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WFIU: Opera and Theatre Reviews

WFIU: Opera and Theatre Reviews
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Opera and Theatre Reviews with WFIU's George Walker.

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WFIU: Opera and Theatre Reviews

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Journey to the New World, guitarist Sharon Isbin00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( asked if her many adventurous hobbies were a sort of metaphor for her latest CD “Journey to the New World, ” guitarist Sharon Isbon said, “That’s a thoughtful question, for a second I thought you were going to ask me how come I’m still alive,” quipped Isbin. Download
2.A “Smile” from Violinist Anne Akiko Meyers00:00:00WFIU Public Media ("Yes, it is always me, but sometimes I did feel a little schizoid." Anne Akiko Meyers Download
3.Gustav Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( reading Hans Bethge’s The Chinese Flute, Gustav Mahler was struck by the depiction of earthly beauty and chose to set verses to set in "Das Lied von der Erde", (The Songs of the Earth). Download
4.Bloomington Firefighters Continue Pipes And Drums Tradition00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( the morning of April 10th, there's a training session at the Bloomington Fire Department Headquarters. But this one is a little different from what you'd expect. Download
5.A Restless Rocker Reflects: Todd Rundgren at DePauw00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( hosted luminaries from Margaret Thatcher to Elie Wiesel, DePauw University’s Timothy and Sharon Ubben Lecture series most recently featured a talk on "Music, Technology and Risk-Taking" by musician, producer, and video pioneer Todd Rundgren. Currently on tour to promote his latest album Arena, Rundgren spoke at DePauw two nights after rocking the Vogue in Indianapolis. Download
6.Theatre of the People Revives Euripides00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( of the People is at it again with another theatre bargain, a challenging two-fer, Euripides’ "Medea" and "The Trojan Women". And once more they’re not satisfied with the standard text. Download
7.Photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( University's Art Museum features fifteen black-and-white photos by world renowned photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto in the exhibit, "Transcendent." Curator, Nan Brewer describes Sugimoto's artistic style. Download
8.Tell No One00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( you're a fan of thrillers in the vein of Hitchcock's specialty - an innocent man wrongly accused - or more recent Swiss watches like the ‘80s classic "No Way Out" -- then I'd like to draw your attention to an essential contribution to the genre. It's a French film called "Tell No One," and if you missed it last summer, and in its recent run at the Ryder Film Festival, it came out last week on DVD. Download
9.Oklahoma!00:00:00WFIU Public Media (“Oklahoma!” is at the Ruth N. Halls theatre in a terrific production. Saturday’s audience did give the cast a standing ovation, but what I noticed most about the crowd was their grin and smile filled faces. It was that kind of satisfaction that struck me. Download
10.Edgewood High School’s Masqued Crafters Question Shakepeare00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( "Call Me Shakespeare" all seems pretty nicely laid out for a typical Chautauqua styled evening. But then members of the audience playing Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain chime in with their comments. Hamlet drops by for a monologue, and things start to unravel. Download
11.Youth Orchestra’s Spring Concert “An Awesome Experience”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( conductor Jose Valencia, the Musical Arts Youth Orchestra’s spring concert featured classics from the repertoire along with Christopher Renk's winning entry in the MAYO Composition Contest. Download
12.Filmmaker Steven Montgomery Finds Fulfillment By Changing His Dream00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( 1980, IU alumnus Steven Montgomery seemed poised for a successful career as a filmmaker when his first film, the documentary "Hobie's Heroes", was met with wide acclaim. But his envisioned career never materialized and he fell into despair. How he bounced back was the subject of a talk he gave on April 8th, 2009 at the Indiana Memorial Union. Download
13.Francesca Sobrer Directs Bloomington North’s “The Pajama Game”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Bloomington High School North Theatre and Fine Arts Department wanted to put on the musical comedy "The Pajama Game", they naturally looked to faculty member Francesca Sobrer to direct. Download
14.New Music And Dance Benefits The Hungry00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Indiana University Bloomington Contemporary Dance Program and the Jacobs School of Music present the fourth annual "Hammer and Nail" concert on the 18th and 19th in the Buskirk-Chumley Theatre. A free a benefit for the Hoosier Hills Food Bank that encourages the audience to come to see the dances, to dine downtown and to donate. WFIUEnglishDownload
