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Indiana University Summer Language Workshop Podcast

Indiana University Summer Language Workshop Podcast
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Podcast Description:

This is the Podcast for Indiana University's Summer Language Workshop, which has been offering intensive summer language training at the Bloomington campus of Indiana University since 1950. We provide over 200 participants annually the opportunity to complete a full year of college language instruction in eight and nine-week summer sessions. The views expressed by speakers and participants in these podcasts do not in any way reflect the views of the Summer Language Workshop or its affiliates.

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Indiana University Summer Language Workshop Podcast

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Russkoe Radio00:41:14Summer Language Workshop7/27/2016Originally aired July 26, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
2."Baltic Auteurs"00:39:27Liina-Ly Roos7/25/2016Originally presented July 21, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
3."Contemporary Baltic Cinema"00:55:22Liina-Ly Roos7/25/2016Liina-Ly Roos discusses the emergence of a regional cinema style in the Baltic region, the role of perspective in these films, and the shared history of the Soviet period. This talk was originally presented July 20, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
4.Russkoe Radio00:57:28Summer Language Workshop7/22/2016Episode of Russian Radio originally aired on July 19th, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
5.“الربيع العربي تحت المجهر”00:38:24Shadi Bayadsy7/19/2016A lecture in Arabic about the recent revolutions and uprisings in the Arabic-speaking world. Originally presented on July 18, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
6."Baltic Modern: Art in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania."00:56:35Bart Pushaw7/18/2016Originally presented July 14, 2016. The paintings of the Baltic region from the late 19th century to the 20th century and how they reflect changes in national identity.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
7.“The Social and Human Costs of the War in Ukraine”00:47:21Dr. Sara Phillips7/14/2016Professor Sara Phillips of Anthropology describes the current problems faced by internally displaced persons, particularly those with disabilities, in Ukraine.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
8.“In Vino Veritas: Privatization, Economic Transition, and the Global Wine Industry at Work in the Republic of Macedonia”00:46:21Dr. Justin Otten7/13/2016Brown Bag Talk about the wine industry in Macedonia through the 20th and 21st Centuries. Originally given July 12, 2016.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
9.Russkoe Radio00:58:45Summer Language Workshop7/13/2016This episode of Russian Radio originally aired on July 12, 2016 on 99.1 WFIU.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
10."Animals, Environment, and Fieldwork in Mongolia"00:30:10Kenneth Linden7/12/2016Kenneth Linden discusses his fieldwork in Mongolia, looking at the communal livestock operations of the Soviet era and the history of wolf hunts.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
11.“Baltic Security in the Post-Soviet Era”01:01:56Toivo Raun, Professor of Central Eurasian Studies, Indiana University7/7/2016The 20th and 21st century issues the Baltic states have faced with maintaining independence. Talk from July 6, 2016.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
12.“Marriage Customs, Kinship, and Ethnicity in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Results from a Recent Study”00:50:00Keith Doubt, Professor of Sociology, Wittenberg University7/6/2016Strategic Languages and Cultures Talk from July 5, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
13.Russkoe Radio01:01:01Summer Language Workshop7/6/2016Episode of Russian Radio that originally aired on July 5th on WIUX 99.1 FM.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
14.Career Series: Peace Corps00:53:09Angela Hamilton7/1/2016Angela Hamilton, a regional recruiter and returned volunteer, talks about opportunities in the Peace Corps. From June 28th, 2016.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
15.American Councils for International Education Information Session00:24:58Sarah Krueger7/1/2016Study Abroad Information Session from June 28th, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
