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The SNITCH: News in IT at IU

The SNITCH: News in IT at IU
  1. Author: UITS
  2. Number of episodes: 103
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Podcast Description:

The IT Communications Office's biweekly broadcast of the hottest headlines in IT at IU.

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The SNITCH: News in IT at IU

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:58IT Communications Office12/3/2014IU mobile device security, finals and end-of-year to-dos, Adobe software licensing, print allotment, Box at IU approved for restricted data, IU awarded $6.6 million grant by National Science Foundation for Jetstream research cloud, Dell University cyber week deals, Echo360 lecture capture softwareUITSEnglishDownload
2.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:02IT Communications Office11/19/2014Echo360 lecture capture, University Information Policy Office, University Information Security Office, SPAM tips, phishing, Cyrus Webmail retirement, Dell University deals for IU, Access workshops with UITS IT Training, IU Southeast 3D printing lab, UITS Support Center Thanksgiving hoursUITSEnglishDownload
3.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:53IT Communications Office9/24/2014Statewide IT Conference; apply to use IU's supercomputing resources for research; participate in the PRAGMA 27 Expedition Programming Challenge; Kelley School of Business and College of Arts and Sciences partner to offer IT degrees; Places and Spaces wraps up; CompTIA+ Project workshop with UITS IT TrainingUITSEnglishDownload
4.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:08:39IT Communications Office9/10/2014Statewide IT Conference registration closing soon; IUanyWare now includes Adobe Creative Cloud 2014; Rob Quick and Kyle Gross travel to Senegal for the 2014 African Grid School and work with Open Science Grid; watch the Tech Bytes video series for reviews, tips, and info on tech resources; congratulations to UITS Enterprise Infrastructure for the 2014 VMware Innovation Award for cybersecurity efforts; IT Training workshops; plug into the sun session; NFLPA partners with Kelley; Game on with UITSUITSEnglishDownload
5.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:08:43IT Communications Office8/27/2014Get tech help from the IU Knowledge Base and UITS Support Center; download and stream with IUware and IUanyWare; computer deals and discounts via AT&T, Dell, Sony, Apple; Box at IU accounts double to 100 GB; IT Training offers loads of options for learning the latest software; Returning students with Windows devices: Run Get Connected Express; Cyrus email (IU Webmail) phasing out in FebruaryUITSEnglishDownload
6.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:58IT Communications Office7/16/2014Subscribe to IT announcements from the IT Community Partnerships list; sign up high school students for SPAN program school of informatics and computing at IUPUI; UITS Tech Bytes video series; navigating the aural web; Davide Bolchini; IU joins Higher Education Video Game Alliance; Cassava Genome Project; XSEDE Conference UITS Research TechnologiesUITSEnglishDownload
7.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:00IT Communications Office6/18/2014Current news it IT at IU: IU Health to retire, IU joins Unizin consortium, IU Knowledge Base gets a makeover, IU Libraries launches WWII propoganda film digital exhibition, UITS Support Center takes honors at Call Center Week Awards, Cyrus email (IU webmail) to retire, IU Print service launches in fall, UITS IT Training workshopsUITSEnglishDownload
8.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:58IT Communications Office6/4/2014Statewide IT Conference, Nick Bilton, phishing, Box, cloud storage, InCNTRE, PlugFest, SDN, OpenFlow, Joel Langston, sustainability award, UITS IT Training workshops, GPU, I-LightUITSEnglishDownload
9.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:57IT Communications Office5/21/2014Statewide IT Conference call for proposals; New York Times' Nick Bilton keynote speaker; Ready, Set, Robots! camp; LEGO Mindstorms; BotOrNot Twitter app; Kelley School of Business eText Strategic Business Writing; Paul Sharpe appointed UITS executive director IU South Bend; UITS IT Training high performance computing workshop; plotter printing prices changing in Bloomington; Sony Electronics Scholarship Program winners; HoverbikeUITSEnglishDownload
10.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:44IT Communications Office4/23/2014Emilio Ferrara, an IU complex network researcher fights crime with mobile phone data; IT Communications Office launches IT News & Events website; InCNTRE Summer of Networking to become academic program; How to change external password after Heartbleed; Brent Sweeny receives Internet2 President's Leadership Award; Fred Cate offers big data recommendations to White House; IU to host Internet2 ESnet Technology Exchange; GitHub Enterprise; Subversion; PluralsightUITSEnglishDownload
