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Walking Indiana University's Old Crescent

Walking Indiana University's Old Crescent
  1. Author: IU Libraries
  2. Number of episodes: 10
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Podcast Description:

This series of podcasts explores the buildings of the Old Crescent on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Registered as a State and National Historical Place, the Old Crescent marks the beginnings of IUB at its current location. The series will be released over a ten week period, with each podcast highlighting a building within the Crescent.

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Walking Indiana University's Old Crescent

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Kirkwood Observatory00:04:04IU Archives6/15/2010In the final installment of this series we take a walk through Dunn’s Woods on our way to Kirkwood Observatory. Once considered a major observatory in the United States, today it is used as a teaching aid and is open to the public.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
2.Lindley Hall00:02:30IU Archives6/8/2010The ninth podcast looks at Lindley Hall. Lindley originally housed the sciences on campus, which is reflected in its architecture. Listen to find out how Lindley holds some distinct moments in campus history.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
3.Franklin Hall00:02:51IU Archives6/8/2010In the second installment we look at Franklin Hall. Originally built for the university's library, today it houses administrative offices such as the Office of the Registrar, the Bursar's Office, and the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
4.Kirkwood Hall00:02:48IU Archives6/1/2010In the eighth installment, Kirkwood Hall is examined. Kirkwood has housed many different schools over the years, but listen to how it also played a part in the class scraps.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
5.Rose Well House00:02:36IU Archives5/25/2010The seventh podcasts looks at a structure steeped in tradition, the Rose Well House. It was originally erected to protect the students using the well/cistern from the elements.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
6.Wylie Hall00:02:26IU Archives5/18/2010For the sixth installment we look at Wylie Hall. This was the first building to be completed on the “new” campus, marking the start of a new history for Indiana University. Wylie and Owen Halls are the only buildings on IU’s campus to have red brick edifice.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
7.Owen Hall00:02:56IU Archives5/11/2010The fifth installment of this series looks at Owen Hall. Owen was the second building to be completed on the “new” campus and one of two buildings on the Bloomington campus that is not made entirely out of limestone.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
8.Maxwell Hall00:02:32IU Archives5/4/2010In this fourth podcast we look at Maxwell Hall. Thanks to Indiana's skilled stonecutters, Maxwell has one of the most unique and intricate external design of any building on the Indiana University campus.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
9.Student Building00:02:28IU Archives4/27/2010For the third podcast in this series, IU Bloomington's Student Building is discussed. The origins of the building are highlighted and how it was a central part of student life until the completion of the Indiana Memorial Union.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
10.Introduction: Walking Indiana University's Old Crescent00:03:53IU Archives4/13/2010In this first episode of the series, background information is given about the origins of Indiana University at Seminary Square to its move to Dunn's Woods.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload