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Computing Essentials Podcast

Computing Essentials Podcast
  1. Author: UITS
  2. Number of episodes: 7
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Podcast Description:

This series provides a basic introduction to essential computing concepts. The content in these episodes parallels chapters in the text used by the course K201 - The Computer in Business, taught by Kelley School Of Business at IUPUI.

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Computing Essentials Podcast

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Chapter 600:17:23Manjit Trehan4/15/2008Input and OutputUITSEnglishDownload
2.Chapter 500:20:42Manjit Trehan2/4/2008System UnitUITSEnglishDownload
3.Chapter 400:07:35Manjit Trehan2/4/2008System softwareUITSEnglishDownload
4.Chapter 3 part b00:08:52Manjit Trehan2/4/2008Specialized application softwareUITSEnglishDownload
5.Chapter 3 part a00:07:58Manjit Trehan2/4/2008Basic Application SoftwareUITSEnglishDownload
6.Chapter 200:07:08Manjit Trehan2/4/2008The Internet, the web and electronic commerce.UITSEnglishDownload
7.Chapter 100:09:32Manjit Trehan2/4/2008Information Technology, the internet and you.UITSEnglishDownload