11.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:14IT Communications Office4/9/2014News for April 9, 2014: IU Secure vs AT&T Wi-Fi; IU Surplus Stores smalls program recycling; National Center for Genome Analysis Support aids research on fishery decline in the North Atlantic; faculty: request software for the STCs; IUPUI Dean David Lewis on visionary list; Talk Nerdy to Me episode 9 Bitcoin; IU Mobile Energy Matters real time monitoring; UITS Research Technologies at IUPUI Research Day; Matt Link; Nitocris Perez; Big Red II; Google Glass; WTIUUITSEnglishDownload
12.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:06IT Communications Office3/26/2014Dell Member Exclusive Discount 17 percent, Polar Technology Conference, UITS Research Technologies Infoshares, Internet2, India, National Knowledge Network, R&E, research & education, One.IU, app store, Mira Award, Techpoint, Microsoft XP, Box beta tests upload sizes, UITS IT Training workshops, support for IU OnlineUITSEnglishDownload
13.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:57IT Communications Office3/12/2014The Snitch dishes on Dell's exclusive 17 percent employee discount for IU and other deals on tablets and PCs; TEAL - technology-enabled active learning at IU South Bend; IU Women in Technology hosts Centered Leadership: Leading with Purpose, Clarity, and Impact on March 20; IU named as partner in President Obama's Digital Lab for Manufacturing, Big Red II; Kuali Open Library Environment awarded Mellon grant; Talk Nerdy to Me with roboticist Anna Eilering; and Intelligent Infrastructure.UITSEnglishDownload
14.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:17IT Communications Office2/25/2014UITS User Survey, retirement of Imail and Cyrus (webmail), updates to One.IU, eTexts ordering for summer and fall, UITS IT Training workshops, Brilliant Minds video series, Andrew Lumsdaine, how to use Big Red IIUITSEnglishDownload
15.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:24IT Communications Office2/11/2014Kinsey Reporter app, Valentine's Day, Dell computer deals, IT-28, cyber risk, mitigate, policy, paperless classroom, traditional classroom, One.IU, app store, IDG award, Talk Nerdy to Me, podcast, Secunia Personal Software Inspector, Pluralsight, cybercrime, Indiana GigaPOPUITSEnglishDownload
16.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:09IT Communications Office1/28/2014electronic hoarding, gadgets, IU surplus, Talk Nerdy to Me, podcast, Intellagirl, gamification, Fred Cate, Snowden Effect, NSA, spying, tech industry, I-Light, Zayo, Geoffrey Fox, MOOCs, Computerworld, EDUCAUSE, Brad Wheeler, Media Digitization and Preservation InitiativeUITSEnglishDownload
17.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:20IT Communications Office12/3/2013Cyber Monday, cybersecurity, Protect IU, tips, Black Friday, Dell, AT&T, deals, discounts, green computing, IU surplus, reuse, passphrase vault, Thomas Sterling, HPC, Vanguard, Exascale Report, IU Mobile, computer labs, STCs, UITS IT TrainingUITSEnglishDownload
18.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:06IT Communications Office11/19/2013Cryptolocker, Protect IU, Thanksgiving, data science, School of Informatics and Computing, ransomware, malware, Box, cloud storage, supercomputing, SC13, PTI, big data, Dell University, black Friday, deals, discounts, Noma Maier, sustainability, EDUCAUSEUITSEnglishDownload
19.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:22IT Communications Office11/5/2013Statewide IT Conference, GIS Day, geographic information systems, Aneesh Chopra, Lee Hamilton, Fred Cate, Raquel Hill, NSA, National Science Foundation, CREST, Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies, NCGAS, National Center for Genome Analysis and Support, Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative, Colin AllenUITSEnglishDownload
20.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:42IT Communications Office10/25/2013Statewide IT Conference, Aneesh Chopra, Congressman Lee Hamilton, Fred Cate, Raquel Hill, Brad Wheeler, One, OneStart, Restart, Bepko, internships, Imail, Umail, Knowledge Base, UITS IT Training, CEWiT, Moira Gunn, InCNTRE, OpenFlow, SDN LabUITSEnglishDownload
21.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:57IT Communications Office10/10/2013Statewide IT Conference, register, Summer of Networking, internship, InCNTRE, large-scale networks, networking, advanced, technology, GlobalNOC, NOAA, N-Wave, contract, Campus Network Engineering, data spike, iOS7, STEM, women in technology, UITS IT Training, CIC Arms of Communication, IU Libraries, data management, IU Alumni Association, JSTOR, Project MuseUITSEnglishDownload
22.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:29IT Communications Office9/26/2013Research Tech Expo, UITS Research Technologies, iPhone, iOS7, ProtectIU, Science on a Sphere, IUanyWare, saving files, ergonomics, Brad Wheeler, EDUCAUSE, award, Eric Holk, GPU, programming, I-Light, Indiana televisionUITSEnglishDownload
