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Technology, Learning, and Libraries

Technology, Learning, and Libraries
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Podcast Description:

Graduate student John Watts explores the use of technology in the classroom, information literacy, and the future of libraries in these entertaining interviews with university professors.

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Technology, Learning, and Libraries

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Learning to Teach00:00:00John Watts11/11/2009Host John Watts documents a day of teaching information literacy to eight gender studies courses. Join him as he experiences the trials, tribulations, and victories of learning to become a teacher.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
2.Interview with Kenneth Wendeln00:00:00John Watts11/10/2009Kenneth Wendeln, Clinical Associate Professor of Management in the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI, discusses his use of technology in the classroom and what it means to be information literate in the world of business.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload
3.Interview with Curtis Bonk00:00:00John Watts11/10/2009Dr. Curtis Bonk, Professor of Information Technology Systems in the School of Education at Indiana University, speaks to host John Watts about using technology in the classroom, open access to information, and the future of libraries. Find Dr. Bonk’s new book, The World is Open, at the IU Libraries.IU LibrariesEnglishDownload