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IUPUI Amazing Students

IUPUI Amazing Students
  1. Author: Communications & Marketing
  2. Number of episodes: 10
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Podcast Description:

Meet some of the amazing students on campus and hear from them about their experiences as an IUPUI student. New profiles are available generally biweekly.

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IUPUI Amazing Students

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Kaitlyn Christopher00:00:00IUPUI2/6/2009Kaitlyn ChristopherCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
2.Bepko Scholar Program00:00:00IUPUI12/30/2008Bepko Scholar ProgramCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
3.The Sound of Indiana University00:00:00IUPUI12/23/2008The Sound of Indiana UniversityCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
4.A career in physical therapy00:00:00IUPUI12/20/2008A career in physical therapyCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
5.Endless Possibilities00:00:00IUPUI10/1/2008Endless PossibilitiesCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
6.A Love for Math00:00:00IUPUI6/3/2008A Love for MathCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
7.A Nontraditional Student00:00:004/15/2008A Nontraditional StudentCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
8.Building Campus Life00:00:002/16/2008Building Campus LifeCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
9.A student's perspective on Kenyan political turmoil00:00:001/18/2008A student's perspective on Kenyan political turmoilCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload
10.Miles Beyond the Classroom00:00:001/4/2008Miles Beyond the ClassroomCommunications & MarketingEnglishDownload