15.Bloomington Playwrights Projects’s ‘Chicks II’00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Chicks with Dicks II at the Bloomington Playwrights Project playwright Trista Baldwin takes the brawling motor cycle mamas of Chicks I from the mean streets of Bedford to outer space for “Battle with the Cannibal Sluts in Outer Space.” Download
16.Make A Joyful Ring: Bell Choirs and Community Music In Churches00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( music is about more than organs and choirs. Handbell choirs can also play an important part in a worship service -- and the sound is something magnificent and other-worldly! Bell Choir Director Elaine Sonnenberg gives an introduction to the world of handbell choirs. WFIUEnglishDownload
17.The Paintings of Patrick Donley00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Wandering Turtle Art Gallery features acrylic artwork from Kentucky artist and musician Patrick Donley. Download
18.Adventureland00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( you remember Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, after they finish their tennis game in "Annie Hall"? Now think, maybe, of Adam Sandler and Emily Watson, after dinner and drinks, heading back to her hotel room in the film "Punch Drunk Love". These couples FLOAT. Download
19.Indiana University Theatre’s “Oklahoma!”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma!” there’s a “bright golden haze on the meadow.” WFIU’s George Walker found a little bit of that golden haze as he talked with the Indiana University undergraduate theater majors who play the lovers Curly and Laurey. Download
20.The Most Happy Fella by Frank Loesser00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( opening night of the Indiana University Opera Theater’s production of Frank Loesser’s “The Most Happy Fella” was a celebratory evening. It began with a welcome and the announcement of next year’s season from Dean Gwen Richards, proceeded to a surprise sing along with the orchestra for the Dean’s birthday and ended with a standing ovation for IU faculty member Timothy Noble who appeared as Tony in his final stage role. Download
21.Biber: Balletti And Sonatas For Trumpets And Strings00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644-1704) was one of the most important composers of the during the late 17th century. His compositional output has kept many baroque musicians in gigs, so when René Clemencic and his Clemencic Consort were deciding on music for trumpet and violin, there wasn't too much guesswork as to what they'd be recording. Download
22.‘Chicks’ Sequel Comes To Bloomington Playwright’s Project00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( “Chicks with Dicks II” playwright Trista Baldwin takes her gutsy feminist heroine into the far reaches of the cosmos in a “Battle with Cannibal Sluts from Outer Space.” Download
23.Leroy Anderson: Orchestral Music, Vol. 400:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Anderson is a name you don't normally hear outside of the Christmas season. He's probably best known for his holiday classics like "Sleigh Ride" and "Bugler's Holiday", but he was no one trick pony. Anderson composed well over 60 concert works, many of them programmatic in nature with themes ranging from The Typewriter to the songs of Scotland. Download
24.I Love You, Man00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( the title is something so many of us men can’t say: “I Love You, Man”. Other movies have treated the theme – that American culture provides no avenue for men to express same-sex, heterosexual affection – but none have so successfully mined it for gags. Download
25.Bloomington South Seniors End Long Running Partnership With “Godspell”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( High School South seniors Taylor Crousore and David Blackwell were sad to end their high school careers alternating the lead role in “Carousel.” Crousore, half jokingly mentioned doing one more show, a small one perhaps, but a chance to do one more. Now the two are playing opposite each other once more as Jesus and Judas in South’s production of “Godspell.” Download
26.At 50, Barbie Still Inspiring Artists00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( anatomically formidable plaything Mattel first cranked out in 1959 is celebrating her 50th birthday this year. But there doesn't seem to be any diminishment of the enjoyment that little girls are having playing with--and sometimes mutilating--their Barbies. Download
27.Baritone Timothy Noble Is “The Most Happy Fella”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Faculty member Timothy Noble says, “there were two shows that I wanted to do, but never had the opportunity. They were “The Most Happy Fella” and “Carousel.” Actually, Tony from Frank Loesser’s musical is closer to the kind of guy that I am, so I’m glad to have the chance to play him.” Noble talked to WFIU's George Walker about the upcoming Jacobs School production. Download
