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WTIU Weekly Special

WTIU Weekly Special
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  2. Number of episodes: 315
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Podcast Description:

The Weekly Special is a weekly magazine show that focuses on longer format news and feature stories from across South-Central Indiana. It also provides a venue for local artists and musicians to perform in the studio. The show is based in Bloomington, Indiana on the campus of Indiana University, but covers stories all across the area, including Terre Haute and Columbus.

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WTIU Weekly Special

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.New Golf Course00:00:00WTIU-TV4/9/2009Take a look at the new Pete Dye Championship Golf Course in French Lick. WTIUEnglishDownload
2.Flowers on Indiana University's Campus00:00:00WTIU-TV4/9/2009Learn how a small crew keeps all the flowers around IU's campus looking fresh. WTIUEnglishDownload
3.Gardens at French Lick & West Baden00:00:00WTIU-TV4/9/2009See how volunteers help keep the grounds and gardens on the properties of French Lick and West Baden looking bright and beautiful. Download
4.Organic Farming00:00:00WTIU-TV4/9/2009A look at how organic farming, both big and small, is making an impact on South-Central Indiana. WTIUEnglishDownload
5.Interstate 69 in Southern Indiana00:00:00WTIU-TV4/9/2009An update on the I-69 project that will cut through Southern Indiana. WTIUEnglishDownload
6.Bloomington South Wins State00:00:00WTIU-TV4/8/2009"The Weekly Special" takes you to the game, and talks to players, fans, and community members about what this means for Bloomington. Download
7.Indianapolis Airport's Local Connections00:00:00WTIU-TV4/8/2009The new airport in Indianapolis has a lot of support from across the state. We take a look at how businesses in South-Central Indiana are a part of the effort. Download
8.Expressions - Photography00:00:00WTIU-TV4/7/2009Meet an artist in Martin County who takes his love of art to the next level, into the classroom. WTIUEnglishDownload
9.What's the Deal: Columbus Public Art II00:00:00WTIU-TV4/7/2009Find out what's the deal with some unusual community art in Columbus. WTIUEnglishDownload
10.Malcolm Dalglish00:00:00WTIU-TV2/17/2009Bloomington-based musician Malcolm Dalglish performs in our studio. WTIUEnglishDownload
11.Spirit of Monroe County III00:00:00WTIU-TV2/17/2009The producer of the new WTIU documentary, Spirit of Monroe County III, joins us in the studio for a preview. Download
12.Financial Report - Stimulus Package00:00:00WTIU-TV2/17/2009An expert from the Kelley School of Business talks about the recently passed stimulus package, and what it means for you. Download
13.Bankruptcy Option00:00:00WTIU-TV2/17/2009Advice from the experts if you are heading towards bankruptcy. Download
14.Jeff Sagarin00:00:00WTIU-TV2/10/2009Meet Jeff Sagarin, a Bloomington resident who's compiled USA-Today's sports ratings since 1985. Download
15.The Digital Transition00:00:00WTIU-TV2/10/2009Phil Meyer, station manager of WTIU, explains how viewers will be effected by the digital transition. WTIUEnglishDownload
16.Celebrating Lincoln's Birthday00:00:00WTIU-TV2/10/2009See how IU's Lilly Library is honoring Lincoln's 200th birthday. Download
17.Increasing Diversity at Indiana University00:00:00WTIU-TV2/10/2009A new program on IU's campus is making strides in increasing diversity. We also take a look at how IU plans to increase the number of minorities at the university. Download
18.Peter Kienle and Dave Bruker00:00:00WTIU-TV2/5/2009Jazz guitarist Peter Kienle and bassist Dave Bruker will perform in the studio. <WTIUEnglishDownload
19.Housing Slump Effects00:00:00WTIU-TV2/5/2009We take a look at how the housing slump has affected local title companies. WTIUEnglishDownload
20.Digital Transition Deadline00:00:00WTIU-TV2/5/2009As the digital transition date inches closer, find out what to do with all your dvd and vcd machines, if you choose to use a converter box. Download
21.Inauguration-Traveling to Washington D.C.00:00:00WTIU-TV1/20/2009Reporter Shameka Neely and videographer Bill Shaw travel to Washington D.C. with a local group to experience the inauguration. Learn why these witnesses decided to take a 12-hour bus trip there and back again. Download
22.Financial Report-Obama's First Steps Financial Report-Obama's First Steps00:00:00WTIU-TV1/20/2009Analysis from the Kelley School of Business on how Obama's proposed economic stimulus plan will or will not work. Download
23.Digital Transition00:00:00WTIU-TV1/20/2009An update on the digital transition, specfically examining those who use antennas to get their television signal. Download
24.Recycled Holiday Greetings00:00:00WTIU-TV12/20/2008Learn more about a Bloomington business that makes holiday cards out of recycled material. WTIUEnglishDownload
25.Lawrence Family Glassblowers00:00:00WTIU-TV12/20/2008See how two brothers in Nashville, Indiana continue the 32 year tradition of making handmade glass ornaments. Download
26.Ice Wine00:00:00WTIU-TV12/20/2008See how Oliver Winery makes its seasonal treat, ice wine. Download
27.Christmas Lights Display00:00:00WTIU-TV12/20/2008A Christmas light display in Southern Indiana is one you have to see to believe. WTIUEnglishDownload
28.Holiday Giving00:00:00WTIU-TV12/16/2008With the economy in its current state, how are groups like the Salvation Army doing this year when it comes to charitable giving. Download
29.Holiday Fitness00:00:00WTIU-TV12/9/2008We'll have some easy exercise tips to help keep you healthy during the holidays and our own Joe Hren busts a move with IU Department of Kinesiology's Kelly Jo Baute. Download
30.What's the Deal: Columbus Public Art I00:00:00WTIU-TV12/9/2008Peter Noble-Kuchera visits Columbus Indiana to find out What's the Deal with some unusual public art. WTIUEnglishDownload
31.Science Literacy with Laurie McRobbie00:00:00WTIU-TV12/9/2008IU's first lady will be in the studio to talk about the importance of early science education. Download
32.Lucas Oil Stadium Hosts College Basketball00:00:00WTIU-TV12/9/2008We take you to the new Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, as it hosts college basketball for the first time. Download
33.Holiday Budgets00:00:00WTIU-TV12/9/2008Many families are having to make tough decisions during this holiday season. We'll show you how one local family is dealing wtih planning the holidays on a budget. Download
34.Operation Christmas Child00:00:00WTIU-TV11/12/2008Details on "Operation Christmas Child," a program that helps kids around the world during the holidays. WTIUEnglishDownload
35.Hoosier Hills Food Bank00:00:00WTIU-TV11/12/2008A look at how the Hoosier Hills Food Bank helps the hungry in our area. WTIUEnglishDownload
36.Hard Life Preview00:00:00WTIU-TV11/12/2008Producer Jo Throckmorton joins us in the studio to preview the WTIU local documentary, "Hard Life." "Hard Life" examines the lives of three local people, their stuggles, and the help they received from local agencies. Download
37.Circles Program00:00:00WTIU-TV11/12/2008How the Circles Program helps low-incoome families, or first-time homebuyers achieve their dream of owning a home. Download
38.Expressions - T.O.G.00:00:00WTIU-TV11/12/2008The T.O.G. band from Seymour performs in our studio. Download
39.New IU Cinema00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2008Major money is going to renovate an old theater at Indiana University, and turn it into a place to watch historic movies. Download
40.IU / Bloomington Transit Buses00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2008Details on the possible bus merger between Indiana University and Bloomington Transit. WTIUEnglishDownload