16.“A Glimpse into Persian Language, Culture and its Link to the Cultural Heritage of the Modern west”00:00:00Mehrdad Mahmoudi Zarandi6/29/2016Brown Bag Talk from June 9th, 2016 “A Glimpse into Persian Language, Culture and its Link to the Cultural Heritage of the Modern west” Mehrdad Mahmoudi Zarandi, Professor of Mathematics and Physics, Ivy Tech State College talks about the ancient Persian empire, how it influenced other languages, and Persian poetry.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
17.Russkoe Radio01:03:27Summer Language Workshop6/29/2016This episode of Russian Radio first aired on June 28th, 2016 on WIUX 99.1 FMSummer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
18.“The Nationalist Transformation in Mongolia: Lessons from the Uyghur Experience”00:50:08Christopher Atwood6/24/2016Brown Bag Talk by Christopher Atwood, Professor, Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University Bloomington June 27th, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
19.Russkoe Radio01:02:55Summer Language Workshop6/24/2016This radio show originally aired on WIUX 99.1 FM in June of 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
20.“Return to the Western World or Democratic Crisis? Civic Engagement and Media in the Baltic”00:59:39Janis Chakars6/23/2016June 22, 2016 Brown bag talk about how civic engagement in the Baltic states compares to other countries, and the role of media in engagement.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
21."Geser: An Epic Poem for Communists, Nationalists, and Pan-Mongolists"00:39:14Melissa Chakars6/23/2016June 21, 2016 Brown Bag Talk on the epic poem "Geser" and how it relates historically to Mongolian nationalismSummer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
22.“Pretos Novos Cemetery, Rio de Janeiro, 1769-1830: a cemetery for newly enslaved Africans”01:29:00Della Cook6/22/2016June 16, 2016 Brown Bag TalkSummer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
23.الموسيقى العربية المعاصرة00:35:10Amanda Al-Raba'a6/22/2016Arabic lecture in Arabic from June 20th, 2016 about musicSummer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
24."Musical Encounters in the Mongolian Countryside"00:52:41Kathleen Kuo6/22/2016June 13, 2016 Brown bag talk about some of the local music traditions of MongoliaSummer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
25.الأردن: مدنها وثقافتها ولغتها00:20:49Basem Al-Raba'a6/22/2016Arabic lecture in Arabic from June 6Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
26."Прекрасен наш союз", или как начинался современный литературный русский язык.00:25:18Olga Makarova6/22/2016Russian lecture in Russian from June 6, 2016Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
27."Linguistic, Social, and Affective Strategies for Long-term Language Retention"00:50:44Martha Nyikos7/30/2015Martha Nyikos, Associate Professor and Director in the Department of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education in IU's School of Education, conducts a workshop and speaks on strategies for long-term retention in language learning.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
28."A Glimpse into Persian History, Geography, Iranian Languages, and Learning to Sound more Natural in Farsi"00:48:54Narges Nematollahi7/27/2015Narges Nematollahi, PhD student in IU's Departments of Central Eurasian Studies and Linguistics, speaks on Persian history, culture, and language.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
29."Ukraine One Year after the Euro-Maidan Revolution"00:51:33Sarah Phillips7/27/2015Sarah Phillips, Professor in IU's Department of Anthropology, speaks on issues in Ukraine one year after the Euro-Maidan Revolution.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
30.“الانترنت والأدب النسائي العربي”00:16:41Amanda Al-Raba'a7/21/2015Amanda Al-Raba'a, a PhD student in the Department of English and Comparative Literature at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, speaks in Arabic on the Internet and Arab women's literature.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
31.Career Series: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)00:33:07Daniel Newman7/21/2015Daniel Newman, Program Manager of the Initiative for the Study of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), speaks on career opportunities involving research and foreign language at the USHMM.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
32.Information Session: Study Abroad with American Councils for International Education00:33:25Vladka Shikova7/21/2015Vladka Shikova, Program Manager at the American Councils, speaks on study abroad opportunities throughout Russia, Eurasia, and Southeast Europe.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
