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WFIU: Ask the Mayor

WFIU: Ask the Mayor
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Podcast Description:

"Ask the Mayor" focuses on issues facing communities in central Indiana. Everything from potholes to tax policy gets covered in 30 minute weekly live interviews with the mayors of Bloomington, Kokomo, Terre Haute, and Columbus, Indiana.

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WFIU: Ask the Mayor

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Terre Haute Mayor Duke Bennett00:00:004/8/2009If you want to talk to the mayor and ask him a question, submit one here or call during the show. Your participation is encouraged. What are the issues Mayor Bennett should be addressing? Is he managing the city well? What parts of his agenda will ameliorate problems in Terre Haute? No question is off limits on Ask the Mayor. Tune in and join host Daniel Robison as he gets WFIU's listeners up to speed on the happenings in Terre Haute.WFIUEnglishDownload
2.Columbus Mayor Fred Armstrong00:00:002/8/2008A discussion with Columbus, Indiana Mayor Fred Armstrong. Originally aired 06 February 2008.WFIUEnglishDownload
3.Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight00:00:001/20/2008A discussion with Kokomo, Indiana Mayor Greg Goodnight. Originally aired 23 January 2008.WFIUEnglishDownload
4.Bloomington Mayor Mark Kruzan00:00:0012/17/2007A discussion with Bloomington, Indiana Mayor Mark Kruzan. Originally aired 19 December 2007.WFIUEnglishDownload