41.Fairview School Future00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2008A look at how the Fairview Elementary School community is not only preparing for a new building, but also trying to retain pieces of its past. Download
42.Election Recap00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2008A recap of Tuesday's national election, along with local race coverage. WTIUEnglishDownload
43.Expressions - Mark LaPointe00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2008A performance in the studio from singer/songwriter Mark LaPointe. WTIUEnglishDownload
44.What's the Deal: London Dog00:00:00WTIU-TV10/30/2008What's the Deal with a shop in Bloomington that specifically caters to 4-legged customers. WTIUEnglishDownload
45.Halloween Costumes00:00:00WTIU-TV10/30/2008Find out how you can put together a great costume on a budget, by buying just a few things and finding items in your own closet. Download
46.Dennis James Hosts Halloween00:00:00WTIU-TV10/30/2008We take you to the IU Auditorium as world-renowned pipe organist Dennis James puts his own spooky twist on Halloween. Download
47.Halloween Make-up00:00:00WTIU-TV10/30/2008Some Halloween makeup tips from the experts at IU's Musical Arts Center. WTIUEnglishDownload
48.Youth Vote in Indiana00:00:00WTIU-TV10/23/2008A look at the impact of young voters on this year's presidential election. See how young people in our area take to the streets in support of their candidate. Download
49.Sex and Presidential Politics00:00:00WTIU-TV10/23/2008We take you to a new exhibit at the Kinsey Institute called "Sex and Presidential Politics." WTIUEnglishDownload
50.Rural Doctors in Indiana00:00:00WTIU-TV10/23/2008An examination of the importance of doctors in rural Indiana, and how state schools of medicine make sure residents have the care they need in these areas. Download
51.Home Movie Day00:00:00WTIU-TV10/23/2008It's home movie day. IU's Department of Communication and Culture celebrates historic amateur works and home film preservation. Download
52.Crean and Team00:00:00WTIU-TV10/23/2008We talk with Coach Crean, and the basically unknown IU basketball squad WTIUEnglishDownload
53.Expressions - Junk Art00:00:00WTIU-TV10/16/2008A man in West Terre Haute transforms what we call junk, into art. WTIUEnglishDownload
54.Wind Farm00:00:00WTIU-TV10/16/2008Travel to a wind farm in Northwest Indiana, where power is being sold to local utlity companies in an attempt to lower energy costs. Download
55.Sustainable Home00:00:00WTIU-TV10/16/2008Learn what you can do to make your own home more energy-efficient, by traveling through a local home built with straw-bale. Download
56.Recycling00:00:00WTIU-TV10/16/2008Learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to recycling, and what you need to do with your old television set with the digital transition hits next year. Download
57.Evergreen Village00:00:00WTIU-TV10/16/2008We take you inside the homes of Evergreen Village of Bloomington, and see how builders have put an emphasis on green homes. Download
58.Phenomenal Women Program00:00:00WTIU-TV10/2/2008Find out more about a community program started by the IU Women's Basketball coach, called phenomenal women. Download
59.Expressions - Etran Finatawa00:00:00WTIU-TV10/2/2008Learn more about this year's music festival in Bloomington, and hear a performance in our studio from one of the bands, Etran Finatawa. Download
60.Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame00:00:00WTIU-TV10/2/2008As basketball season draws closer, we take you to the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle. WTIUEnglishDownload
61.Election Preview00:00:00WTIU-TV10/2/2008We gear up for the election with a preview of the State Superintendent of Public Education race. The candidates will be in Bloomington for a debate this week. Download
62.Persimmon Farm00:00:00WTIU-TV9/25/2008A local couple decides to start Indiana's first organized persimmon farm in Indiana. We'll take you there. Download
63.New Tech High Begins00:00:00WTIU-TV9/25/2008The first class at Bloomington's New Tech High School is well into it's first semester. Find out what the experience has been like for both students and parents. Download
64.Expressions - Poet Laureate00:00:00WTIU-TV9/25/2008Meet Indiana's newest Poet Laureate. Download
65.Expressions - IU Opera Celebrates 60 Years00:00:00WTIU-TV9/25/2008It's the 60th Anniversary of IU Opera Theater. Find out why it's so important for the IU Jacobs School of Music to continue this costly endeavor of live performance. Plus a preview of the upcoming production of La Traviata. Download
66.Ryder Cup00:00:00WTIU-TV9/18/2008A major golf tournament comes to the area, and it means major dollars for parts of Southern Indiana. WTIUEnglishDownload
67.NASHCAR Outhouse Races00:00:00WTIU-TV9/18/2008It's outhouse racing time in Nashville, Indiana. We'll take you there. WTIUEnglishDownload
68.Help Yourself - Better Business Bureau00:00:00WTIU-TV9/18/2008The director of the Indianapolis Better Business Bureau will be in the studio to talk about consumer complaints against national self-help guru, Kevin Trudeau. Download
69.Expressions - "The Diary of Anne Frank"00:00:00WTIU-TV9/18/2008Most of us are familiar with the story of Anne Frank, and her account of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. But some parts of her story have not been heard before on stage. Find out more about Cardinal Stage's newest production. Download
70.County Fair00:00:00WTIU-TV8/21/2008We followed one young woman from Brownstown, at a culmination of over a year's work -- a year's work of caring for and raising a steer. Download
71.Brownstown Speedway00:00:00WTIU-TV8/21/2008The Brownstown Speedway has become a popular place in the area to see competitive racing. And for one young man, it's definitely become that; a place where he can test his skills at racing in a comfortable, familiar place. Download
72.Park Theater00:00:00WTIU-TV8/21/2008A historic theater in North Vernon is experiencing something of a renaissance. Peter Noble-Kuchera examines the history of the Park Theater and why it was decided that it needed to be saved for generations to come. Download
73.Bill Berg00:00:00WTIU-TV8/21/2008A love of music and an appreciation of the past led one man in Bartholomew County to begin constructing instruments. Bill Berg found his niche and he now shares his talents with those wanting to learn to play the dulcimer. Download
74.IU Ties to the Olympics00:00:00WTIU-TV7/31/2008We take a look at IU's tie with the games, when it comes to athletic trainers and kinesiology. Download
75.Equestrian Skills00:00:00WTIU-TV7/31/2008Travel with us to St. Mary of the Woods college in West Terre Haute, and learn how they train equestrian athletes. Download
76.Olympic Preparations in Beijing00:00:00WTIU-TV7/31/2008Former WTIU News Director Tony Perkins shows us how the country has prepared for the games. <WTIUEnglishDownload
77.IU Diver Heads to Beijing00:00:00WTIU-TV7/31/2008Olympic-bound IU diver Christina Loukas and her coach talk with us, before they head to China. Download
78.Former IU/Olympic Coach00:00:00WTIU-TV7/31/2008Former IU Track and Field coach, Sam Bell, talks with us about his experiences coaching Olympic teams. WTIUEnglishDownload
79.Wooden Roller Coasters at Holiday World00:00:00WTIU-TV7/10/2008Holiday World now has three nationally ranked wooden roller coasters. We go behind the scenes and walk the tracks of the number one coaster, The Voyage, and find out what it takes to maintain these thrill rides. Download
80.St. Meinrad00:00:00WTIU-TV7/10/2008Although not a typical tourist destination, St. Meinrad Archabbey allows visitors to experience a very peaceful environment. Find out more about the history St. Meinrad. Download
