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Kids Healthcast

Kids Healthcast
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A Pediatric Podcast for Parents

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Kids Healthcast

  Name Time Artist/Performer Release Date Description Author Language  
1.Episode 19: SIDS and Safe Sleep, ADHD, Finding a Babysitter, Fever!, and Medical Trivia00:00:0011/4/2011This month Suyog Kamatkar, Jason Misurac, and Janet Kowalski are our guest physicians, discussing issues of interest to parents.  In Health News, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated and re-issued their 1992 statement on Back To Sleep and SIDS prevention.  Dr. Misurac discusses the new statement and safe sleep practices.  Dr. Kamatkar then discusses ADHD diagnosis and treatment in detail. In parenting tips, Dr. Kowalski shares how to find a babysitter, and then goeSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
2.Episode 18: Anaphylaxis, Newborn Screening, Circumcision, Babyproofing your Home, and Medical Trivia00:00:0010/4/2011Dr. Matt Yuknis and Dr. Laura Thieme are our guest doctors for this episode, and they brought some great information to the program.  In health news, we discuss a new comercial on the air which warns families against the dangers of anaphylaxis, but what is anaphylaxis and who is at risk?  Dr. Matt has the answers.  Next, Dr. Thieme discusses circumcision.  It's a personal decision, but Dr. Thieme discusses what it is, and some of the pros and cons.  In parenting tips, weSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
3.Episode 17: The Importance of Family Meals, Sleep Issues for Toddlers, Back to School Issues, Potty Training, and Medical Trivia00:00:008/28/2011Dr. Pat Clements and Dr. Brittany Maloney have some timely advice this month for you parents out there about starting the school year off right.  They also answer one of the most commonly asked questions in our offices: how can I help my toddler sleep?  Potty training, another popular subject, is addressed for the second time in our show's history (check back with episode 1 for the first time), but it's worth it because so many still have questions about this important milestone in a cSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
4.Episode 16: New Carseat Recommendations, Sports Related Concussions, Bullying and Medical Trivia00:00:007/31/2011Doctors Danielle Slifko, Rachel Yoder and Ryan Grimm team up this month to deliver some timely messages for families.  With the school year approaching, the prospect of bullying again comes up.  Learn which children are at risk and what you can do as a parent if your child is a victim of bullying or if he or she bullies other children. The doctors also discuss sports related concussions, and the question of returning to play.  They also discuss the new recommendation that childrenSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
5.Episode 15: Marijuana Use in Teenagers, Insect Repellent and Sunscreen, Vacationing with Your Children, Developing Good Routines for Children, and Medical Trivia00:00:006/28/2011For Kids Healthcast 15, Dr. Nayan Srivastava and Dr. Ashley Gorby have a summer-themed episode for the summer months ahead. They discuss marijuana use in teenagers and how parents can prevent marijuana use in children. Bug spray and sunscreens are discussed including what to look for and when you can start using these products in babies.  In our parenting tips section, we suggest some tips for making a vacation work as a single parent, and we also discuss how to develop a good routine for cSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
6.Episode 14: Parental Smoking, Eczema, Child Safety at Parties, Back to School Illnesses, and Medical Trivia00:00:005/29/2011In this show, Dr. Brock Metzger and Dr. Ashley Stallion take on an impressive assortment of common illlnesses, important parent questions, and child safety.  You will learn about Strep throat, head lice, pink eye, colds and vomiting in the Back to School Illnesses segment, and the safety tips for parties also apply to everyday safety concerns.  Be sure to tune in for the answer to last month's medical trivia question, which was: What is the only bone in the body not connected to anotheSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
7.Episode 13: Cold Medicines, Advice on Feeding Infants, Getting a Child to Take Bad Tasting Medicine, Vaccines 101, and Medical Trivia00:00:004/26/2011This month's podcast is hosted by Dr. Jacob Zucker and Dr. Lauren Jones, and begins with a discussion of cold medicines, and whether they should be used in children or not.  Dr. Jones discusses common feeding questions with infants, and Dr. Zucker adds our parenting tip: getting a child to take bad tasting medicine.  We are excited to also have Riley Hospital for Children Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. John Christenson on the program this month, discussing vaccines; and we have theSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
