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On Topic from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs

On Topic from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs
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The School of Public and Environmental Affairs explores current issues of topical interest through research by the faculty of SPEA.

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On Topic from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.SPEA visiting lecturer Al Lyons on Arts Week Everywhere00:05:16Jeremy Shere4/2/2012For the past 28 years, every spring IU Bloomington has celebrated Arts Week Everywhere--a month-long festival featuring live performances of dance, theater, music, film, design, and other elements of the vibrant arts scene on and around campus. This year, says arts administration expert and SPEA visiting lecturer Al Lyons, the event’s planners wanted to get back to basics and encourage more student involvement.SPEAEnglishDownload
2.Brad Heim on Income Inequality00:06:05Jeremy Shere2/21/2012In today’s challenging economic times, people are more than ever aware that the top one percent of American earners control around 40 percent of the country’s wealth. The causes of income inequality, too, Heim says, are often misunderstood and wrongly blamed on nefarious financial doings.SPEAEnglishDownload
3.Kirsten Grønbjerg on Non-Profits00:04:56Jeremy Shere11/8/2011SPEA researcher Kirsten Grønbjerg has spent the past several years studying non-profits in Indiana, and found that they may be even more important than we assume.SPEAEnglishDownload
4.Anh Tran on Corruption in the Developing World00:06:08Jeremy Shere8/22/2011Since the mid-1970s, Vietnam has rapidly modernized, becoming the world’s second fastest growing economy after China. But, as in many developing countries, Vietnam’s growth has been accompanied by widespread corruption.SPEAEnglishDownload
5.Burney Fischer on Urban Forests00:03:00Jeremy Shere7/13/2011When we think of a forest, we usually imagine a wide expanse of closely grouped trees forming a dense canopy. But what about small clumps of trees in a city park, or individual trees scattered along city streets and suburban lawns? Do they constitute a forest?SPEAEnglishDownload
6.Poverty and Unemployment with Kirstin Seefeldt00:04:07Jeremy Shere7/13/2011According to a recent Census report, nearly 50 million Americans were living in poverty in 2009--a whopping 16% of the population. Not surprising according to SPEA Professor Seefeldt.SPEAEnglishDownload
7.Sanya Carley on The Future of Electric Cars00:03:26Jeremy Shere7/13/2011Electric cars, including the Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf -- are coming. And many environmentalists and renewable energy advocates hope they’ll help turn the tide against climate change and lessen our dependence on foreign oil.SPEAEnglishDownload
8.Matthew Baggetta on Leadership and Civic Organizations00:03:43Jeremy Shere7/13/2011After interviewing thousands of Sierra Club members and local leaders, Baggetta and his colleagues parsed the data and saw something ... unexpected. Having plenty of money and members didn't hurt. But it was really category number three -- leadership -- that made all the difference.SPEAEnglishDownload
9.Ron Hites on Flame Retardants in the Environment00:04:20Jeremy Shere7/13/2011“Flame retardents are structurally quite similar to PCBs, so there’s been a lot of toxicological reasoning by analogy,” Hites says. “PCBs have a long list of problems, and flame retardants are likely to have them too.”SPEAEnglishDownload
10.Evan Ringquist on Pollution Hotspots00:03:30Jeremy Shere7/13/2011In the early 1990s, in an effort to combat acid rain, the United States government initiated the sulfur dioxide emission allowance trading program.SPEAEnglishDownload
11.Les Lenkowsky asks Should Non-Profits Resrict Who Can Join?00:03:10Jeremy Shere11/6/2010SPEA Professor Les Lenkowsky discusses a recent Supreme Court decision. He thinks nonprofts and charitable organizations should be able to restrict their membership.SPEAEnglishDownload
12.Cleaning up the Oil Spill: A Conversation with Chris Craft00:03:10Jeremy Shere11/6/2010In this episode of On Topic, environmental science professor Chris Craft discusses the challenges of cleaning up an oil spill that may have affected more than just the marine life.SPEAEnglishDownload