81.Santa Claus, IN - Interview00:00:00WTIU-TV7/10/2008We talk with Holiday World director Pat Koch Download
82.Santa Claus, IN - History00:00:00WTIU-TV7/10/2008We go on the road this summer and find out the history behind Santa Claus, Indiana, specifically how it got that famous name. Download
83.Lincoln Artist00:00:00WTIU-TV7/10/2008Tom Kennedy painted the official state painting in honor of the Lincoln Bicentennial year in Indiana. See how he found his inspiration at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial. WTIUEnglishDownload
84.Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial00:00:00WTIU-TV7/10/2008Abraham Lincoln spent much of his formative years in Spencer County, Indiana. See the places where Lincoln once walked, and learned how his experiences here affected the rest of his life. Download
85.Billie Creek Village Interview00:00:00WTIU-TV6/19/2008Interview with Parke County Inc.'s Cathy Harkrider. Download
86.Billie Creek Village00:00:00WTIU-TV6/19/2008Find out more about Billie Creek Village in Parke County. It's a turn-of-the-century village that takes visitors back in time. The attractions shows the progression of rural American life from an 1830's log cabin to a 1913 schoolhouse. Download
87.Civil War Days00:00:00WTIU-TV6/19/2008Billie Creek Village hosts the annual Civil War Days. We'll show you one of the battles, and find out why this is an event that reenactors and visitors look forward to every year. WTIUEnglishDownload
88.Covered Bridges00:00:00WTIU-TV6/19/2008See what made Parke County, Indiana so famous: the covered bridges. WTIUEnglishDownload
89.Civil War Ball00:00:00WTIU-TV6/19/2008Along with the Civil War Days, a ball allows participants to experience the music and social scene of that time period. Download
90.Race Car Collection00:00:00WTIU-TV5/29/2008Ever dreamed about having your own race car collection? Well, one Terre Haute man has the real thing, and he's opened it up for us to take a look. Download
91.Bradford Woods00:00:00WTIU-TV5/29/2008Find out why Bradford Woods is so special, and how it's become a tradition for Monroe County students over the years. Download
92.Philpot00:00:00WTIU-TV5/22/2008The band Philpot, from Dugger, Indiana, comes to Bloomington's own Echo Park Studios to record a cover of Neil Young's Ohio. Download
93.Willowfield00:00:00WTIU-TV5/22/2008Did you know there's a lavender farm in Indiana? We'll take you to Willowfield in Mooresville, and show you how you can enjoy this beautiful place. Download
94.Post-Modern Jazz00:00:00WTIU-TV5/22/2008Jeff Isaccs and Post-Modern Jazz Quartet will be in the studio to perform. WTIUEnglishDownload
95.Bloomington North Theater00:00:00WTIU-TV5/22/2008Students from the Bloomington North Theater Department are getting ready to head to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform. We'll give you a preview of the play they're taking overseas. WTIUEnglishDownload
96.Will Shortz00:00:00WTIU-TV5/15/2008Will Shortz, the commencement speaker for IU’s graduation talks to us about his remembrances of the university, and how the training he got here helped him achieve success throughout the years.WTIUEnglishDownload
97.Eagle Rescued and Released00:00:00WTIU-TV5/15/2008A young, sick eagle was rescued on the shore of Lake Monroe, and those from Wildcare have nursed it back to health. Join us as they release it back into the wild.WTIUEnglishDownload
98.BLEMF00:00:00WTIU-TV5/15/2008The Bloomington Early Music Festival kicks off this weekend, and we have a preview in our studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
99.Triathlon Girl00:00:00WTIU-TV5/15/2008NoneWTIUEnglishDownload
100.Webby Award Winner00:00:00WTIU-TV5/1/2008Details on some IU Telecommunication students that won a national award for their website.WTIUEnglishDownload
101.Vintage Base Ball at West Baden00:00:00WTIU-TV5/1/2008Players take it back to the Civil War era, as they introduce modern crowds to vintage base ball in West Baden.WTIUEnglishDownload
102.Jane Hoeppner00:00:00WTIU-TV5/1/2008Jane Hoeppner, the wife of the late Coach Terry Hoeppner of the IU Hoosiers, will be in the studio to talk about upcoming events honoring her husband.WTIUEnglishDownload
103.Community Gardening00:00:00WTIU-TV5/1/2008With prices going up at the gas pump as well as the grocery store, some people turn to older ways to save some cash. We’ll have details on community gardening, and how you can take part.WTIUEnglishDownload
104.Living Without Language00:00:00WTIU-TV4/17/2008Author Susan Schaller is in the studio to talk about her work in raising awareness of the hidden crime of children being raised without language.WTIUEnglishDownload
105.Expressions00:00:00WTIU-TV4/17/2008Many people are familiar with the controversial Benton murals in Woodburn Hall and the IU Auditorium. But what about the artist’s other work? We’ll take you to a new exhibit at the IU Art Museum.WTIUEnglishDownload
106.Coach Crean00:00:00WTIU-TV4/17/2008We sit down with new IU basketball coach Tom Crean to find out his future hopes for Hoosier hoops.WTIUEnglishDownload
107.Primary Excitement00:00:00WTIU-TV4/17/2008It’s heating up, the democratic primary in Indiana. We’ll take a look at how both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have campaigned in the state, and their future plans for gaining Hoosier voters as the primary draws closer.WTIUEnglishDownload
108.Stella & Jane00:00:00WTIU-TV4/10/2008We have some eclectic country alternative music for you. Bloomington-based band Stella and Jane will be in the studio to perform.WTIUEnglishDownload
109.Expressions00:00:00WTIU-TV4/10/2008Meet a man who with a paint brush took us to all different locations and eras.WTIUEnglishDownload
110.Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame00:00:00WTIU-TV4/10/2008Nothing says spring like baseball. We take you down to Jasper, to the Indiana Baseball Hall of Fame. See what’s available for visitors, and find out some of the big names in baseball who have been inducted.WTIUEnglishDownload
111.Valentine's Day Greetings00:00:00WTIU-TV2/11/2008We take a look at a greeting card company in Bloomington that spends a lot of time gearing up for Valentine’s Day.WTIUEnglishDownload
112.This Old Guitar Band00:00:00WTIU-TV2/11/2008The Seymour band “This Old Guitar” will be in the studio with some music that will warm your heart.WTIUEnglishDownload
113.Expressions - Kinsey Art Collection00:00:00WTIU-TV2/11/2008The Kinsey Institute owns thousands of pieces of art, gathered throughout the years. We take a look at this amazing collection in our Expressions segment, and talk about the new exhibit up now.WTIUEnglishDownload
114.Bloomington North H.S. Jazz00:00:00WTIU-TV2/5/2008We’ll have the Bloomington North High School Jazz Trio perform in the studio, and talk with its director, Janis Stockhouse.WTIUEnglishDownload
115.IU Juggling00:00:00WTIU-TV1/28/2008Did you know that IU has a juggling club? It does and it has some very talented members.WTIUEnglishDownload
116.D-League00:00:00WTIU-TV1/28/2008Two former IU Basketball players, play at the next level. We’ll take you to Ft. Wayne where the new D-League of the NBA is up and running.WTIUEnglishDownload
117.Human Race Machine00:00:00WTIU-TV1/28/2008The Human Race Machine visited Indiana University. Find out why this diversity experience allows participants to envision themselves as a different race, and why IU leaders thought it was important to bring to campus.WTIUEnglishDownload
118.Better Business Bureau00:00:00WTIU-TV1/28/2008Linda Carmody from the Better Business Bureau will be in the studio to talk about the latest consumer scams you need to avoid.WTIUEnglishDownload
