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Equity by Design Podcast Series

Equity by Design Podcast Series
  1. Author: Great Lakes Equity Center
  2. Number of episodes: 3
  3. Web site:

Podcast Description:

In our first podcast series, each episode aligns with one of our Equity by Design briefs. These episodes expand on or provide examples of key ideas in their associated brief.

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Equity by Design Podcast Series

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Developing Critical Consciousness through Professional Learning00:17:57Great Lakes Equity Center5/10/2014As a system, our way of doing public education in the United States is inherently unfair, yet the ways in which it is unfair often escape our notice. In this podcast, Dr. Sharon Radd discusses how and why we should use ongoing professional learning to develop our capacity to see these inequities.Great Lakes Equity CenterEnglishDownload
2.Using Peer-Mediated Learning to Advance Equity00:12:21Great Lakes Equity Center4/3/2014Is your district shifting to more inclusive learning environments? Learn how to use peer-mediated learning to advance equity for all students.Great Lakes Equity CenterEnglishDownload
3.Critical Reflection on Policy00:18:10Great Lakes Equity Center11/26/2012A key step in advancing educational equity is the critical examination of policies that shape students' learning experiences. Listen in as a team uses four critical questions to examine policy in their district. These questions inlcude: • What is the intent behind this policy? • What social constructions does this policy embrace? • Who benefits and who does not? • What actions will redress the inequities we see in our policy? This podcast pairs with our Equity by Design Brief Engaging SchooGreat Lakes Equity CenterEnglishDownload