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Government Information And Kent Cooper Services: The Podcast

Government Information And Kent Cooper Services: The Podcast
  1. Author: IUB Libraries
  2. Number of episodes: 4
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Podcast Description:

Useful tips and information on accessing government information and navigating East Tower 2 of the Herman B. Wells Library.

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Government Information And Kent Cooper Services: The Podcast

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Kent Cooper00:04:44Sarah Lucas11/11/2009I had no idea who Kent Cooper was. I mean, we have a plaque and a very nice painting, but you can only learn so much from bronze and oil.IUB LibrariesEnglishDownload
2.Where did THAT law come from?00:04:12Sarah Lucas11/11/2009Potato chips and public laws. Everything's got to be written down somewhere, right?IUB LibrariesEnglishDownload
3.Depositories!00:02:54Sarah Lucas11/11/2009The Wells library is a depository for such august bodies as the US Federal Government, the EU and the UN. That's great! What's a depository?IUB LibrariesEnglishDownload
4.The Freedom of Information Act00:04:57Dunstan McNutt2/27/2009The purpose of this podcast is to provide background information on the Freedom of Information Act, and give you the tools to make FOIA work for you. Along with the accompanying website, this will serve as a guide for finding materials that have already been released, making a FOIA request, and noting the restrictions that apply.IUB LibrariesEnglishDownload