119.Curtis Cantwell Jackson & Janiece Jaffe Curtis Cantwell Jackson & Janiece Jaffe Curtis Cantwell Jackson & Janiece Jaffe00:00:00WTIU-TV1/22/2008Two local musicians combine their talents on a new CD, and will be in our studio to perform. WTIUEnglishDownload
120.Paoli Peaks00:00:00WTIU-TV1/21/2008It’s time to strap on the skis, and take to the slopes at one of the only ski slopes in Indiana.WTIUEnglishDownload
121.Week of Chocolate00:00:00WTIU-TV1/21/2008Community members, including the new chef of FARM in Bloomington, come together for the Week of Chocolate. Find out how the program benefits residents.WTIUEnglishDownload
122.Property Taxes00:00:00WTIU-TV1/21/2008An expert will be in the studio to explain the current status of property taxes in Indiana, and how they will affect both homeowners and non-homeowners.WTIUEnglishDownload
123.Mayor Mark Kruzan00:00:00WTIU-TV1/15/2008Mark Kruzan, the Mayor of Bloomington, stops by the studio to talk about his goals and plans for his new term as mayor.WTIUEnglishDownload
124.Eco-Justice Center00:00:00WTIU-TV1/15/2008Find out more about the White Violet Eco-Justice Center. The Sisters of Providence at St. Mary of the Woods in West Terre Haute practice what they believe, by putting many eco-friendly programs in place.WTIUEnglishDownload
125.Drew Laird00:00:00WTIU-TV1/15/2008A performance from local musician Drew Laird.WTIUEnglishDownload
126.Art of Mental Health00:00:00WTIU-TV11/27/2007Find out more about the upcoming “Art of Mental Health” weekend. The organizers and one of the performers, Sam Bartlett, will be in the studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
127.Legislative Organization Day00:00:00WTIU-TV11/27/2007The Indiana Statehouse gets ready for organization day. We’ll talk with some of our local lawmakers about the next legislative session.WTIUEnglishDownload
128.French Lick - One Year Later00:00:00WTIU-TV11/27/2007It’s been one year since the French Lick Hotel and Casino re-opened after major reconstruction. How is it doing financially, and has the city and county benefitted from its presence?WTIUEnglishDownload
129.Krista Detor00:00:00WTIU-TV11/13/2007Krista Detor will be in the studio to perform. She’ll also talk about a program she’s doing to benefit the Bloomington Playwrights Project.WTIUEnglishDownload
130.Thanksgiving Turkeys00:00:00WTIU-TV11/13/2007Thanksiving is coming up, and we’ll take you to a local alternative farm that allows you to have a fresh turkey for your table.WTIUEnglishDownload
131.Holocaust Exhibit00:00:00WTIU-TV11/13/2007A national exhibit concerning World War II and the Holocaust, makes a stop in Terre Haute at the Candles Holocaust Museum. We’ll take you there.WTIUEnglishDownload
132.Rock Climbing00:00:00WTIU-TV11/13/2007Work off some of those holiday pounds by doing some rock climbing. We’ll take you to one of the best local “indoor” places to do that.WTIUEnglishDownload
133.Radio Theater00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2007Radio theater is alive and well. Learn about its beginnings, and how you can catch one of the shows on the air.WTIUEnglishDownload
134.Mr. Rogers00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2007Tim Madigan joins us in the studio to talk about his book about Mr. Rogers, and how he credits him with saving his life.WTIUEnglishDownload
135.Expressions - Light Totem00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2007The IU Art Museum celebrates its 25-year anniversary. See why organizers honored its history with a new light totem pole.WTIUEnglishDownload
136.Big Ten Network00:00:00WTIU-TV11/5/2007Many local cable subscribers are pretty upset because they can’t get the Big Ten Network, meaning they won’t be able to watch many of the IU games. We take a look at the controversy.WTIUEnglishDownload
137.Mongolian Performers00:00:00WTIU-TV10/25/2007NoneWTIUEnglishDownload
138.History of Winemaking00:00:00WTIU-TV10/25/2007No it’s not Napa, but Indiana has developed a rich wine-making tradition. We take a look back at its history.WTIUEnglishDownload
139.Dalai Lama00:00:00WTIU-TV10/25/2007NoneWTIUEnglishDownload
140.Batman00:00:00WTIU-TV10/25/2007Meet a professor at Indiana State University, who’s life has been dedicated to the study of bats. He takes us inside an old mine to show us why they’re not such scary creatures.WTIUEnglishDownload
141.Haunted Bed and Breakfast00:00:00WTIU-TV10/25/2007Do you believe in ghosts? We take you to an old mansion in Vevay, Indiana, where the spirits are just a part of everyday life.WTIUEnglishDownload
142.Underwater Pumpkin Carving00:00:00WTIU-TV10/18/2007As we head into the Halloween season, see what underwater pumpkin carving is all about.WTIUEnglishDownload
143.Ken Tucker Band00:00:00WTIU-TV10/18/2007Indiana bluesman, Ken Tucker and his band will be in the studio to perform.WTIUEnglishDownload
144.Elaine Irwin Mellencamp00:00:00WTIU-TV10/18/2007Indiana University and the city of Bloomington get ready for a visit from the Dalai Lama, and Elaine Mellencamp is in the studio to talk about the events the public can attend.WTIUEnglishDownload
145.Farming Outcome00:00:00WTIU-TV10/18/2007How are local farmers faring in this year’s harvest? And does the presence of ethanol and bio-diesel plants have any impact on their pocketbook? We take a look.WTIUEnglishDownload
146.Recalled Toy Impact00:00:00WTIU-TV10/4/2007Find out what experts think about the recent Chinese toy recall, and how it will affect the Chinese economy.WTIUEnglishDownload
147.Julie Dash00:00:00WTIU-TV10/4/2007Renowned producer and director Julie Dash stops by the studio to talk about her work, and the Bloomington screening of her movie on Rosa Parks.WTIUEnglishDownload
148.Cutting Edge00:00:00WTIU-TV10/4/2007Can birds talk? Some researchers at Indiana University study the communication patterns in birds, and how they are similar to how human babies communicate.WTIUEnglishDownload
149.Roller Derby00:00:00WTIU-TV10/4/2007The roller girls are in town! We’ll take you to a roller derby bout, as one of the hottest trends in sports makes a home in Bloomington.WTIUEnglishDownload
150.World War II Honors Day00:00:00WTIU-TV9/20/2007We take you to Binford Elementary School in Bloomington, where they make World War II history real to their students.WTIUEnglishDownload
151.Ernie Pyle's Letters00:00:00WTIU-TV9/20/2007An Indiana University professor, who’s written a book about World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle, will be in the studio to discuss Pyle’s contribution to journalism.WTIUEnglishDownload
152.B-17 Bomber00:00:00WTIU-TV9/20/2007Take a ride aboard the historic B-17 Bomber with local World War II veterans.WTIUEnglishDownload
153.The Swinging Steaks00:00:00WTIU-TV9/20/2007The Swinging Steaks will be in the studio to perform, and talk about the emerging artist show coming to Brown County.WTIUEnglishDownload
154.Soy Products00:00:00WTIU-TV9/6/2007You see the soybean fields all across the Hoosier state. See how a Clay City family is using soy in different ways, and making the most out of this prevalent crop.WTIUEnglishDownload
155.Soul Food Festival00:00:00WTIU-TV9/6/2007Learn more about the food and entertainment at the upcoming Soul Food Festival in Bloomington.WTIUEnglishDownload
156.IU Football00:00:00WTIU-TV9/6/2007Indiana University Football gets ready for a new season. See how the team is coping so far without the leadership of their former coach, Terry Hoeppner.WTIUEnglishDownload
157.Fiddle ‘n’ Feet00:00:00WTIU-TV9/6/2007Fiddle ‘n’ Feet will be in the studio. The performers traditional music and dance from North America and the Celtic countries. Download
158.Janas Hoyt00:00:00WTIU-TV8/2/2007Local singer/songwriter Janas Hoyt is in the studio to perform.WTIUEnglishDownload