8.Episode 12: Childhood Obesity, Healthy Diet and Exercise for Kids, Obesity in the News, Preventing Childhood Obesity, and Medical Trivia00:00:003/22/2011Doctors Brian Leland, Hilary White, Anne Marie Bianculli and Tobe Mofunanya together bring us our special anniversary podcast - a themed episode covering childhood obesity. In Health News, we cover a Healthy School Lunch program that encourages students to make healthy choices. Parenting tips focuses on ways to prevent and combat childhood obesity. We also review the effects of childhood obesity and we end with the answer to our medical trivia question - What illness did JFK suffer from duSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
9.Episode 11 - Constipation!, Getting Your Child to Accept New Foods, Starting Solid Foods, and A.S.K. - A Resource For Children with Special Healthcare Needs00:00:002/17/2011This month, doctors Andy Rettger and Matt Kardatzke address the symptoms and treatment of constipation, eating whole grains, and getting your child to accept new foods. This month we have a special interview with Sandy Workman, a representative of About Special Kids or ASK. ASK is a parent-to-parent network for parents of children with special healthcare needs which helps connect parents to the resources available for them. We also have the answer to last month's medical trivia question, whSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
10.Episode 10 - Teens and Technology: Texting and Driving, Talking to your Teen about Technology, MP3 Players and Hearing Loss, Medical Trivia00:00:001/16/2011Dr. Degrauw, Dr. Patel and Dr. Kelley are our hosts this month as we discuss the rapidly changing world of teens and technology. In Health News, we discuss texting and driving, a dangerous practice that causes many deaths each year. In Parenting Tips, we cover strategies for talking with your teen about their use of technology while driving. We also discuss how the use of MP3 players could lead to hearing loss, and we have the answer to last month's medical trivia question, which was "HowSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
11.Episode 9: Common Cold or Flu?, Choosing Toys that Encourage Development, Preventing Colds and the Flu, When to Call the Doctor, and Medical Trivia00:00:0012/7/2010In this month's episode, we discuss common winter topics like how to tell a cold from the flu, and how to prevent colds and the flu. We also discuss how to choose toys that promote children's development this holiday season, and how to know when you need to call your doctor about a fever. We also answer last month's medical trivia question, which was "What is the average lifespan of the human tastebud?" Topic -- Time Choosing Toys That Encourage Child Development -- 1:45 Influenza, ColSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
12.Episode 8: MRSA, Medical Legal Partnerships, Good Touch - Bad Touch, Pacifiers and Medical Trivia00:00:0011/7/2010For this episode we start off by discussing MRSA, and we then interview a guest about Medical Legal partnerships, which are collaborations between doctors and lawyers to benefit patients. In our parenting tip section, we discuss the pros and cons of pacifiers -- providing parents with the information they need to make a decision. We also bring up a subject parents may be uncomfortable discussing, but which is essential to discuss: body parts and good touch vs. bad touch. We also answer lasSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
13.Episode 7: Diarrhea and dehydration, PCV 13 vaccine, Signs of Kindergarten Readiness, Seasonal Allergies, and Medical Trivia00:00:0010/6/2010In this month's episode, we discuss the causes of diarrhea and the danger of dehydration. We give tips for how to know your child is ready for preschool or kindergarten, and discuss seasonal allergies. In our Health News segment, we discuss the PCV 13 (Prenar 13) vaccine, which replaces the PCV 7 vaccine. Finally, we give the answer to last month's medical trivia question -- What famous character in music history suffered from deafness and depression? Topic -- Time PCV 13 vaccineSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