33."В жизни всегда есть место празднику. Праздничный календарь современной России"00:46:11Veronika Trotter7/21/2015Veronika Trotter, a graduate student in IU's Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures, speaks in Russian on holidays in contemporary Russia.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
34."Москва. Памятник Пушкину"00:51:17Marina Freydina7/21/2015Marina Freydina speaks in Russian on the monument to Pushkin in Moscow.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
35.“رمضان وعيد الفط”00:23:53Abdullah Al-Ansari7/21/2015Abdullah Al-Ansari, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at Indiana University, speaks in Arabic on Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
36." أمثلة من الخط العربي"00:24:50Noor Abo Mokh7/16/2015Noor Abo Mokh, a graduate student in IUs Department of Linguistics, speaks in Arabic on Arabic calligraphy.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
37."Ngoma, Zilizopendwa na Bongo Flava: Spotlighting Sociopolitical Aspects of Musical Expressions in East Africa"00:43:42Masatomo Yonezu7/16/2015Masatomo Yonezu, a graduate student in IUs Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, speaks on sociopolitical aspects of music in East Africa and ways to study and interpret them through ngoma (traditional music in general), zilizopendwa (oldies), and Bongo Flava (Swahili Hiphop).Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
38.Russkoe Radio00:49:53Summer Language Workshop7/15/2015This radio show originally aired on WIUX 99.1 FM on July 7, 2015.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
39.Russkoe Radio00:59:27Summer Language Workshop7/15/2015This radio show originally aired on WIUX 99.1 FM on June 30, 2015.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
40.Russkoe Radio01:02:32Summer Language Workshop7/15/2015This radio show originally aired on WIUX 99.1 FM on June 23, 2015Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
41."О системе образования в современной России"00:46:42Olga Yastrebova7/15/2015Olga Yastrebova speaks in Russian on the education system in modern Russia.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
42."Традиция русского рока от ВИА до Pussy Riot"01:20:52Mark Yoffe7/15/2015Mark Yoffe, the Librarian for Russia, Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe at The George Washington University, speaks in Russian on the tradition of Russian rock music.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
43."المنظمات النسائية والمثليّة الفلسطينية في إسرائيل"00:26:09Shadi Bayadsy7/15/2015Shadi Bayadsy, a PhD student in IU's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, speaks in Arabic on Palestinian Women's and LGBT Organizations in Israel.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
44."Vampires 101: Reality or myth?"01:07:17Mark Yoffe7/15/2015Mark Yoffe, the Librarian for Russia, Eurasia, Central and Eastern Europe at The George Washington University, speaks on the history and geography of belief in vampires.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
45.“Finding and Applying for an International Award – Fulbright, Boren, Gilman, etc.”00:52:17Paul Fogleman7/15/2015Paul Fogleman, Associate Director of the Undergraduate Scholars Office for Competitive Awards, Research and Engagement, presents tips on finding and applying for international awards.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
46."Secret History of the Mongols"00:43:43Christopher Atwood7/15/2015Christopher Atwood, Associate Professor in Central Eurasian Studies, speaks on the oldest surviving Mongolian-language literary work.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
47."Философия и прагматика: бессмертная комедия А.С.Грибоедова "Горе от ума"00:31:13Olga Makarova7/15/2015Olga Makarova, Adjunct Instructor of Russian Studies at William and Mary College, presents a lecture in Russian.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
48."The Qur'an in Traditional Muslim Thought and Practice"01:10:06Kevin Jaques7/15/2015Kevin Jaques, Associate Professor in IU's Department of Religious Studies, presents a detailed overview and history of Muslim thought and practice.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
49."Proficiency in a Foreign Language: What It Is and How to Develop It"00:47:48Mark Trotter7/15/2015Mark Trotter, the Associate Director and Outreach Coordinator for IU's Russian and East European Institute, presents tips for improving one's ability to gain proficiency in a foreign language.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
50.“Food Memories from Caucasus to Greece”00:55:41Olga Kalentzidou7/15/2015Olga Kalentzidou, a lecturer in the IU's Department of International Studies, presents a case study on issues of food and memory in repatriation.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
51."Language in the Movies in India"00:44:38Rebecca Manring7/15/2015Rebecca Manring, Associate Professor in IU's Department of Religious Studies and Dhar India Studies Program, speaks on linguistic and cultural issues in movies made in India.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
52."Sisters envy and conscience: the cultural roots of the new cynicism in modern Russia [Сёстры зависть и совесть: о культурных корнях нового цинизма в современной России]"00:54:09Yelena Zotova7/15/2015Yelena Zotova, a lecturer in Russian in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures at Penn State University, speaks in Russian on the cultural roots of cynicism in modern Russia.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
53."الأردن"00:21:04Basem Al-Raba'a7/15/2015Basem Al-Raba'a, a PhD student in IU's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and the Department of Linguistics, speaks in Arabic on Jordanian culture.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
54.Tree sticks. Episode number 500:55:44DJ Лохматый и DJ Лысый7/30/2014Наш последний эпизод в этом сезоне. Слушайте, наслаждайтесь и участвуйте в нашей викторине. Хорошего всем августа!Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
55.Hindi-Urdu Controversies: Language and Nationalism in South Asia01:08:07Dr. Vasabjit Banerjee7/29/2014Dr. Vasabjit Banerjee, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Public Administration, and Nonprofit Management at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, speaks on language and nationalism in South Asia.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
56.Women Abroad: Strategies, Negotiations and Situations01:03:39Jaime Bue, Indiana University; Celia Crossett, University of Glasgow; Teresa Nichols, Indiana University; Amita Vempati, Indiana University; Miriam J. Woods, Indiana University7/29/2014Jaime Bue, Celia Crossett, Teresa Nichols, Amita Vempati, and Miriam J. Woods speak on their experiences abroad as women.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
57.Обучение школьников со специальными потребностями с использованием ресурсов ИКТ-насыщенной образовательной среды: из опыта работы одной из московских школ00:58:07Dr. Alexander Uvarov7/29/2014Dr. Alexander Uvarov, Senior Researcher, Computer Centre, Russian Academy of Science; and Head Researcher, Federal Institute for Development in Education, Moscow, talks on his experiences at one of Moscow's schools for children with special needs.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
58.Sabantuy Tatar Celebration00:31:47Dilyara Sharifullina7/29/2014Dilyara Sharifullina speaks on the traditions observed during the Tatar celebration of Sabantuy.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
59.The series as a way to improve the knowledge of Russian language00:43:57Snezhana Zheltoukhova7/29/2014Snezhana Zheltoukhova, a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, speaks in Russian on maintaining and bettering one's knowledge of the Russian language by using TV shows.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
60.Tree sticks. Episode number 401:00:36DJ Лохматый и DJ Лысый7/24/2014Приготовьтесь, вас ждет политизированный выпуск, много хорошей музыки, обсуждений, вопросов и конкурсов. Приятного прослушивания!Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
61."Беспокойная" провинция Китая00:39:22Dr, Gulnisa Nazarova7/22/2014Dr. Gulnisa Nazarova, a lecturer in IU's Department of Central Eurasian Studies, speaks in Russian on the people and culture of the western Chinese province Xinjiang.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
62.What is Global?01:12:25Dr. Hilary Kahn7/22/2014Dr. Hilary Kahn, Director for the Center for the Study of Global Change, speaks on the definition of "global" and what it means for scholars today.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
63.Customs and traditions in Jordan, social, religious and cultural00:31:12Basem Al Rabaa7/22/2014Basem Al-Raba'a, a PhD student in IU's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, speaks in Arabic on social, religious, and cultural customs and traditions in Jordan.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
64.The Double-Uses of Urdu Poetry in Love and Politics01:05:36Muhammad Zubair7/18/2014Muhammad Zubair, a PhD student in IU's Maurer School of Law, speaks on the double uses of Urdu poetry in love and politics.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
