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IC Quick Tips

IC Quick Tips
  1. Author: Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)
  2. Number of episodes: 37
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Podcast Description:

Powered by the Office of Instructional Consulting at Indiana University, School of Education. This podcast series will feature brief information sessions relevant to teaching and learning. Topics of discussion include general pedagogical tips that promote quality teaching, student learning, and instructional innovation, particularly in the use of technologies such as Web 2.0, podcasting, blogs, wikis, educational gaming, and other emerging educational technologies.

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IC Quick Tips

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Welcome to Canvas00:03:30Justin Whiting5/20/2014A welcome video for CanvasOffice of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
2.Poll Everywhere Quick Tip00:08:01Justin Whiting3/4/2014A Quick Tip explanation and demonstration of Poll Everywhere.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
3.Box Edit00:04:16Justin Whiting1/8/2014A quick tip about using's box edit function.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
4.Getting Started with Google Docs00:03:11Donggil Song10/1/2013In this quicktip, Dongill talks about the benefits of using GoogleDocs and how to get started.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
5.Using the Snipping Tool on Windows00:03:30Justin Whiting7/24/2013Learn how to use the built in snipping tool on Windows 7 and Windows 8 to take full screen screen captures or to capture just a part of the screen.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
6.Screen Shots and Screen Recordings on a Mac00:05:12Justin Whiting7/22/2013This QuickTip will explain some ways to get screen shots and screen recordings on a Macintosh computer.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
7.Assistive Touch for iPad, iPhone, and iPod00:13:20Ingu Kang6/19/2013This quick tip describes what Assistive Touch is, how to activate it, and how to use it for your mobile devices.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
8.Windows 7 - Split the Screen00:03:02Eulho Jung4/22/2013This quicktip explains how to use screen-split function in Windows 7.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
9.Mac QuickTip - Using Spotlight00:05:14Justin Whiting3/25/2013This Quick tip gives a demonstration of how to use the Spotlight on the Macintosh to save time in finding files, opening applications, and other keyboard shortcuts.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
10.QR codes - What they are and how to use them00:13:06Ingu Kang12/16/2012This quick tip describes what QR codes are and how to use them for teaching and learning.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
11.IUanyWare: What is it and how to use it?00:10:46Eulho Jung10/24/2012In this video tutorial, we introduced the IU cloud-based application named, "IUanyWare" with a demonstrationOffice of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
12.Classroom Assessment Technique: Muddiest Point00:12:08Peter van Leusen8/28/2012Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are simple, informal, non-graded activities that help you gauge your teaching and your students' learning. This IC Quicktip introduces and describes the popular CAT ‘Muddiest Point’ and includes potential applications in face-to-face and online courses.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
13.Use VoiceThread to comment on visual media00:09:19Zengguan Chen4/2/2012This quicktip introduces how to use VoiceThread to provide comments on images and videos.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
14.Outlook 2010: Displaying your Photo at IU00:05:23Peter van Leusen2/15/2012In this IC Quicktip, we share the procedure on how to display your IU profile photo in MS Outlook 2010, MS Lync, and Sharepoint.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
15.Cyberduck: Uploading and Downloading Multiple Files00:04:31Eulho Jung11/30/2011This quicktip demonstrates how to upload and download multiple files in Oncourse Resources in a convenient way by using a File Transfer Protocol program called Cyberduck.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
16.Evernote: Access your notes anywhere anytime10:39:03Zengguan Chen10/13/2011This quicktip introduces the basic features of Evernote- A flexible note-keeper that allows you to store and access information in multiple ways.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
17.Taking a Screenshot on the iPad00:03:58Peter van Leusen9/13/2011This quick demonstration shows how one can easily capture any content that is currently displayed on the iPad including screenshots from Google Earth,, and Youtube videos.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
18.Annotating with Crocodoc00:08:28Zengguan Chen6/23/2011This quick tip demonstrates how to use Crocodoc (a free Web 2.0 tool)to annotate a document on the web and share markup with others.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
19.Commenting on pdf documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro00:08:51Bita Zakeri5/3/2011This quick tip demonstrates various ways of commenting on and marking pdf documents for grading purposes, editing, and collaborative work.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