14.Episode 6: Drowning Prevention, Childhood Obesity, Summer Safety Tips, Saving Money During Baby's First Year, Medical Trivia00:00:009/7/2010This month, we discuss how to prevent drowning as well as tips for children and families dealing with childhood obesity. We discuss summer safety; covering insect repellent, sunscreen and fireworks. Another subject discussed is how to save money during baby's first year. We also answer last month's medical trivia question: "Which of the founding fathers of the United States was also regarded as the father of American psychiatry?" Topic -- Time Drowning Prevention -- 1:43 Obesity--ASchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
15.Episode 5: Teen Driver Safety, Air Travel with Toddlers, Safe Fun in the Summer Sun, Children's Nutrition, Medical Trivia00:00:007/28/2010In this episode, we discuss teen driving and safe driving practices. We tackle having safe fun in the summer from sun exposure to bicycle safety, and we have a guest nutritionist give us Nutrition tips for children. We also answer last month's medical trivia question: What is the smallest bone in the human body? Topic -- Time Teenage Driver Safety -- 1:57 Safe Fun in the Summer Sun -- 5:05 Nutrition for Your Children -- 11:25 Traveling with Infants and Toddlers by Air -- 20:25 MSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
16.Episode 4: Healthcare Reform, Teenage Smoking, Fighting Colds Without Medication, ADHD, and Medical Trivia00:00:007/5/2010This month, we discuss healthcare reform and how it will affect children, the ongoing problem of teenage smoking and signs your child might be a smoker, ADHD, and fighting colds without medication. We also answer last month's trivia question: where does the word "Vaccination" come from? Time -- Topic 2:15 -- Healthcare Reform 5:33 -- Teenage smoking 11:16 -- Fighting colds without medication 13:00 -- ADD and ADHD 16:43 -- Medical Trivia: Where does the word "vaccinatiSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
17.Episode 3: Carseat Safety, Vaccines, Getting Kids Active, Breastmilk vs. Formula, and Medical Trivia00:00:006/2/2010This month, we discuss the new recommendations for carseat safety from the American Association of Pediatrics, the differences between formula and breastmilk, and how to get your kids off the couch. We also tackle the issue of vaccines, a topic many parents are concerned about. Remember, we welcome you to call into the show with your questions. Just click on the "call me" button to the right. You don't need any special equipment, our message center will call your cellphone or landline.School of MedicineEnglishDownload
18.Episode 2: Constipation, Getting your Toddler to Sleep, Soothing a Crying Newborn00:00:005/1/2010In this month's episode, we answer a listener's question about her baby's stooling habits and discuss constipation. We also cover getting your 18 month old to sleep and we answer the medical trivia question: "What medical condition is Julius Cesear believed to have suffered from?" In our Health News segment, we talk about the abstinence only sex education course developed in the North-Eastern US that worked better than other methods. Topic -- Time 2:17 -- Health News: Abstinence Only Sex ESchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
19.Episode 1: Baby's First Year, Potty Training and More00:00:003/24/2010In our first episode, we talk about what's normal for a baby's first year, what's abnormal, and what you can do if your baby falls behind his or her peers. We also cover Potty Training with some great tips from Dr. Jacob; and we answer the medical trivia question: "Who discovered the circulation of blood?" Time -- Topic 1:56 -- Health News: Bronchiolitis 5:04 -- What to expect during your child's first year of life 11:46 -- Parenting Tip: Potty Training 15:26 -- Developmental ScreenSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
20.Introducing Kids Healthcast - A Pediatric Podcast for Parents00:00:003/24/2010Kids Healthcast covers health topics parents may be interested in a monthly half hour mp3-format podcast. It is recorded by pediatricians at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Each month includes Health News, Medical Trivia, Parenting tips, and 2 key segments on children's health ranging from constipation to normal newborn development and lots of information in between. We welcome you to call into our call-in line by using our Call Me feature and we will try our best to get your commSchool of MedicineEnglishDownload
21.Terms of Use00:00:003/24/2010Website usage terms and conditions Welcome to our website. If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy policy govern Kids Healthcast’s relationship with you in relation to this website. The term ‘Kids Healthcast’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the website whose registered office is of MedicineEnglishDownload