159.Michael Koryta00:00:00WTIU-TV8/2/2007Local author Michael Koryta is in the studio to talk about his latest detective/suspense book.WTIUEnglishDownload
160.Colts Camp00:00:00WTIU-TV8/2/2007The championship Colts are in Terre Haute for their training camp. Find out what it takes to host the team and the fans for Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.WTIUEnglishDownload
161.Help Yourself00:00:00WTIU-TV7/26/2007Linda Carmody from the Better Business Bureau will be on to help you learn how to avoid some of the latest scams. She will also be bringing in some products that don’t work, and have been given an unfavorable rating from the BBB.WTIUEnglishDownload
162.Expressions00:00:00WTIU-TV7/26/2007A preview of the next opera produced for IU’s Summer Music Festival.WTIUEnglishDownload
163.Boating Safety00:00:00WTIU-TV7/26/2007In light of recent deaths and accidents, we take you out to area lakes to find out how the DNR is making boating and swimming safer.WTIUEnglishDownload
164.Big Ten Network00:00:00WTIU-TV7/26/2007Representatives will be in Bloomington this week. Find out what the network is all about, and what it will be featuring.WTIUEnglishDownload
165.Remember When00:00:00WTIU-TV7/19/2007Bill Cook and his wife announced earlier this year they will fund the restoration of the historic Beck’s Mill. We’ll show you how the restoration is going, and what obstacles the architect and construction crews have faced.WTIUEnglishDownload
166.Made00:00:00WTIU-TV7/19/2007Meet a Bloomington teen, who made it on the MTV program “Made,” and experience his band as they perform in the studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
167.ARC of Indiana00:00:00WTIU-TV7/19/2007Many parents face the financial reality of caring for their adult child with a developmental disability. Find out how the ARC of Indiana, a state advocacy group, helps these families.WTIUEnglishDownload
168.USA International Harp Competition00:00:00WTIU-TV6/28/2007The USA International Harp Competition, one of the most prestigious music competitions in the world, comes to Indiana University. We have a preview, and one of the contestants will perform in our studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
169.Hoeppner00:00:00WTIU-TV6/28/2007Although he was sick for a long time, the death of football coach Terry Hoeppner hit hard for many people. We find out why he was so liked at Indiana University, and what kind of legacy he leaves behind.WTIUEnglishDownload
170.Expressions - Althea Merback00:00:00WTIU-TV6/28/2007In our Expressions segment, it’s a knitter of a different sort. Meet a Bloomington woman who creates artistic sweaters that aren’t meant to be worn.WTIUEnglishDownload
171.TOG Band00:00:00WTIU-TV6/14/2007The TOG band from Seymour will be in our studio to perform.WTIUEnglishDownload
172.IU Athletic Facilities00:00:00WTIU-TV6/14/2007Will Indiana University tear down Assembly Hall, or will they renovate the current building? We’ll have more on the future of IU’s athletic facilities.WTIUEnglishDownload
173.Hoagy Carmichael Historical Marker00:00:00WTIU-TV6/14/2007Indiana University and Bloomington leaders honor Hoagy Carmichael with a historical marker on Indiana Avenue.WTIUEnglishDownload
174.Expressions - Wayne Manns00:00:00WTIU-TV6/14/2007What inspires local artist Wayne Manns? You would probably recognize some of his work, since it hangs in some IU campus buildings.WTIUEnglishDownload
175.High School Graduation00:00:00WTIU-TV5/31/2007High schools across the area gear up for graduation. What are the hopes of those graduates, and do they feel prepared for life outside of high school?WTIUEnglishDownload
176.Help Yourself - Yoga00:00:00WTIU-TV5/31/2007Help yourself, and find out about the many different forms of yoga.WTIUEnglishDownload
177.Around the Corner - Belle of Louisville00:00:00WTIU-TV5/31/2007Take a trip around the corner, and down the river aboard the historic Belle of Louisville.WTIUEnglishDownload
178.Expressions - Craig Brenner00:00:00WTIU-TV5/31/2007Learn about the upcoming Boogie-Woogie in the Park event, with local musician Craig Brenner.WTIUEnglishDownload
179.Walnut Grove Spring00:00:00WTIU-TV5/24/2007Did you know the largest natural-occurring spring in Indiana is in Bloomfield? See how the owners stumbled upon it, and how it’s turned into big business for them.WTIUEnglishDownload
180.Monroe Community Hospital00:00:00WTIU-TV5/24/2007Find out how the latest status on the private hospital in Monroe County, and whether it’s had any impact on the number of patients in Bloomington Hospital.WTIUEnglishDownload
181.Eugene Debs: An Indiana Original00:00:00WTIU-TV5/24/2007The Voces Novae performers of Bloomington do an innovative musical drama centered on the political activist Eugene Debs.WTIUEnglishDownload
182.Curtis Jackson00:00:00WTIU-TV5/24/2007A performance from local singer/songwriter, Curtis Jackson.WTIUEnglishDownload
183.Wilderness Plots00:00:00WTIU-TV5/17/2007A group of local singer/songwriters such as Krista Detor, Carrie Newcomer, and Tim Grimm, come together to write songs based on author Scott Russell Sanders’ work.WTIUEnglishDownload
184.Troop Escalation00:00:00WTIU-TV5/17/2007More and more troops will soon be deployed, or re-deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Find out how it could affect local soldiers.WTIUEnglishDownload
185.Small Learning Communties00:00:00WTIU-TV5/17/2007See how local schools are taking an innovative approach when it comes to teaching students, and improving teacher performance.WTIUEnglishDownload
186.Better Business Bureau00:00:00WTIU-TV5/17/2007Learn new scams that could affect your pocketbook from the Indiana Better Business Bureau.WTIUEnglishDownload
187.Tavis Smiley00:00:00WTIU-TV5/10/2007Tavis Smiley, a regular here on WTIU and an Indiana University alumnus, stops by the studio after serving as commencement speaker for IU.WTIUEnglishDownload
188.Motorcycle Man00:00:00WTIU-TV5/10/2007Meet a man from Orleans, Indiana who has an amazing, museum-quality collection of original, historic motorcycles.WTIUEnglishDownload
189.Dedicated IU Worker00:00:00WTIU-TV5/10/2007And a Bloomington woman receives a special honor on her 100th birthday, after dedicating much of her life to IU.WTIUEnglishDownload
190.Dancing with the Celebrities00:00:00WTIU-TV5/10/2007It’s not dancing with the stars, but dancing with the celebrities. See how some novices, and dancing professionals raise money for local charities.WTIUEnglishDownload
191.Horsetrack Slot Machines00:00:00WTIU-TV5/10/2007A look at recent legislation that would allow slot machines at Indiana horsetracks, such as the one in Shelbyville.WTIUEnglishDownload
192.Weather Radios00:00:00WTIU-TV4/26/2007Tornado season is just around the corner, and manufactured homes get hit hard. We find out more details about recent state legislation, that would require new mobile homes to have weather radios installed.WTIUEnglishDownload
193.Legislative Round-up00:00:00WTIU-TV4/26/2007We take a look back at the work accomplished in this past session at the statehouse.WTIUEnglishDownload
194.Expressions00:00:00WTIU-TV4/26/2007A story about photographer John Bower and his wife, who criss-cross the state with his camera to find Indiana’s fading, forlorn, and forgotten places.WTIUEnglishDownload
195.Ash Trees in Danger00:00:00WTIU-TV4/26/2007A bug could kill most or even all ash trees in this area in a couple decades. Find out more about why this is happening, and if there’s anything that can prevent it.WTIUEnglishDownload
196.Mitchell Opera House00:00:00WTIU-TV4/12/2007Go inside the Mitchell Opera House with a local historian, and find out more about its interesting past.WTIUEnglishDownload
197.West Baden Springs Hotel00:00:00WTIU-TV4/12/2007The West Baden Springs Hotel will be open soon to overnight guests. We take a look at the preparations.WTIUEnglishDownload