23.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:18IT Communications Office9/12/2013Passphrase protection, University Information Policy Office, IU Secure, UITS Support Center, Big Red II workshop, Cyberinfrastructure Building, LEED, gold, Global Research Network Operations Center, GlobalNOCUITSEnglishDownload
24.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:28IT Communications Office8/29/201324/7 expert tech support, No-cost software, Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec, IT training, cloud storage, computer discounts, Apple, Dell, HP, Sony, ATT, UITS Student IT Ambassadors, sustainable computing, IUanyWare, stat math software, IU Mobile, Andrew Lumsdaine, CREST, shockwave physics, DOE, eTexts, Brad Wheeler, Indianapolis StarUITSEnglishDownload
25.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:00IT Communications Office8/15/2013Back to school, Facebook. Twitter, Podcast, New to IT@IU, tech expos, vendors, Dell, ATT, computer deals, save, Advanced Visualization Lab, tools, Science on a Sphere, IQ-Wall, Virtual Reality Theater, UITS IT Training, workshops, DeviceNet, gaming consoles, Gen ConUITSEnglishDownload
26.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:19IT Communications Office7/25/2013IU researchers, Research Tech Expo, science gateways, infrastructure, supercomputers, massive storage, visualization, networking, geospatial analysis, statistical software, software performance analysis and tuning, life sciences, go green, print less, AT&T discount, voice and data, DARPA Robotics Challenge, Hubo, School of Informatics and Computing, NetTalk, Steve WallaceUITSEnglishDownload
27.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:40IT Communications Office6/26/2013Big Red II, Graph500, TOP500, supercomputer, NetTalk Series, business, networking, SDN, cloud computing, Steve Wallace, Sue Workman, IT futures, UITS IT Training, web skills, graphic design, Adobe Creative Suite, eWaste collection, IU experts on PRISMUITSEnglishDownload
28.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:36IT Communications Office5/30/2013IU Mobile,, IU on the go, UITS User survey, Brad Wheeler, Horatio McCallister Simpsons, UITS ComputerGuide, HP, Dell, Sony, Apple, deals, discounts, hardware, software, UITS IT Training, workshops, no-cost, Excel, Acess, SQL, SPSS, eTexts, Courseload, Talk Nerdy to Me, podcast, nerds, eWaste, IU South BendUITSEnglishDownload
29.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:00IT Communications Office5/16/2013Kinsey Reporter, app, sexual behavior, IUCAT online library catalog, interface, IDG Computerworld Honors Program, eTexts initiative, Dell, PC, exclusive discounts, gift card, Xbox, BEST competition,, Menguin, tuxedos, Aspire Manifesto, video, UITS Support Center, Daft Punk, Random Access MemoriesUITSEnglishDownload
30.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:56IT Communications Office5/2/2013Big Red II dedication, one petaFLOPS supercomputer, Cray, Meryl Streep, Michael McRobbie, Brad Wheeler, Paul Messina, Peter Ungaro, IU Secure VPN, UITS IT Training, EdCert, SharePoint Nintex, Adobe Audition, Imail, Umail, graduation, TechPoint Mira Award, IUanyWare, client virtualization, CERN, www, HathiTrust, Internet2, Kuali Financial System, eWaste DaysUITSEnglishDownload
31.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:49IT Communications Office4/18/2013Dedication of Big Red II, world's fastest university-owned supercomputer; video-based eLearning; Paul Messina Argonne lab high performance computing; student technology center seat finder; Earth Day celebration GoGreen gadget; Electronic Waste Collection Days; Talk Nerdy to Me tech podcast; IU Nettalk lecture series; IU Mobile; IU Libraries digitization repositoryUITSEnglishDownload
32.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:39IT Communications Office4/4/2013Introducing the Talk Nerdy to Me podcast; save the date for the Statewide IT Conference; check out IU-negotiated deals from Dell; end-of-semester to-do list; Huzzah to Brian Harper (IU Southeast) of The Open Crowd Project; IU Online Town Hall; UITS User Survey deadline; UITS IT Training - Windows 8 and Office 13; Women in IT meeting; Bioshock Infinite.UITSEnglishDownload
33.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:17IT Communications Office3/21/2013Cengage Learning and SAGE join IU eTexts initiative; UITS User Survey: April 5 deadline approaching; It’s Disability Awareness Month – learn how tech can help; March Madness deals from Dell and HP; Featured IUanyWare app: Adobe Illustrator; Faculty: Submit your software requests for fall; March 22: Vice President for IT and CIO Brad Wheeler to speak at TEDx Bloomington; Next IU Online Town Hall meeting: April 5 in Bloomington; Huzzah: Matt Standish helps climate researchers study polar ice sheetUITSEnglishDownload
