.IT Help Minicast #900:01:09UITS8/5/2011Buying a computer to use at IU.UITSEnglishDownload
4.IT Help Quickcast 8200:03:20UITS Communications Office7/22/2011What is Outlook Web App (OWA)?UITSEnglishDownload
5.IT Help Quickcast 8100:04:20UITS Communications Office7/14/2011What should I do if my computer has a virus?UITSEnglishDownload
6.IT Help Minicast #800:01:22UITS Communications Office7/7/2011About the SafeWord/OTP migration.UITSEnglishDownload
7.IT Help Video Minicast #200:01:19UITS Communications Office7/5/2011A new tool for keeping your web browser up-to-date.UITSEnglishDownload
8.IT Help Video Minicast #100:01:15UITS Communications Office6/24/2011The CAS page is getting a new look!UITSEnglishDownload
9.IT Help Quickcast 8000:03:37UITS Communications Office6/16/2011At IU, how do I change my Network ID passphrase?UITSEnglishDownload
10.IT Help Minicast #700:02:07UITS Communications Office6/13/2011In today's Minicast, the top three things you can do to protect your computer.UITSEnglishDownload
11.IT Help Quickcast 7900:03:41UITS Communications Office6/9/2011What is the JPEG graphics file format?UITSEnglishDownload
12.IT Help Quickcast 7800:03:47UITS Communications Office6/2/2011At IU, what is a Sharepoint My Site?UITSEnglishDownload
13.IT Help Minicast #600:01:09UITS Communications Office5/24/2011Have you heard about IUware?UITSEnglishDownload
14.IT Help Quickcast 7700:03:42UITS Communications Office5/19/2011What is institutional data?UITSEnglishDownload
15.IT Help Minicast #500:01:04UITS Communications Office5/12/2011Do you know about carry-in consulting at the UITS Support Center?UITSEnglishDownload
16.IT Help Quickcast 7600:03:38UITS Communications Office5/6/2011What are secure websites and SSL certificates?UITSEnglishDownload
17.IT Help Minicast #400:01:08UITS Communications Office5/2/2011Do you subscribe to the UITS email newsletter?UITSEnglishDownload
18.IT Help Quickcast 7500:04:20UITS Communications Office4/27/2011At IU, how can I conserve paper in the STCs?UITSEnglishDownload
19.IT Help Minicast #300:01:04UITS Communications4/26/2011Need statistical or mathematical software?UITSEnglishDownload
20.IT Help Quickcast 7400:03:12UITS Communications Office4/22/2011What is the PNG graphics file format?UITSEnglishDownload
21.IT Help Minicast #200:01:27UITS Communication and Media4/18/2011Have you heard about STEPS workshops?UITSEnglishDownload
22.IT Help Quickcast 7300:03:19UITS Communication and Media4/12/2011What are patches, hotfixes and service packs?UITSEnglishDownload
23.IT Help Quickcast 7200:03:47UITS Communication and Media4/7/2011At IU, where can I find help for Adobe products?UITSEnglishDownload
24.IT Help Podcast 3/31/201100:03:37UITS Communication and Media3/31/2011Guidelines for using the Student Technology Centers at IU.UITSEnglishDownload
25.IT Help Quickcast 7100:03:59UITS Communication and Media3/28/2011How do I secure my home wireless network?UITSEnglishDownload
26.IT Help Quickcast 7000:03:16UITS Communication and Media3/18/2011What is security software?UITSEnglishDownload
27.IT Help Quickcast 6900:03:54UITS Communication and Media3/2/2011With Office Communicator, how can I call phone numbers appearing in Microsoft Word documents?UITSEnglishDownload
28.IT Help Quickcast 6800:04:31UITS Communication and Media2/22/2011What are shareware, freeware and public domain programs?UITSEnglishDownload
29.IT Help Quickcast 6700:03:32UITS Communication and Media2/14/2011What services do the campus call centers offer?UITSEnglishDownload
30.IT Help Quickcast 6600:01:27UITS Communication and Media1/31/2011At IU, should I use Adobe Connect Meeting or Microsoft Live Meeting for my online meetings?UITSEnglishDownload
31.IT Help Quickcast 6500:03:16UITS Communication and Media1/12/2011At IU, what is the Scholarly Data Archive (SDA)?UITSEnglishDownload
32.IT Help Quickcast 6400:03:30UITS Communication Media1/4/2011What is CSS?UITSEnglishDownload
33.IT Help Quickcast 6300:04:00UITS Communication Media12/24/2010At IU, what is Slashtmp and how do I use it?UITSEnglishDownload
34.IT Help Quickcast 6200:03:53UITS Communication Media12/5/2010What can I do to avoid receiving spam email?UITSEnglishDownload
35.IT Help Quickcast 6100:03:07UITS Communication Media11/28/2010At IU, what is CAS?UITSEnglishDownload