65.Княгиня Ольга: между язычеством и православием00:26:24Natalia Chernysheva7/17/2014Natalia Chernysheva, a PhD student at UNC Chapel Hill, speaks in Russian on Princess Olga and her connections to paganism and Orthodoxy.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
66.Brownbag Talk: Monuments of Hungarian Literature01:16:52Dr. Peter Nemes7/17/2014Dr. Peter Nemes, lecturer at IU in International Studies and Comparative Literature, talks on the monuments of Hungarian literature.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
67.Holy smoke, Episode number 300:48:35DJ Лохматый и DJ Лысый7/17/2014At this time, you will find a lot of dance music, will not even be any Tsoi nor Zemfira, but will "vacuum cleaners", "Silver", "Leningrad", games, news and charge a good mood, energy and vigor necessary for successful completion of the remaining two weeks program.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
68.Mongolian Panel: My Experiences in the Land of the Blue Sky00:56:31Samuel Bass, Jaime Bue, Christopher Balsirow, and Joseph Cleveland7/10/2014Samuel Bass, Jaime Bue, Christopher Balsirow, and Joseph Cleveland, graduate students in the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University, talk on their experiences studying or traveling in Mongolia.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
69.Overseas Funding Discussion00:59:21Anthony Koliha and Paul Fogelman7/10/2014Paul Fogelman, Fulbright Program Advisor, and Anthony Koliha, Director of International Programs, talk on overseas funding and ways to get it.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
70.Taarabu: the Swahili Popular Music00:48:43Margaret Mwingira7/10/2014Margaret Mwingira, a graduate student in African Studies at Indiana University, talks about Swahili popular music.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
71.Introduction Iraq00:31:50Michael Bevers7/10/2014Michael Bevers, a PhD student at IU's Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, gives his talk on Iraq.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
72.Елки-палки, Эпизод № 200:46:05DJ Лохматый и DJ Лысый7/10/2014Интересная подборка рока, ретро и современных хитов российской танцевальной поп-музыки. Как всегда, вас ждут конкурсы и призы. Приятного прослушивания!Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
73.Holy smoke, Episode number 100:31:28DJ Лохматый и DJ Лысый7/8/2014Наша первая программа посвящена дню Независимости и окончанию первого семестра учебы. Вы услышите песни В. Высоцкого, "Кино", "Мумий Троль", "Любэ", "Серебро" и т.д. У нас для вас два вопроса. Ответьте на @iuswseel и получите приз! Ждем ваших заказов на следующую программу!Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
74.О некоторых особенностях русского панк-движения01:02:27Ksenia Zanon7/3/2014Ksenia Zanon, a PhD student in the IU Slavic Department, speaks on Russian punk movements.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
75.Brownbag Talk: In Praise of the "Tatar" Czar, Boris Godunov00:57:35Dr. Ron Sela6/25/2014Professor Ron Sela speaks on the supposed Tatar origins of Boris Godunov.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
76.International Perspectives Lecture Series: Writing History with War Crimes Tribunals: Violence, Narrative, and Secrecy00:40:29Dr. Tim Waters6/25/2014Tim Waters, professor in the IU Maurer School of Law, gives his talk entitled "Writing History with War Crimes Tribunals: Violence, Narrative, and Secrecy."Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
77.States Arabahtotar social and demographic trends in the00:32:56Ben Priest6/24/2014Ben Priest is a PhD Student at IU in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. In this talk, he speaks in Arabic on the effects of social and population trends in Arabic countries.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
78.Северный Кавказ: Россия с другой природой, традициями и людьми00:25:34Elena Doludenko6/24/2014Elena Doludenko is a PhD student in Indiana University's Slavic Department. For this talk, she speaks in Russian on the culture and traditions of the people of the Northern Caucasus.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
79.Brownbag Talk: Persian History and Culture01:05:53Narges Nematollahi6/20/2014This is a talk given by IU's own Narges Nematollahi, a PhD student in Central Eurasian Studies, on the History and Culture of Persia/Iran.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload
80.International Perspectives Lecture Series: Translation01:05:14Dr. Russell Valentino6/19/2014Dr. Russell Valentino, Chair of the IU Slavic Department and president of the American Literary Translation Society speaks on translation.Summer Language WorkshopEnglishDownload