34.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:07:20IT Communications Office3/4/2013Spring break hours for UITS services and support; UITS User Survey: Your feedback matters; Learn all about Big Red II - IU’s new supercomputer; Protect IU blog: Are they really who they say they are?; InformationWeek: Indiana University Models E-Textbook Success; Students: Enter the 2013 Information Security Awareness Video and Poster Contest; Missed the IU Online Town Hall Meeting? View archived video; IU receives patent for software that predicts economic activity through Twitter; IU awardedUITSEnglishDownload
35.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:50IT Communications Office2/18/2013Like UITS on Facebook; Darth Thursdays with UITS; Adobe Days at IU Bloomington; Give feedback on IU Secure upgrades; IU Online Town Hall; Johan Bollen Twitter Predictor patent; IUanyWare featured app: Microsoft Access 2010; Master of Science in Security Informatics program leads to high employment; Dean Gwyn Richards to speak at CIB; deals from Dell University; Atoms for Peace - Amok.UITSEnglishDownload
36.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:08:16IT Communications Office2/3/2013Explore Office 2013 Professional Plus; eTexts ordering open for summer and fall; Swing by Adobe Days at IUPUI and IU Bloomington; IU IT communications team earns awards from STC; Sign up for SharePoint Site Administration and Introductory Parallel Programming training; Avoid sharing or writing down your passphrase; Watch archived video of Executive Dean Larry Singell: "The Goals, Values, and Vision for the College: The Role of Technology in the Liberal Arts"; Steve Wallace to be InCNTRE executivUITSEnglishDownload
37.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:07IT Communications Office1/21/2013IUanyWare STC survey; IU video bridge impacted by Lync 2013 client; update listing on IU faculty/staff directory; UITS IT Training hosts sessions on Windows 8 and Office 2013; IU's online programs rank on US News & World Report Best Online Education Programs list; January 28 - Data Privacy Day; January 30 - talk by Dean Larry Singell; wireless adapter tips on UITS ComputerGuide.UITSEnglishDownload
38.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:58IT Communications Office1/6/2013January is data privacy month; Fred Cate on Instagram policies; smartphone security tips; "Leadership by example" with Sue Workman and IU Women in IT; Russell Conard named to Forbes "30 under 30" list; AT&T Study Abroad Pilot; AskIU has answers to campus questions; check campus emergency site during bad weather; Box at IU apps simplify storage and collaboration.UITSEnglishDownload
39.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:53IT Communications Office12/9/2012UITS Support Center available during winter break; Holiday deals from Dell and HP; Microsoft Office 2013 coming to IUanyWare; Tips for graduating this month; Boost your tech skills with UITS IT Training; Students: End of semester to-dos; IU East ranked among most connected colleges; Take your files 1with you over the break with Box at IU; IU selected as home for US Desk of international scientific computing publication; Wired magazine blog post by Stephen Simms: IU deploys 5 Petabyte Data CapaciUITSEnglishDownload
40.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:52IT Communications Office11/25/2012Tips for secure online holiday shopping; Holiday deals from Dell and HP; Featured IUanyWare app: Adobe InDesign; UITS IT Training spring schedule; IU/eBay Inspire Scholars program promotes women in computing; Find open seats in Student Technology Centers; Don’t miss out: AT&T discount for faculty and staffUITSEnglishDownload
41.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:10IT Communications Office11/12/2012Support Center hours during Thanksgiving; AT&T discounts for faculty and staff; holiday deals from Dell and HP; Microsoft Project Pro on IUanyWare; new Data Capacitor II upgrade; A Conversation with Mark Cuban; New tech tools allow online classroom collaboration; UITS IT Training publishes spring schedule; AskIU; Campus emergency website awareness; Turkey; James Bond SkyfallUITSEnglishDownload
42.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:20IT Communications Office11/2/2012Use the CIB IQ-Wall; Daylight Saving Time changes; EDUCAUSE annual conference; McRobbie top 10 president list; ATT discount increase; Microsoft Visio 10 on IU; Celebrate GIS Day on Nov 14; Women in IT meeting on November 13.UITSEnglishDownload
43.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:24IT Communications Office10/18/2012Tips for National Cybersecurity Awareness month; IU Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research annual summit; Indiana Aspirations in Computing Award competition; IU acquires the world's fastest, university-owned supercomputer; Statewide IT session slide decks and videos are now available on the conference website; UITS IT Training session on Windows 8 and Office 2013; IU to merge School of Informatics and Computing with the School of Library and Information ScienceUITSEnglishDownload