198.The Fishin' Shedd00:00:00WTIU-TV4/12/2007We take you to The Fishin’ Shedd in Monroe County, an icon for local fishermen as they get ready for the spring season.WTIUEnglishDownload
199.Community Foundation00:00:00WTIU-TV4/12/2007See how local organizations use money from the Community Foundation of Monroe County to make many residents’ lives a little better.WTIUEnglishDownload
200.Newcomer Report00:00:00WTIU-TV4/5/2007A new report out of Indiana University explores how Southern Indiana communities have dealt with the influx of immigrants. We take a look at areas that were lacking, and those that did well.WTIUEnglishDownload
201.Flowering Trees00:00:00WTIU-TV4/5/2007It seems to have happened overnight. We celebrate the beginning of Spring.WTIUEnglishDownload
202.Expressions - Toby Myers00:00:00WTIU-TV4/5/2007One of John Mellencamp’s bandmates has his own band now. Toby Myers will be in to perform.WTIUEnglishDownload
203.Boudreaux's Butt Paste00:00:00WTIU-TV4/5/2007A Columbus business makes a product with a very interesting name, that’s gathered celebrity attention. See why Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the diaper cream of choice for many parents.WTIUEnglishDownload
204.Woody Guthrie00:00:00WTIU-TV3/29/2007Local performers celebrate the music of Woody Guthrie, as they prepare for a community production of his work.WTIUEnglishDownload
205.Volunteers in Medicine00:00:00WTIU-TV3/29/2007As the Monroe County chapter of Volunteers in Medicine prepares to open, we take you to the clinic in Bartholomew County. See how it helps the growing segment of the population that works, but have no health insurance.WTIUEnglishDownload
206.Parts Manufacturing00:00:00WTIU-TV3/29/2007Meet two local men who builds parts for the military and aerospace fields, along with local projects, out of a garage near Bloomington.WTIUEnglishDownload
207.Honda Plant00:00:00WTIU-TV3/29/2007We travel to Greensburg to talk with community members about the new Honda plant coming to their neighborhood.WTIUEnglishDownload
208.Scrabble Champions00:00:00WTIU-TV3/22/2007Meet a team of young students from Greene County, who are true champions when it comes to the game of Scrabble.WTIUEnglishDownload
209.New IU President00:00:00WTIU-TV3/22/2007The newly named IU president, Michael McRobbie joins us in the studio to talk about his plans for his new job.WTIUEnglishDownload
210.Expressions - Nathan Hunter00:00:00WTIU-TV3/22/2007Meet Nathan Hunter, a former IU student, who designs and builds furniture.WTIUEnglishDownload
211.Capoeira00:00:00WTIU-TV3/22/2007Learn about this Brazilian martial arts dance-fighting exercise, and how it’s catching on with people in South-Central Indiana.WTIUEnglishDownload
212.African-American Choral Ensemble African-American Choral Ensemble00:00:00WTIU-TV2/27/2007The new director, and members of the African-American Choral Ensemble perform in our studio. WTIUEnglishDownload
213.Expressions - Cardinal Stage00:00:00WTIU-TV2/27/2007Meet a playwright, nominated for an Emmy this year for his writing for PBS childrens’ shows, who’s in Bloomington working on a Cardinal Stage production.WTIUEnglishDownload
214.IU at the Statehouse00:00:00WTIU-TV2/20/2007The Weekly Special travels to the Indiana Statehouse, as IU leaders and those with Hoosiers for Higher Education talk with legislators about authorizing 80 million dollars in funding for the Indiana Life Sciences Initiative.WTIUEnglishDownload
215.Indoor Soccer00:00:00WTIU-TV2/20/2007Just because it’s cold and sloppy outside, doesn’t mean you can’t work up a sweat playing soccer. We take you to a local indoor soccer field, and find out how many are taking advantage of the facility.WTIUEnglishDownload
216.Iditarod Lessons00:00:00WTIU-TV2/20/2007Find out how a local elementary school teacher uses the Iditarod to teach students reading, math, and even science.WTIUEnglishDownload
217.Expressions - Music Plus One00:00:00WTIU-TV2/20/2007Learn about an innovative computer program, developed by a professor at the School of Informatics, that’s helping musicians rehearse.WTIUEnglishDownload
218.Speed Stacks00:00:00WTIU-TV2/13/2007You may have seen them in toy stores, or your kids may have gotten a set for Christmas. Speed Stacks…they’re fun, and even used in schools. Find out why.WTIUEnglishDownload
219.Figure Skating00:00:00WTIU-TV2/13/2007Did you know there was a Bloomington Figure Skating Club? There is, and it is open to all ages. See how it helps build confidence in young and old alike.WTIUEnglishDownload
220.Expressions - Gladys DeVane00:00:00WTIU-TV2/13/2007A special performance from local storyteller and actress Gladys DeVane, as she gives us a taste of the show “From the Mouth of my People.”WTIUEnglishDownload
221.Buffalo Ranch00:00:00WTIU-TV2/13/2007A look at a buffalo ranch in Spencer, Indiana.WTIUEnglishDownload
222.Valentine's Day Candy00:00:00WTIU-TV2/6/2007We take you to a candy shop in Martinsville as they get ready for one of their Valentine’s Day.WTIUEnglishDownload
223.Grammy-Nominated Performance Produced in Bloomington00:00:00WTIU-TV2/6/2007The Fray has been nominated for a Grammy award for “Over My Head (Cable Car)” & “How To Save A Life.” Both were produced in Bloomington.WTIUEnglishDownload
224.Expressions - This Old Guitar Band00:00:00WTIU-TV2/6/2007A performance from This Old Guitar band, out of Seymour.WTIUEnglishDownload
225.Crows in Terre Haute00:00:00WTIU-TV2/6/2007They come in by the thousands to the city of Terre Haute. Every winter, crows make the city their home, and some residents are getting sick of them. We find out the latest efforts to get rid of them.WTIUEnglishDownload
226.Vendetta Trikes00:00:00WTIU-TV1/30/2007Find out how a Spencer business is building super trikes, using V-8 engines, and why their creations made the national stage.WTIUEnglishDownload
227.Expressions - Philpot00:00:00WTIU-TV1/30/2007A band from Dugger, Indiana goes from playing local bars to the big city scene in New York and Chicago. We’ll show you how they started out in a flower shop in Sullivan County.WTIUEnglishDownload
228.Middle Eastern Festival00:00:00WTIU-TV1/23/2007Find out more about the Middle Eastern Festival in Bloomington, and see a performance previewing the event.WTIUEnglishDownload
229.Help Yourself - Belly Dancing00:00:00WTIU-TV1/23/2007While others are hitting the weight pile to get back in shape for the new year, why not try an alternative way to start looking and feeling great. Belly dancing!WTIUEnglishDownload
230.Cutting Edge - Computer Music00:00:00WTIU-TV1/23/2007We show you inside the Center for Electronic and Computer Music at Indiana University, and find out how the director is combining his work with modern dance.WTIUEnglishDownload
231.Male Practice Players00:00:00WTIU-TV1/23/2007The NCAA is debating on whether to ban the use of male practice players for women’s basketball teams. We talk with local coaches to find out what they think.WTIUEnglishDownload
232.The Gnaw Bone Tenderloin00:00:00WTIU-TV1/16/2007Find out where you can now find the famous Gnaw Bone Tenderloin, now that it’s moved from it’s original location.WTIUEnglishDownload
233.Cuba00:00:00WTIU-TV1/16/2007A performance from the Terre Haute band…Cuba!WTIUEnglishDownload
234.Anthem/Bloomington Hospital00:00:00WTIU-TV1/16/2007We update you on the continuing negotiations between Anthem Insurance and Bloomington Hospital.WTIUEnglishDownload
235.Expressions - Peter Turnley00:00:00WTIU-TV1/16/2007A famous photographer from Indiana, who’s taken shots of pretty much every world news event for decades, tells us what he finds inspiring.WTIUEnglishDownload