28.The Hold Steady: From Bars to Ballrooms00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Hold Steady are a rock and roll quintet based out of Brooklyn, New York. Since the release of their first album in 2004, the band has been coined by many major press outlets as “America’s best bar band”, due to their dynamic performances and constant touring. The Hold Steady performs at Jake's Nightclub in Bloomington, Indiana on April 4th. Download
29.Actor Tim Hardy: Reinventing Shakespeare00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( actor Tim Hardy was in residency at IUPUI for a week in late March where he gave lectures on making Shakespeare fresh for contemporary audiences and performed a one-man play, Galileo, which depicted the astronomer’s trial for heresy in 1633. Hardy also visited the IU Bloomington campus one afternoon, where he spoke to an audience of about 100 students, many in the acting program, at the Well/Metz Theatre. WFIU's Adam Schwartz has more. Download
30.Singing Hoosiers Not A Class But A Group Of Friends00:00:00WFIU Public Media (“The Singing Hoosiers isn’t like a class it’s like hanging out with your friends,” says IU Senior and Student Manager Anne Litchfield. Litchfield has been a member of the group directed by Professor Michael Schwartzkopf since she was a freshman. She and fellow chorister Steve Greist spoke with WFIU's George Walker about the Singers' upcoming concert. Download
31.Motivation For Cancer Benefit Comes From Family, The President00:00:00WFIU Public Media (, actress and teacher Meera Popkin-Tarack found the inspiration to organize a local benefit for the American Cancer Society in many places. Meera told WFIU's George Walker that her family's history with cancer was one of the reasons she wanted to create this event. But, really a lot of the motivation came from President Obama. WFIUEnglishDownload
32.Film Festival To Mark Diversity Theatre’s 25th Anniversary00:00:00WFIU Public Media (, Indiana's Diversity Theatre is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a film festival. WFIU's George Walker talked with founding member Audrey Heller and organizer Babita Lamsal Upadhyay about the wide variety of diversity that the films address. Download
33.African American Dance Company Showcases Dance Styles Of The African Diaspora00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( University's African American Dance Company hosts its 35th annual spring concert. Using dance to create different moods while relating the human condition in the African Diaspora, the dancers mix jazz, modern, and ballet in the performance. Iris Rosa, professor and director of the dance company explains to WFIU's Erica Hunter why they integrated a political theme into the show. Download
34.The Drowsy Chaparone00:00:00WFIU Public Media (“The Drowsy Chaperone” at the IU Auditorium is a very pleasant evening of musical theater that spoofs musical theater. The format is reminiscent of “Our Town,” but instead of a somewhat dignified and distant narrator describing Grover’s Corners we have a very personable, lonely young man, played by John West. WFIU's George Walker has the review. Download
35.The King of Instruments, Dissected00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( organist at any given Sunday service is one busy person! Edwin Penhorwood talks about the role the organ plays in a service and gives a brief tutorial demonstrating the wide range of colors and sounds the organ can create. Download
36.Columbus Indiana Phil Takes On The Challenges Of Beethoven00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Philharmonic conductor David Bowden describes to WFIU's George Walker the challenges of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. He admits that Beethoven asks the chorus to do things that you really shouldn't ask a chorus to do. And he makes his case for it, along with Bach's B-minor Mass, being one of the two ultimate choral orchestral pieces of Western Music. Download
37.IU Theatre: The America Play00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Parks “The America Play” is at the Wells-Metz Theatre in a thoroughly fascinating production directed by Edris Cooper-Anafowoshe. The piece is hard to describe. In some places it feels like a dream play in other sections a piece of absurdist drama, but throughout it has the flavor of an American tall tale. WFIU's George Walker has a complete review. Download
38.If Ignorance Is Bliss, What is “Knowing”?00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Critic Peter Noble-Kuchera is leery of the word “masterpiece,” though he's guilty of using it on rare occasions. That description implies, what, that a flim is flawless? That it is the quintessence of a great director’s career? That it will stand outside of time? “Knowing” is none of those things. WFIUEnglishDownload
39.J.S. Bach: Orgelbüchlein00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( four weeks in the year 1717, Johann Sebastian Bach was held in custody by his Patron, the Duke of Weimar. During those weeks of November it seems that Bach began the Little Organ Book or "Orgelbüchlein" a project meant to instruct the young organist in the playing of chorales. The Ensemble Mare Nostrum has recorded the full 45 chorales, joined by soprano Céline Scheen. Download