44.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:49IT Communications Office10/5/2012Statewide IT Conference follow-up; mobile security at IU; UITS IT Training - certified project manager course; 2013 eTexts sign up is now open; IU Astronomy/PTI - one degree imager; CourseNetworking webinarUITSEnglishDownload
45.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:22IT Communications Office9/20/2012Bepko internships; Statewide IT Conference; UITS IT Training workshops (post-conference); Elsevier Science & Technology Books - IU eTexts initiative; IU partners with NSF in Science Gateway Institution; Faculty sign ups for eTexts; AVL ParaView tutorials; learning concrete5; UITS Support Center and IU Knowledge Base.UITSEnglishDownload
46.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:01IT Communications Office9/6/2012Register for Statewide IT Conference; mandatory passphrase expiration; Box at IU; Xbox deal from HP and Dell; IU partners with Ivy Tech on support; Women in IT@IU meeting; Stat/Math software on IUanyWARE; Get answers from AskIU; use IU Secure for secure Wi-Fi connections; contact information for the UITS Support Center.UITSEnglishDownload
47.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:44IT Communications Office8/23/2012New to IT@IU, passphrase expiration, learning technologies pilot launch, Snitch Huzzah of the Week, get a free Xbox from Dell or HP, IU rolls out Google Custom Search, Join UITS Student IT Ambassadors, UITS Research Technologies Fair on September 5, Suresh Marru invited to Apache Software Foundation, Chris Soghoian named top young innovator by MIT.UITSEnglishDownload
48.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:16IT Communications Office8/10/2012Welcome to IT@IU, Register for the Statewide IT conference, Keep your software up-to-date to avoid malware attacks, IU informatics dean receives top honor for promoting diversity, Check out UITS IT Training's fall schedule, Save money on an Xbox through Dell and HPUITSEnglishDownload
49.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:06:01IT Communications Office7/27/2012Students: Run Get Connected before coming to campus New faculty and instructors: Get started with teaching technologies Keep up with smartphone security Get recommendations, FAQs, and deals from the ComputerGuide New group: Women in IT UITS IT Training webinars Be sure to change your passphrase before September 10 Jury: Forgetting to log off gives "tacit authorization" for snooping • IU partnership results in faster Trinity RNA sequencing software • July 30-Aug. 3: Science Cloud SummerUITSEnglishDownload
50.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:52IT Communications Office7/13/2012Energy-saving tips to help reduce your summer bill; Change your passphrase now to avoid fall disruptions; Here for New Student Orientation? Visit New to IT@IU; IUanyWARE takes flight; Get hands-on cloud computing experience at Science Cloud Summer School; IU named 2012 Campus Technology InnovatorUITSEnglishDownload
51.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:05:19IT Communications Office6/29/2012Get secure wireless at member universities; Check out photos from the Ready, Set, Robots! workshop; NSF awards IU $3.82 million for Open Science Grid Operations Center; GlobalNOC’s Worldview on display at Smithsonian Folklife Festival; IT Training: Get instructor-led, hands-on training online; IU East adds three new online degrees; Take advantage of Apple’s Back to School promotions; IU receives NSF grant to help climate scientists protect coastal cities; Cisco joins Interoperability Lab.UITSEnglishDownload
52.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:34IT Communications Office6/15/2012AT&T Wi-Fi access for IU guests; Indiana University receives 2012 CIO 100 award; Spam or legit email: How do you know?; Shakespeare or social work? There are apps for that; IT Training: Power up with PowerPoint; Prefer to listen to your news? The SNITCH is a short, lively audio podcast of the week's top IT stories for IU; Thanks for taking part in the UITS Customer Satisfaction Surveys; Come to the CIB to watch the Robot Grand Challenge.UITSEnglishDownload
53.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:51IT Communications Office6/1/2012UITS News | May 30, 2012 1. Tech support all summer long 2. Statewide IT Conference 2012: Proposals due June 4 3. Protect IU: Pixar's mistake, or why you should back up your data 4. Earn a certificate through IT Training 5. Happy IPv6 Day! 6. Faculty: Submit your software requests for fall semester 7. More IT news and eventsUITSEnglishDownload
54.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:29IT Communications Office5/18/2012Top stories 1. IU expands eTexts initiative with Pearson 2. Adobe Creative Suite 6 now available from IUware 3. Statewide IT Conference 2012: Share your expertise 4. IU simplifies online collaboration with 5. Upgrades coming to the Student Technology Centers 6. Get started with basic IT training 7. More IT news and eventsUITSEnglishDownload
55.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:35IT Communications Office5/4/2012IU Mobile: Your IU away from IU; Three must-read posts from Protect IU; Change your passphrase now to avoid fall disruptions; Download security software, and stay current with updates; Connect securely from outside IU; Sign up for summer training; Students: End of semester to-dos; May 9 webinar: VP for IT and CIO Brad Wheeler on IU's eTexts strategies; May 11 and 12: Electronic Waste Collection Days; Summer informatics workshops for high schoolers; Two-year, postdoc fellowships available in datUITSEnglishDownload
56.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:38IT Communications Office4/20/2012It's Earth Week: Save energy by changing your habits; Save the dates: May 11 and 12 are Bloomington's eWaste Days; April 20 is IUPUI's on-campus ToxAway Day; How old is your passphrase?; Students: End of semester to-do list; IU continues IT Training workshops at no cost to faculty and staff; Call for 25% off select Dell Inspiron and XPS systems this monthUITSEnglishDownload
57.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:04IT Communications Office4/6/2012Adobe Days at IUB and IUPUI; Protect IU: Jobseekers asked for Facebook passwords; Looking for more SharePoint training?; UITS IT Training extends spring pilot; Ready, Set, Robots 2012; Save the date for eWaste Days 2012UITSEnglishDownload
58.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:01IT Communications Office3/22/2012Twelve tips for safe social networking; Attend James Gee's presentation on the role of games in learning; User Survey ends soon: Please help shape IU's IT future; No-cost IT training pilot a big success; Save the date: Get your Photoshop on at Adobe Days; Reminder: Don't miss vendor day at your campus; Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 now available from IUware; Dell's latest member exclusive couponUITSEnglishDownload
59.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:01IT Communications Office3/3/2012User Survey: Help improve UITS services; Play it safe, party animal: Help maintain a secure environment; IU Mobile is your IU away from campus; It's disability awareness month: Learn how tech can help; Dell, Apple, AT&T, and CDW-G visiting IU campuses this month; IU VP for IT named Tech Innovator by Chronicle of Higher Ed; IU social media scholar invited to join Microsoft Research; Spring break hours for UITS services and supportUITSEnglishDownload
60.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:10IT Communications Office2/18/2012When you need tech support, just ask for help; Don't fall for fake IU email; Exclusive deals from Dell and HP for President's Day; Meet lynda and share your eLearning experiences; Have you visited the Knowledge Base lately?; Track your extracurriculars with My InvolvementUITSEnglishDownload
61.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:00IT Communications Office2/4/2012STC spaces have options to fit your study preferences; IU eTexts initiative adds materials from Harvard Business; Find IT training that suits your learning style; Get no-cost security software from IU; Feb 23. & Mar. 22: Learn to use ParaView for scientific visualization; Prefer to listen to your IT news? Subscribe to our podcasts; Indiana launches new ultra-high-speed network; IU Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities welcomes new faculty fellows; IT pioneer Garland Elmore receives PresidentUITSEnglishDownload
62.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:04:02IT Communications Office1/21/20125,300 IU students benefit from eTexts savings; Reminder: January is Data Privacy Month; Bad weather? Check the campus emergency website; Get IT support over Super Bowl weekend; KB menus provide introductions to IT at IU; Keep up on popular IT services: subscribe to IT Notices; or students, faculty, and staff; UITS adds new sessions of popular training workshops; Get exclusive savings with HP academy; AskIU: Answers to all things IU, on every IU campusUITSEnglishDownload
63.The SNITCH: News in IT at IU00:03:50IT Communications Office1/7/2012eTexts gain momentum; Start the year off right with IT support; IT support on MLK Day; Want overviews of IT tools and services? Visit NU2IT; IUware is the place to get the software you need; Choose from IT workshops on over 80 topics; Dell and other exclusive hardware deals; Students: Be sure to roll over your unused printing allotment; Faculty and staff: Is your directory listing up-to-date?; Mobile apps for UniCom available; Campus information and more 24/7UITSEnglishDownload
64.UITS News: December 14, 201100:03:50IT Communications Office12/10/2011eTexts gain momentum; IDS reports on the Cyberinfrastructure Building; IU faculty receive numerous distinctions; IU Mobile rolls out new Campus 411 service; End of semester to-do list; Securely connect to the IU network while you're away; Training to help you get ahead in the new year; Reminder: HP and Dell holiday deal; Keep in touch over the holidaysUITSEnglishDownload
65.UITS News: December 7, 201100:03:51IT Communications Office12/3/2011New Adobe contract includes Digital Publishing Suite; IUware takes software and training searches to a new level; IU's top 12 IT training resources; Safe online shopping during the holidays; HP & Dell holiday deals; Graduating in December?; UITS EdCert program kicks off this springUITSEnglishDownload
66.UITS News: November 30, 201100:03:45IT Communications Office11/26/2011Adobe Creative Suite applications are coming to a cloud near you; Attention December 2011 graduates; IT training reminders: No-cost options for this spring; Holiday deals from HP; Want overviews of IT tools and services? Visit NU2IT; Keep up on the IT apps and services you use most; Featured KB doc: Your options for accessing IT Notices; From web to mobile to app in 60 seconds with Dreamweaver CS5.5UITSEnglishDownload
67.UITS News: November 16, 201100:03:58IT Communications Office11/12/2011IUware makes it even easier to get the software you need; Thanks to our vendor partners; IU opens center to solve challenges of digital scientific research; IU, CIC partner to bring next-gen networking to Midwest CIC; Your passphrase is your first line of defense (all campuses); UITS services over Thanksgiving break; Faculty and staff: Take IT workshops for free this springUITSEnglishDownload
68.UITS News: November 2, 201100:03:28IT Communications Office11/6/2011Find open seating in Student Technology Centers; Feed your tech needs without emptying your wallet; Filter tweets based on source, keyword, or person; Learn SharePoint 2010; Daylight Saving Time reminder; Fake IU email alert; Featured KB doc: What is email fraud; IU, Oxford to offer program in information law and policy; Numbers of women with tech majors increasingUITSEnglishDownload
69.UITS News: November 9, 201100:03:51IT Communications Office11/6/2011Find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter; Charge and secure your laptop; Celebrate GIS Day on November 16; Featured KB doc: How can I access free GIS software?; Take full advantage of IU's unified communication service; Reminder: Sign up for in-depth SharePoint 2010 training; Featured services for collaboration and data capture; Advanced Visualization Lab named 3D film festival winnerUITSEnglishDownload
70.UITS News: October 26, 201100:03:42IT Communications Office10/31/2011IU Mobile; Stat/Math services available to students on IUanyWARE; IT Training and; IU Knowledge Base; National Center for Genome Analysis Support - NSF grant; news and events in brief.UITSEnglishDownload
71.UITS News: October 19, 201100:04:04IT Communications Office10/24/2011CIB dedication; beware of smishing (Protect IU); IT@IU; upgrade to Lync; AskIU; UITS wiki survey; Microsoft Project workshop; learn more about AdobeUITSEnglishDownload
72.UITS News: October 12, 201100:04:26IT Communications Office10/17/2011National Cybersecurity Awareness months (tips and advice); IU social media lands in top 10 on Klout list; energy conservation tips from the Office of Sustainability; Campus Call Centers; faculty etexts deadline; Lync for Mac; UITS IT Training classes; IU conference call services.UITSEnglishDownload
73.UITS News: October 6, 201100:03:27IT Communications Office10/11/2011Adobe updates at IUware; video tutorials; Statewide IT Conference videos; sustainable/green IT energy-saving tips; 2011 Fall Energy Challenge; news and events in briefUITSEnglishDownload
74.UITS News: September 29, 201100:03:48IT Communications Office10/3/2011Statewide IT Conference, Summer of Networking internship program, Bepko internships, eTexts for 2012, UITS IT Training workshop materials, helpful how-tos.UITSEnglishDownload
75.UITS News: September 22, 201100:03:35IT Communications Office9/28/2011Keep up on popular IT services: Subscribe to IT Notices Get real-time answers with IM an Expert Need specialized IT support? Visit the A-Z services directory Technology centers: Locations, seats, flex spaces, and moreUITSEnglishDownload
76.UITS News: September 15, 201100:02:54IT Communications Office9/20/2011IT for students, faculty, and staff [1] All: Adobe software, by download or DVD [2] Faculty: Want to use eTexts in your spring 2012 classes? [3] Is your faculty/staff online directory listing correct? IT support and training [4] When you need tech support, just ask for help [5] Getting started with SharePoint @ IU [6] Twelve tips for safe social networking IT news and events [7] Sept. 19: Student IT Ambassadors callout meeting [8] Sept. 28: Free IT traUITSEnglishDownload
77.UITS News: September 8, 201100:03:19IT Communications Office9/13/2011IT news and events [1] Join VP Wheeler for eTexts infoshares on Sept. 8 and 9 [2] Check out the Statewide IT Conference program [3] Infoshare: Web Site Privacy Notice Generator IT for students, faculty, and staff [4] Students: Are you looking to add to your resume? [5] UniCom upgrade: What's in it for me? IT support and training [6] What is the IU Knowledge Base? [7] AskIU: Answers to all things IU, on every IU campus [8] Reminder: Check out the fall tUITSEnglishDownload