20.Hiding the Ribbon in MS Office Applications00:04:34Bita Zakeri2/1/2011This podcast demonstrates how to hide and reveal the ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, and 2011 Applications for PC and Mac.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
21.Providing Feedback with Google Docs00:05:49Peter van Leusen11/28/2010Providing feedback for written assignments, such as comments or Track Changes, can be a time-consuming process that includes multiple recurrences of downloading/uploading of documents. With Google Docs, one has the option to edit and give feedback in a document accessible on the web, therefore, significantly reducing the amount of “digital paperwork.”Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
22.Mass Uploading and Downloading on Oncourse00:11:30Bita Zakeri10/27/2010This Quick Tip covers the process of mass downloading and uploading in Assignments 2 on Oncourse for the purpose of grading.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
23.Creating Quiz Questions in Adobe Presenter00:04:14Chad Buterbaugh10/22/2010In this Quick Tip, we cover how to use Adobe Presenter's Quiz tool, which allows you to create custom self-assessments in your presentations.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
24.Scheduling meetings using doodle.com00:06:30Miguel Lara9/25/2010This video explains how to use to facilitate the process to schedule a meeting or event.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
25.Sony Handycam with Windows00:03:37Instructional Consulting5/19/2010Demonstrates how to transfer files from Sony Handycam DCR-SX60 to your PC and convert it into a format that works with Windows Movie Maker with Any Video Converter ( of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
26.Sharing PowerPoint Presentations with SlideShare.com00:06:15Miguel Lara5/6/ provides an easy and fast way to upload and share your PowerPoint presentations and even to embed YouTube videos between slides.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
27.Sony Handycam with MAC00:02:54Instructional Consulting3/10/2010Demonstrates how to transfer files from Sony Handycam DCR-SX60 to your MAC and convert it into a format that works with QuickTime player.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload - Sharing large files00:08:30Peter van Leusen3/2/2010Sharing files, such as documents or PDFs, can easily be done with email attachments. But what to do with large files, such as videos or a set of photos? For this situation, any IU faculty, staff, or students has access to, which makes it easy to share and receive large files. Take a look at this useful podcast and learn how easy it is to use Slashtmp.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
29.Taking Screenshots in Windows and Mac00:05:24Miguel Lara3/1/2010The video demonstrates how to capture the screen, and how to select a region of the screen and paste it into a Word document. This process is explained for both Mac and Windows platforms.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
30.Screencasting Made Easy with ScreenToaster.com00:06:20Mark Millard2/2/2010For instructors in need of recording their desktop or how to complete a task in a particular software or application; provides a very simple screencasting solution. is completely web-based, so there is no need to download and install software. There are also multiple publishing options i.e., publish directly to YouTube, or if desired, users can download as a high quality quicktime file for additional editing.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
31.Units of file size00:03:20Firat Soylu1/17/2010Introduces different units of file size; bits, bytes, megabytes etc. and provides practical information about how the size of a file determines our ways of sharing it with other people.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
32.iRubric - How to view grades and rubric scores in the Gradebook00:02:02Mark Millard11/22/2009This podcast demonstrates how to view grades and rubric scores in the Oncourse Gradebook. This podcast is useful for students and instructors who are using the iRubric tool in Oncourse.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
33.Oncourse Test & Survey Tool import to Excel00:02:15Peter van Leusen11/10/2009This IC Quick Tip covers how one can download test scores from the Oncourse Test & Survey Tool and import them into an Excel worksheetOffice of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
34.iRubric - How to grade in Oncourse using irubric00:04:26Mark Millard9/6/2009This quick tip podcast demonstrates how to assign student grades and provide feedback using the the iRubric tool in the Oncourse Gradebook.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
35.iRubric - How to attach a rubric to gradebook item00:03:10Mark Millard9/4/2009This quick tip podcast demonstrates how to use the iRubric tool within the Oncourse Gradebook tool. Specifically, how to create a gradebook item, choose a rubric, and attach the rubric to use when grading.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
36.Downloading and Installing Endnote00:02:16Mark Millard, Firat Soylu6/27/2009This podcast demonstrates how to download Endnote from http// for free and set it up on your computer.Office of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload
37.Adobe Connect Whiteboard Overlay Tool Demonstration00:04:52Firat Soylu6/18/2009Adobe Connect Whiteboard Overlay Tool DemonstrationOffice of Instructional Consulting (IC)EnglishDownload