236.State House Preview00:00:00WTIU-TV1/8/2007Senator Vi Simpson joins us in the studio to tell us what’s on tap this session at the Indiana State House.WTIUEnglishDownload
237.IU Faculty Perform in D.C.00:00:00WTIU-TV1/8/2007The Weekly Special travels to Washington D.C., for a landmark performance. Two faculty members of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music perform together at the Kennedy Center, and tell us how they bring their experiences to students at IU.WTIUEnglishDownload
238.Expressions - Violin Maker00:00:00WTIU-TV1/8/2007Meet a Bloomington man who performed for presidents and politicians, but now spends his time creating timeless musical instruments.WTIUEnglishDownload
239.What's the Deal? - Shoes On The Line00:00:00WTIU-TV12/12/2006Chuck Carney revisits his very first What’s the Deal, and finds out what’s up with the shoes thrown over power lines.WTIUEnglishDownload
240.Sarah's Swing Set00:00:00WTIU-TV12/12/2006Sarah’s Swing Set performs some holiday selections from their new CD.WTIUEnglishDownload
241.Around the Corner - Schimpff's Confectionary00:00:00WTIU-TV12/12/2006Take a trip back in time to an old-fashioned candy shop. Learn how they make the sweet treats, and how they’ve managed to stay in business for over a hundred years.WTIUEnglishDownload
242.Holiday Socks00:00:00WTIU-TV12/12/2006A local factory produces socks of all kinds, and they even have some special holiday designs. We take you around the corner to Helmsberg, to the For Bare Feet factory.WTIUEnglishDownload
243.Glenn Miller00:00:00WTIU-TV11/28/2006A local World War II veteran writes a book about his experiences, and has some interesting things to say about the death of band leader Glenn Miller.WTIUEnglishDownload
244.Christmas Tree Farm00:00:00WTIU-TV11/28/2006We take you out to a Christmas tree farm, and find out why so many Hoosier families return year after year for a fresh-cut beauty.WTIUEnglishDownload
245.Carrie Newcomer00:00:00WTIU-TV11/28/2006Carrie Newcomer will perform in our studio in honor of the “Art of Mental Health” event.WTIUEnglishDownload
246.Art of Mental Health00:00:00WTIU-TV11/28/2006Learn more about the “Art of Mental Health” weekend in Bloomington.WTIUEnglishDownload
247.What's the Deal? - Turducken00:00:00WTIU-TV11/14/2006As we head towards Thanksgiving, find out what’s the deal with the turducken!WTIUEnglishDownload
248.The Swinging Steaks00:00:00WTIU-TV11/14/2006The Swinging Steaks, a group that toured with Los Lobos, comes by the studio to perform.WTIUEnglishDownload
249.Miss Indiana00:00:00WTIU-TV11/14/2006She’s the first Miss IU in more than 30 years…and she won the Miss Indiana crown. Now Betsy Uschkrat is heading to Miss America. Find out how this IU Jacobs School of Music master’s student trains for her appearance on the national stage.WTIUEnglishDownload
250.Kinser Racing00:00:00WTIU-TV11/14/2006It’s a family affair in racing for one Indiana family. We talk with the Kinsers about their love for speed.WTIUEnglishDownload
251.Elmo Taylor00:00:00WTIU-TV11/7/2006A performance in our studio from a Bloomington band called Elmo Taylor.WTIUEnglishDownload
252.Election Re-cap00:00:00WTIU-TV11/7/2006We take a look back at the results of the election, and what it means for the future in Congress.WTIUEnglishDownload
253.Chimney Sweep00:00:00WTIU-TV11/7/2006Time to get your house ready for winter, and if you have a fireplace that means hiring a chimney sweep. We go along with one to find out what it takes to keep your chimney safe.WTIUEnglishDownload
254.School Safety00:00:00WTIU-TV11/7/2006We take a look at school safety locally. What’s being done to not only protect kids at the high school level, but in elementary and middle schools.WTIUEnglishDownload
255.Voting Machines00:00:00WTIU-TV11/2/2006How will the voting machines perform on election day? Find out what precautions are set to make sure there are no problems.WTIUEnglishDownload
256.Congressional Balance00:00:00WTIU-TV11/2/2006We talk with a political science expert on how the Indiana Congressional races will impact the Congressional balance in Washington.WTIUEnglishDownload
257.9th District Congressional Race00:00:00WTIU-TV11/2/2006Election day is getting closer. We talk with the 9th district candidates as they get ready for the final push to the polls. Also, Mike Sodrel talks about the President and First Lady coming to the Hoosier state to campaign for him.WTIUEnglishDownload
258.8th District Congressional Race00:00:00WTIU-TV11/2/2006Find out how 8th District Congressional candidates Hostettler and Ellsworth are preparing for the upcoming election.WTIUEnglishDownload
259.Marathon Man00:00:00WTIU-TV10/26/2006One man is running 50 full marathons in fifty days, in fifty states. We caught up with him when he made a stop in Bloomington this week.WTIUEnglishDownload
260.Haunted House00:00:00WTIU-TV10/26/2006We take you through a spooktacular local haunted house!WTIUEnglishDownload
261.Halloween Marketing00:00:00WTIU-TV10/26/2006Did you know that Halloween is almost out-pacing Christmas when it comes to sales and marketing? We find out why it’s become even more popular for young and old alike.WTIUEnglishDownload
262.Day of the Dead00:00:00WTIU-TV10/26/2006With more Hispanics living in mid-America, the Day of the Dead holiday is gaining more mainstream popularity. We take a look at its history, and it’s celebrated in south-central Indiana.WTIUEnglishDownload
263.Remember When - Melchior Marionettes00:00:00WTIU-TV10/19/2006A marionette theater in little Nashville entertains the crowd, and gets everyone in the mood for Halloween.WTIUEnglishDownload
264.Lisa Germano00:00:00WTIU-TV10/19/2006Lisa Germano, a national recording artist, performs for us in the studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
265.Junior Rodeo00:00:00WTIU-TV10/19/2006See how kids from age 5 to 14 learn how to rodeo during Indiana Junior Rodeo Association’s stop in Bloomington.WTIUEnglishDownload
266.Future Jobs00:00:00WTIU-TV10/19/2006Great economic news in Columbus, as Cummins plans to welcome hundreds more workers. But the impact is far-reaching, as community members and new workers get a chance to enhance their technical skills.WTIUEnglishDownload
267.Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show00:00:00WTIU-TV9/21/2006A performance from Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show to preview the Beanblossom Bluegrass Festival.WTIUEnglishDownload
268.Community Controversy00:00:00WTIU-TV9/21/2006We find out why a neighborhood in Jennings County is considering legal action so they can become a town.WTIUEnglishDownload
269.Apple Harvesting00:00:00WTIU-TV9/21/2006It’s apple harvesting time. We’ll take you to one of the biggest harvesters in the area, and find out how it’s done.WTIUEnglishDownload
270.IU Cheerleading00:00:00WTIU-TV9/21/2006What does it take to be an IU cheerleader? A lot more than you probably think. We’ll take you behind the scenes to practice and game day.WTIUEnglishDownload
271.Wine Harvesting00:00:00WTIU-TV9/14/2006Take a trip out to some local vineyards, as community members take time out of their regular lives to pick grapes for Oliver Winery.WTIUEnglishDownload
272.What's the Deal? - Faster Pastor00:00:00WTIU-TV9/14/2006What’s the deal with local church pastors racing school busses around a dirt track?WTIUEnglishDownload
273.Morgan County Ashes00:00:00WTIU-TV9/14/2006Criminal charges are filed in the case of a break-in at a Martinsville home, but not for everything stolen. Why a Morgan County woman is looking for someone responsible for taking the remains of her grandmother.WTIUEnglishDownload
274.Internet Responsibility00:00:00WTIU-TV9/14/2006We find out what local universities are doing to educate students about the realities of websites like Facebook and MySpace. And why what students write now, may haunt them in the future.WTIUEnglishDownload