78.UITS News: September 1, 201100:03:26IT Communications Office9/7/2011Flash Drives, IU Secure, Student Ambassadors, Printing AllotmentUITSEnglishDownload
79.UITS News: August 24, 201100:07:49IT Communications Office8/31/2011IT for students, faculty, and staff [1] Students: We're here to help with your IT needs [2] Students: Looking for flexible study environments? [3] Faculty and staff: Choose conference calls, and save on meetings IT news and events [4] IU Mobile goes open source [5] All: Invitation to the 2011 Statewide IT Conference IT support and training [6] Fast self-help from the Knowledge Base [7] Now available: Fall training schedule IT security tips [8] ProUITSEnglishDownload
80.UITS News: August 17, 201100:04:38IT Communications Office8/31/2011Computer Deals, IT Services and Wireless phone servicesUITSEnglishDownload
81.UITS Weekly Update:8/10/201100:04:45UITS Communications Office8/15/2011The UITS YouTube channel, Oncourse fall readiness checklist, deals from Dell for students, faculty and staff and more...UITSEnglishDownload
82.UITS News Podcast: 7/27/201100:05:01UITS Communications Office8/1/2011A new IT Training web site, flexible computer labs, WCMS best practices and more.UITSEnglishDownload
83.UITS News Podcast: 7/13/201100:05:12UITS Communications Office7/18/2011NU2IT, tips on safe social networking, Kuali Coeus town hall meetings and more.UITSEnglishDownload
84.UITS News Podcast: 6/29/201100:04:17UITS Communications Office7/4/2011IU voted one of best places to work in IT, enter the Adobe Max awards, the Protect IU web portal, and more.UITSEnglishDownload
85.UITS News Podcast: 6/15/201100:04:44UITS Communications Office6/20/2011NU2IT, laptop lockers, IU Twitter feeds and more.UITSEnglishDownload
86.UITS News Podcast: 6/1/201100:04:13UITS Communications Office6/6/2011Don't miss the June 2nd Infoshare on IU Digital Signage. Set aside time for summer WCMS training. New advanced SharePoint workshop. And more...UITSEnglishDownload
87.UITS Weekly Update: 5/18/201100:04:07UITS Communications Office5/23/2011Adobe 5.5 available on IUware, Oncourse changes, explore the IU Second Life teaching and learning island, and more.UITSEnglishDownload
88.UITS Weekly Update: 5/4/201100:04:42UITS Communications Office5/9/2011News about E-waste days, don't fall for fake IU email, update security software and more.UITSEnglishDownload
89.UITS Weekly Update: 4/27/201100:03:47UITS Communications Office5/2/2011IU Mobile, SSL VPN, the UITS user survey and more.UITSEnglishDownload
90.UITS Weekly Update: 4/20/201100:05:38UITS Communications4/25/2011Sustainable computing at IU and IUPUI.UITSEnglishDownload
91.The UITS Weekly Update: 4/13/201100:04:48UITS Communication and Media4/18/2011End of semester reminders, IU email after graduation, the new Protect IU web site and more.UITSEnglishDownload
92.UITS Weekly Update: 3/30/201100:04:47UITS Communication and Media4/4/2011Adobe Days at IU, visits IU, cloud computing and more.UITSEnglishDownload
93.UITS Weekly Update: 3/23/201100:05:07UITS Communication and Media3/28/2011SharePoint primers, the User eXperience Group, IT Training Live, deals from Dell and more.UITSEnglishDownload
94.UITS Weekly Update: 3/9/201100:04:37UITS Communication and Media3/2/2011IU Mobile, UITS on Facebook and Twitter,, Excel Certificate Series and other news for March 9, 2011.UITSEnglishDownload
95.UITS Weekly Update: 3/2/201100:04:24UITS Communication and Media2/23/2011Stories about getting tech support, adaptive technologies, software from IUware, SharePoint primers and more.UITSEnglishDownload
96.UITS Weekly Update: 2/23/201100:05:14UITS Communication and Media2/16/2011Deals from HP, eTexts townhall meetings, ITNow 2.0 and other stories.UITSEnglishDownload
97.UITS Weekly Update: 2/16/201100:05:29UITS Communication and Media2/10/2011Don't fall for fake IU email, download security software, eTexts, and more.UITSEnglishDownload
98.UITS Weekly Update: 2/9/201100:05:59UITS Communication and Media2/3/2011Become an Adobe expert, Student Technology Centers, the KB, Adobe Connect vs. Microsoft Live Meeting and more.UITSEnglishDownload
99.UITS Weekly Update: 2/2/201100:06:16UITS Communication and Media1/26/2011IU Mobile for Android, WCMS, teaching and learning in bad weather, filesharing caveats and more.UITSEnglishDownload
100.UITS Weekly Update: 1/26/201100:04:19UITS Communication and Media1/20/2011Stories about avoiding identity theft, the campus emergency web site, following IU tweeters and more.UITSEnglishDownload
101.UITS Weekly Update: 1/19/201100:04:38UITS Communications and Media1/13/2011Stories about Data Privacy Day, IU-Notify, the UITS YouTube channel and more.UITSEnglishDownload
102.UITS Weekly Update: 1/10/201100:04:37UITS Communication and Media1/6/2011IU Mobile iPhone app, Secunia PSI, the Knowledge Commons and more.UITSEnglishDownload
103.UITS Weekly Update: 1/3/201100:04:26UITS Communication and Media12/30/2010Start the year off right with IT support; learn to set up your course site in Oncourse; Linux software; and other stories.UITSEnglishDownload