36.IT Help Quickcast 6000:03:34UITS Communication Media11/2/2010At IU, how do I change my Self-Service Passphrase Reset questions?UITSEnglishDownload
37.IT Help Quickcast 5900:04:00UITS Communication Media10/28/2010What is sensitive data and how is it protected by law?UITSEnglishDownload
38.IT Help Quickcast 5800:03:47UITS Communication Media10/16/2010How can I be sure that a web site is genuine?UITSEnglishDownload
39.IT Help Quickcast 5700:03:21UITS Communication Media10/12/2010How do I deactivate Adobe software?UITSEnglishDownload
40.IT Help Quickcast 5600:04:46UITS Communication Media10/1/2010At IU, how can I keep my passphrase secure?UITSEnglishDownload
41.IT Help Quickcast 5500:03:21UITS Communication Media9/22/2010At IU, why is my network connection blocked?UITSEnglishDownload
42.IT Help Quickcast 5400:03:39UITS Communication Media9/18/2010What is a flame?UITSEnglishDownload
43.IT Help Podcast Special Edition - Student Email on Smartphones00:04:24UITS Communication Media9/16/2010Setting up Imail or Umail on your smartphone.UITSEnglishDownload
44.IT Help Quickcast 5300:03:49UITS Communication Media8/19/2010At IU, what is an Exchange account and how do I get one?UITSEnglishDownload
45.IT Help Quickcast 5200:02:54UITS Communication Media8/14/2010What is IUCAT and how do I access it?UITSEnglishDownload
46.IT Help Minicast #1 - IT Help Live is now 24 x 700:00:46UITS Communication Media8/14/2010IT Help Live online chat service is now available 24 x 7.UITSEnglishDownload
47.IT Help Quickcast 5100:03:31UITS Communication Media6/29/2010Should I purchase an extended warranty or insurance for my laptop?UITSEnglishDownload
48.IT Help Quickcast 5000:03:43UITS Online Support6/3/2010What is metadata?UITSEnglishDownload
49.IT Help Quickcast 4900:04:58UITS Online Support5/19/2010For UniCom, how can I decide which mode is best for me? Option 3, UniCom with Outlook Voice Mail.UITSEnglishDownload
50.IT Help Quickcast 4800:04:50UITS Online Support5/11/2010For UniCom, how can I decide which mode is best for me? Option 2, UniCom with telephone integration.UITSEnglishDownload
51.IT Help Quickcast 4700:04:45UITS Online Support4/29/2010For UniCom, how can I decide which mode is best for me? Part 1, UniCom Basic.UITSEnglishDownload
52.IT Help Quickcast 4600:03:18UITS Online Support4/6/2010With an iPhone or iPod Touch, how can I secure my data?UITSEnglishDownload
53.IT Help Quickcast 4500:02:56UITS Online Support4/3/2010What is LISTSERV?UITSEnglishDownload
54.IT Help Quickcast 4400:04:06UITS Online Support3/20/2010In Knowledge Base searches, should I use quotation marks?UITSEnglishDownload
55.IT Help Quickcast 4300:04:12UITS Online Support3/17/2010At IU, what is spyware or adware and how do I remove it?UITSEnglishDownload
56.IT Help Quickcast 4 200:03:32UITS Online Support2/26/2010What is IU Mobile Web?UITSEnglishDownload
57.IT Help Quickcast 4100:03:28UITS Online Support2/7/2010What is UITS policy on computing account termination?UITSEnglishDownload
58.IT Help Quickcast 4000:03:11UITS Online Support1/30/2010What is open source and what is the Open Source Initiative?UITSEnglishDownload
59.IT Help Quickcast 3900:03:15UITS Online Support1/29/2010At IU, what is the University Information Security Office (UISO)?UITSEnglishDownload
60.IT Help Quickcast 3800:03:33UITS Online Support1/23/2010What is the IU Knowledge Commons?UITSEnglishDownload
61.IT Help Quickcast 3700:04:12UITS Online Support1/9/2010What should I do before contacting the UITS Support Center?UITSEnglishDownload
62.IT Help Quickcast 3600:03:31UITS Online Support1/7/2010At IU, what is a local support provider?UITSEnglishDownload
63.IT Help Quickcast 3500:04:35UITS Online Support11/15/2009At IU, what is the SSL VPN service and how do I connect?UITSEnglishDownload
64.IT Help Quickcast 3400:04:29UITS Online Support11/7/2009What is Firewire or IEEE 1394?UITSEnglishDownload
65.IT Help Quickcast 3300:03:22UITS Online Support11/1/2009What is IUware?UITSEnglishDownload
66.IT Help Quickcast 3100:02:51UITS Online Support11/1/2009What is the GIF graphics file format?UITSEnglishDownload
67.UITS Quickcast 3200:03:36UITS Online Support11/1/2009What are GIS and Remote Sensing?UITSEnglishDownload
68.IT Help Quickcast 3000:03:51UITS Online Support10/21/2009Why do I have to format and reinstall Windows after my computer is infected with a virus?UITSEnglishDownload
69.IT Help Special Edition Windows 7 at IU Part 200:04:24UITS Online Support10/2/2009This episode should clear up any confusion you might have about upgrading to Microsoft's newest operating system.UITSEnglishDownload
70.IT Help Special Edition Windows 7 at IU Part 100:03:48UITS Online Support10/2/2009System requirements for running Windows 7.UITSEnglishDownload
71.IT Help Quickcast 2900:02:43UITS Online Support9/5/2009What is a file extension?UITSEnglishDownload
72.IT Help Quickcast 2800:02:50UITS Online Support8/28/2009What is the TIFF graphics file format?UITSEnglishDownload
73.IT Help Quickcast 2700:03:00UITS Online Support8/27/2009At IUB and IUPUI what are the Adaptive Technology Centers?UITSEnglishDownload
74.IT Help Quickcast 2600:02:55UITS Online Support7/3/2009What is the IT Training Tips blog?UITSEnglishDownload
75.IT Help Quickcast 2500:03:01UITS Online Support6/15/2009At IU, what is CAS?UITSEnglishDownload
76.IT Help Quickcast 2400:02:55UITS Online Support5/10/2009What is IU's agreement with Survey Monkey?UITSEnglishDownload
77.IT Help Quickcast 2300:02:47UITS Online Support4/30/2009In the Oncourse CL Wiki how do I save my page in Word or PDF format?UITSEnglishDownload
78.IT Help Quickcast 2200:03:38UITS Online Support4/19/2009What are cookies?UITSEnglishDownload
79.IT Help Quickcast 2100:03:09UITS Online Support4/17/2009In Microsoft Word, what is Spike and how do I use it?UITSEnglishDownload
80.IT Help Quickcast 2000:02:50UITS Online Support4/16/2009What is beta software?UITSEnglishDownload
81.IT Help Quickcast 1800:03:40UITS Online Support2/26/2009What is a domain?UITSEnglishDownload
82.IT Help Quickcast 1700:03:11UITS1/23/2009What are plug-ins?UITSEnglishDownload
83.IT Help Quickcast 1600:02:46UITS1/8/2009What is a Zombie?UITSEnglishDownload
84.IT Help Quickcast 1500:02:48UITS12/3/2008What is an IP address?UITSEnglishDownload
85.IT Help Special Edition - Identity Finder Part 100:03:38UITS11/12/2008What is Identity Finder and how can I get it?UITSEnglishDownload
86.IT Help Special Edition - Identity Finder Part 200:03:29UITS11/12/2008An overview of installing and using Identity Finder.UITSEnglishDownload
87.IT Help Quickcast 1300:02:58UITS10/6/2008Today’s Question. If I use instant messaging software, how can I keep my account secure?UITSEnglishDownload
88.IT Help Quickcast 1200:03:28UITS8/14/2008Today’s Question How can I prolong the life of my laptop?UITSEnglishDownload
89.IT Help Quickcast 1100:02:32UITS8/14/2008Today’s Question What is the MAC address of my network adapter?UITSEnglishDownload
90.IT Help Special Edition - New Wireless part 200:04:11UITS7/19/2008This two part episode is about IU’s upgrade to a new wireless network.UITSEnglishDownload
91.IT Help Special Edition - New Wireless part 100:04:08UITS7/19/2008This two part episode is about IU’s upgrade to a new wireless network.UITSEnglishDownload
92.IT Help Special Edition - Steel Retirement00:04:18UITS6/21/2008Steel is going away. Here's what you need to know.UITSEnglishDownload
93.IT Help Quickcast 900:02:50UITS5/19/2008Tips for safe online social networking.UITSEnglishDownload
94.IT Help Quickcast 800:02:27UITS5/18/2008At IU, what switches are recommended for use on the campus network?UITSEnglishDownload
95.IT Help Special Edition - SUVON00:04:33UITS4/27/2008About the SUVON retirement.UITSEnglishDownload
96.IT Help Quickcast 700:03:22UITS4/17/2008Today's question. What are some guidelines for email etiquette?UITSEnglishDownload
97.IT Help Quickcast 600:02:33UITS4/11/2008What do BTW, FAQ, FYI, IMHO, RTFM, and other acronyms mean?UITSEnglishDownload
98.IT Help Quickcast 500:03:13UITS3/29/2008Avoiding phishing scams.UITSEnglishDownload
99.IT Help Quickcast 400:02:55UITS3/14/2008In networking,what are bandwidth, latency and speed?UITSEnglishDownload
100.IT Help Quickcast 300:03:50UITS2/23/2008What are MP3s and are they legal?UITSEnglishDownload
101.ITNow 2.0 Part 200:03:28UITS2/6/2008ITNow 2.0 tutorial. ITNow 2.0 is a custom RSS feed generator.UITSEnglishDownload
102.ITNow 2.0 Part 100:03:52UITS2/4/2008This episode is about a new UITS service called ITNow 2.0 and comes in 2 parts. Part 1 tells you about ITNow 2.0 and the technology behind it. Part 2 will show you how to use the service.UITSEnglishDownload
103.IT Help Quickcast 100:02:38UITS1/22/2008Today’s Question. What is a byte and What are the other units of measure for digital information?UITSEnglishDownload