40.Indiana Univeristy Ballet’s “Variations on a Russian Theme”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( University's Ballet Theater closes its season with "Variations on a Russian Theme," a performance which includes a modern version of the classical ballet, "Swan Lake." Michael Vernon, IU's ballet department chair explains why audience members will love this performance
41.The Future of Jazz in Bloomington00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( a glimpse into the future of jazz in Bloomington on Friday March 27th at the 5th annual musical showcase of young jazz performers. Monika Herzig co-founder of Jazz from Bloomington describes the style of music people will hear by these young performers Download
42.IU Auditorium Welcomes “The Drowsy Chaparone”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( and singer John West says that he’s found the perfect part for his talents in the touring production of “The Drowsy Chaperone.” His central role in the musical is called “The Man in the Chair,” and that’s where he pretty much stays for the entire show. “I’m an actor and a singer, but no one has ever been willing to pay me to dance,” says West. WFIU's George Walker has more. Download
43.“Swan Lake” Takes Flight at IU Ballet00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( this year’s IU Spring Ballet the Department Chair Michael Vernon elected to split the staging of the classic “Swan Lake” with guest artist and former American Ballet Theatre principal Cynthia Gregory. WFIU’s George Walker talked to Cynthia Gregory about coaching the role of the twin swans. WFIUEnglishDownload
44.Transcendent: The Photographs of Hiroshi Sugimoto00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( exhibition of fifteen prints by the internationally renowned photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto is currently on view at the Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington. A fixture of the contemporary art scene for more than three decades, Sugimoto's photography has recently surfaced in the pop music world as well, as the cover image of U2's newest album, No Line on the Horizon. WFIU's Yaël Ksander spoke with curator, Nan Brewer. Download
45.John Darnielle: The Man Behind the Mountain00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( Darnielle is the lyricist, guitarist, and only constant member of prolific indie rock act the Mountain Goats. The New Yorker referred to him as "America’s best non-hip-hop lyricist”. His 16th, and most recent album is 2008’s "Heretic Pride". WFIU’s Josephine McRobbie caught up with Darnielle to chat about his music, recent novel, and how he ended up on a hip-hop album. Download
46.Should You Be Blu?00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( smart consumer will investigate a technological change, evaluate whether it's an iteration or a leap, and whether it's a leap he finds truly meaningful. Then he'll wait for the "sweet spot" when the technology is widespread enough to reach a mass-market price. But if you are a serious movie-lover, and you can scrape together just under $1,000, it's time to jump. Download
47.Hungarian Music for Cello and Piano00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the music Hungary saw a growth and world-wide popularity it hadn't seen before or since. Composers like Bela Bartok, Franz Liszt and Zoltan Kodaly became household names, at least in the homes of classical music aficionados. On this week's featured CD, cellist Mark Kosower and pianist Jee-Won Oh celebrate the music written by these composers and others for the versatile combination of cello and piano. Download
48.The America Play: “A Vibrant Living History”00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( the IU Theatre production of "The America Play," George Walker talks to actor Jamaal McCray about playing the Foundling Father, a character who makes his living re enacting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. And director Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe discusses Suzan-Lori Parks feeling that history is a vibrant living thing that echoes in both our past and our present . Download
49.Remembering Jazz Saxophonist David Young00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( 1940s and 50s Indianapolis jazz scene produced several musicians who would go on to careers of international note. An unsung hero of that scene recently passed away; WFIU's David Brent Johnson talked with David Baker about his friend and musical cohort David Young. WFIUEnglishDownload
50.Irish Dancers Find Their Identity In Bloomington00:00:00WFIU Public Media ( summer, before the start of classes, freshman Catherine O'Malley realized that Indiana University did not have an outlet for local Irish Dancers, so she thought she'd take things into her own hands and started to reach out to a group through Facebook. WFIU's David Wood talked to Catherine O'Malley and Iris Summers from the IDentity Irish dancers. Download