275.Scottish Festival00:00:00WTIU-TV9/7/2006The Columbus community gets ready for its annual scottish festival. We’ll show you the preparations.WTIUEnglishDownload
276.Historical Letter00:00:00WTIU-TV9/7/2006We find out more about an Indiana University alum, who wrote a letter in 1939, and stowed it away in a wall at the Indiana Memorial Union.WTIUEnglishDownload
277.What's the Deal? - Chocolate Milk00:00:00WTIU-TV9/7/2006What do you drink when you’ve finished a long swim? Could it be a cold glass of chocolate milk? We find out what’s the deal with a recent report saying that chocolate milk is the best beverage after a sweaty workout.WTIUEnglishDownload
278.Expressions00:00:00WTIU-TV9/7/2006A performance from a classical guitarist out of Bloomington.WTIUEnglishDownload
279.Marching 10000:00:00WTIU-TV8/24/2006As football season draws near, we follow a first year member of IU’s Marching Hundred as they prepare for the year.WTIUEnglishDownload
280.F.U.N.K. Fest00:00:00WTIU-TV8/24/2006The F.U.N.K. Fest comes to the Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park in Bean Blossom, and we have an Indiana band in the studio to preview the event.WTIUEnglishDownload
281.9th District Debate00:00:00WTIU-TV8/24/2006We’ll preview the upcoming debate on WTIU for the 9th District Congressional seat.WTIUEnglishDownload
282.School Leadership00:00:00WTIU-TV8/24/2006We talk with the interim superintendent of the Monroe County School Corporation about the future of leadership in the school corporation.WTIUEnglishDownload
283.School Initiative00:00:00WTIU-TV8/10/2006A look at a new IU initiative to help younger students in the state succeed in school.WTIUEnglishDownload
284.Nick Clooney00:00:00WTIU-TV8/10/2006We talk with Nick Clooney about his work in Darfur with his son George, and why it was so important for him to bring awareness to this war-torn part of the world.WTIUEnglishDownload
285.IU at the State Fair00:00:00WTIU-TV8/10/2006As Indiana University heads to the State Fair, we find out why it was so important for the university to have such a large presence at the annual festival.WTIUEnglishDownload
286.Columbus Discovery00:00:00WTIU-TV8/10/2006Find out how a team of IU archeologists discovered what may be Christopher Columbus’ lost flagship, the Mariagalante.WTIUEnglishDownload
287.Sax Cartel00:00:00WTIU-TV8/3/2006Enjoy the sounds of the Sax Cartel, as they perform for us in the studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
288.Puzzle Collection00:00:00WTIU-TV8/3/2006The largest collection of mechanical puzzles comes to Indiana University’s Lilly Library. We talk with the donator.WTIUEnglishDownload
289.Expressions - The Mikado00:00:00WTIU-TV8/3/2006See behind the scenes of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado”, presented by the IU Opera Theater.WTIUEnglishDownload
290.Brown County Tax Controversy00:00:00WTIU-TV8/3/2006See why tempers flared at a recent Brown County demonstration, over property taxes.WTIUEnglishDownload
291.Hill Course Renovation00:00:00WTIU-TV7/27/2006A look at the history of the Hill Course, a golf course near the French Lick Hotel, and what’s happening to it now.WTIUEnglishDownload
292.Gambling Training00:00:00WTIU-TV7/27/2006The date for the opening of the new casino in French Lick is inching closer, and organizers are getting ready. We’ll take you to gambling school, where dealers learn the tricks of the trade.WTIUEnglishDownload
293.Expressions - Cameron Sprinkle00:00:00WTIU-TV7/27/2006Cameron Sprinkle performs his 60’s style music in our studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
294.4-H Fair Veteran00:00:00WTIU-TV7/27/20064-H fairs are in full swing. Meet one young woman who learned life lessons thanks to her 10 years experience.WTIUEnglishDownload
295.Heart of Sailing00:00:00WTIU-TV7/20/2006We’ll take you sailing, and show you how a program on Lake Monroe is helping boost the confidence of special needs kids.WTIUEnglishDownload
296.Expressions - Irish Music00:00:00WTIU-TV7/20/2006Find out what a traditional Irish music session is, and how it involves the entire audience.WTIUEnglishDownload
297.Barnstormer Tour00:00:00WTIU-TV7/20/2006Take a ride with the American Barnstormer Tour when it comes to Bloomington. The tour recreates the golden early days of aviation.WTIUEnglishDownload
298.Rawhide Ranch00:00:00WTIU-TV7/20/2006We introduce you to a Terre Haute girl, who’s battled a serious disease her whole life. Learn how a horse ranch in Brown County helped in her rehabilitation.WTIUEnglishDownload
299.Volkswagon Dragracing00:00:00WTIU-TV7/13/2006It’s drag-racing of a different sort in Terre Haute…Volkswagon dragracing!WTIUEnglishDownload
300.Hutton - Post WWII00:00:00WTIU-TV7/13/2006We talk to Bedford native Edward Hutton about his role in the rebuilding effort in Germany, post World War II.WTIUEnglishDownload
301.Expressions - Power Lifting Harpists00:00:00WTIU-TV7/13/2006Meet three young local women who are talented harpists, and also award-winning power-lifters.WTIUEnglishDownload
302.3rd Party Politics00:00:00WTIU-TV7/13/2006A look at the possibility of a third party candidate in Indiana, and why it’s so difficult to run outside the 2-party system in our country.WTIUEnglishDownload
303.Raventones00:00:00WTIU-TV7/6/2006The Raventones perform for us in the studio. They are an autistic group, who entertain thousands with their music across the country.WTIUEnglishDownload
304.IU-German Financial Ties00:00:00WTIU-TV7/6/2006Chuck Carney takes us back to Germany as we look at how the country is trying to get out of financial trouble, and how some at Indiana University helped in that endeavor.WTIUEnglishDownload
305.Help Yourself - Pilates00:00:00WTIU-TV7/6/2006See how local folks are staying in shape with an old form of exercise. One that may be new to you.WTIUEnglishDownload
306.Expressions - Bob DeFrance00:00:00WTIU-TV7/6/2006Meet Bob DeFrance, a Terre Haute man who took his hobby of carving to the next level.WTIUEnglishDownload
307.Buskirk-Chumley Theater00:00:00WTIU-TV7/6/2006A look at the history of the Buskirk-Chumley theater in Bloomington, and why it means so much to so many people.WTIUEnglishDownload
308.Stone Age Institute00:00:00WTIU-TV6/29/2006It’s world-renowned for it’s expertise in archeological research, and it’s located right here in South-Central Indiana.WTIUEnglishDownload
309.Remember When00:00:00WTIU-TV6/29/2006Take a trip back in time when the calliope would usher people into the circus. We take you to Paul Dyer’s museum in Fortville, Indiana which houses numerous circus organs.WTIUEnglishDownload
310.Help Yourself00:00:00WTIU-TV6/29/2006We have tips from the expert at Smokin’ Jack’s Rib Shack in Bloomington, for your outdoor barbeque this holiday weekend.WTIUEnglishDownload
311.Expressions - Claude Ferguson00:00:00WTIU-TV6/29/2006Claude Ferguson of Bedford made people smile with his expert spoon-playing. He died just two weeks ago, and we honor his memory with this story.WTIUEnglishDownload
312.Red Skelton Remembered00:00:00WTIU-TV6/22/2006A Spencer artist creates a bust in honor of the late Red Skelton. It now sits in a place of honor at the brand-new Red Skelton Performing Arts Center in Vincennes. We'll take you there.WTIUEnglishDownload
313.Jenn Cristy00:00:00WTIU-TV6/22/2006Jenn Cristy a local singer-songwriter who's toured with John Mellencamp, performs in our studio.WTIUEnglishDownload
314.Expressions - Martina Celerin00:00:00WTIU-TV6/22/2006Meet Martina Celerin, a local weaver who incorporates her skills as a biologist into her art.WTIUEnglishDownload
315.EU - Local Connection00:00:00WTIU-TV6/22/2006Chuck Carney explores the local connection to the European Union, during his trip to Germany.WTIUEnglishDownload